Photos of Monrovia Canyon Park Bird Watching Trails

The map starts at the Ranger Station / Parking fee booth; but we drove in all the way to the Nature Center (stay left) & parked there. Then back tracked down the road to the split in the road to Trask Scout Camp. We then hiked the east side first. Most of it is on a asphalt road, steep grade, big dam and little bit up. When you get to the Trask Scout Camp stay right and the road turns to dirt. The trail head for Ben Overtuff Trail is at the road barricades and followed that trail to the turn around point. It was much nicer than the road part. We went up to the meadow & then turned back, saving the waterfall for the end. Great views of LA on the way down to the Y. We then headed up the waterfall trail which was really pretty. Lots of well shaded spots to sit & rest. Saw a baby king snake on the trail. The waterfall was really nice. Flowing well. Nice boulders to sit on for lunch. Overall great hike. Ended up being 6.4 miles.

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