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5 hours ago

We saw a lot of beautiful birds. The waterfall was refreshing and the shade from the trees kept us nice and cool. We will be back!

10 days ago

I took the trail to the waterfall on 2.6.18 and there was a nice flow. The Park is closed to traffic on Tuesdays, but you can still come to walk the trails. Trail is excellent and has shade for 90% of your adventure. Moderate grade, but it’s broken into manageable segments. I recommend you start on the Bill Cull trail then meet up with the canyon trail. It’s much better than walking on the pavement without shade.

Def a great hike!! Went with my 7yr old son and 3yr old daughter!! Both handled it pretty well...and def enjoyed the stream, waterfall, and even the squirrels!! We went midday and it was pretty nice!!

Its a very nice hike and if youre lucky you get to see some deer. Theres free parking 2 miles away from the entrance. But the parking fee is like 6$ i believe. Its a nice trail you keep going up the mountain its a narrow pathway going up. Theres good shady spots and the waterfall is a little small but the views are beautiful.

Easy trail. Waterfall has a decent amount of water at the moment. Scenic and relaxing.

Great trial with the family, friends, small kids, and dogs. It takes us two hours to walk all the way up to the waterfall and come back, and totally 2 miles. Most of the trial cover the shade. Parking is six dollars for holiday and weekend.

Lots of vegetation and shade. There’s even an overlook trail that has ~1300 ft elevation gain!

Completed on 1/12/18
The waterfall is pretty and the hike towards it is well shaded. The other fork noted in this route takes you up a paved road, and not well shaded. I don't really see the point in taking this part all the way up. It doesn't really go anywhere, but if you hike up to the top of the dam, that is pretty cool and has a great view.

Great hike. Bring plenty of water! $5 to park weekdays, I was cought off gaurd with it being $6 on the weekend. Now go have fun!

Great shade throughout the hike and a good workout with the amount of uphill climb there is. From the lower parking area (which also has a clean bathroom by the way!) it takes about 2 hours uphill and 1 hour to come down.

Such a great trail! Loved it - was worried about bears the whole time but we did not spot one. Definitely Yoga & foam rolling to help with soreness - the incline got the best of me.

It was a very nice view and very relaxing

Good trail!!!

Keep your kids close but a great hike.

First hike in years. Good moderate/beginners hiking trail. We ran into a family deers. Great little outdoor adventure to start the morning!
Visited on a windy morning, Sunday, December 17, 2017.

Great hike. Nice hike for both first timers and advanced hikers.

Couldn't go as there is a sign saying the park is closed until further notice.

Beautiful little hike (great for kids/dogs) you could avoid paying the $5/$6 fee if you do the quick hike from the neighborhood at the bottom...I was excited to see how clean this trail was (how sad right) and the waterfall was smaller than I expected, but still just beautiful. love this hike

5 months ago

Foresty hike. Way better than most other trails in the area, which are usually no shade and too hot in the summer. Cons is that the bugs like the shade too - lots of flies everywhere we stopped in the shade. Nice view on the trail at the side of the mountain. Beautiful blue damselflies near the nice stream with the little bridge. This hike has all kinds of landscapes - forest, mountain, rocky wall, desert. Great trail.

5 months ago

cute, easy, clean little hike my daughter and I did see a baby rattle snake

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