Snowshoe trek to Winnemucca for an excellent winter camping experience with my daughter March 20-22! Took the trail from the Carson Pass Sno-Park to Frog Lake, straddled the western base of Elephants Back, and set up camp just above the eastern shore of the lake. Lots of powder and beautiful scenery from a storm earlier that week! Watching the clouds skim across the peak of Round Top and enjoying the silence you can only find in winter was truly amazing. Watched large snowflakes fall for 20 minutes in a big blue sunny sky from a single cloud near The Sisters. My daughter was particularly fond of watching people climb various portions of Round Top and bomb down on snowboards and skis!

Trail is covered in snow but is well packed. I completed the trail in just regular hiking boots. I’d still rely on this app to follow the trail due to many shoe prints going off in different directions. It can be a bit confusing. Will add recent pictures

With Ari 2/17 - total over 9 miles

Loved this hike. Able to swim in small lakes during summer time. Lot of great views.

Beautiful trail. Saw quite a few people in the beginning but it thinned out after Winnemucca lake. Loved the scenery & views up on top before the descent to Fourth of July Lake, and the lake itself was wooded, secluded, and had that cozy alpine feel.

Caples to Emigrant to Woods Lake, some cross country & uphill.

Wow! What a challenge! So beautiful. Trail is very well marked and up kept. So many beautiful lakes! Prepare for wind.

Perfect weather, beautiful lake! Fall color is limited & nearly done but still a gorgeous fall hike :)

This trail is probably more on the easy side of moderate or just easy, depending on your comfort level. Super pretty. You definitely won’t be alone on this trail, but there weren’t crowds on a weekday morning.

Hiked this in mid-October and was very glad I brought a rain coat and layers! We had to turn around about half a mile from the summit of Round Top because we were getting hammered with wind and wet snow. FYI for dog owners - if you're just checking out the lake, you should be fine, but if you're planning to summit Round Top, leave your pooch at home. The rocky scramble to get to the top isn't really safe for a dog, especially in wet weather. My dog has been on hundreds of hikes in all kinds of weather and terrain, and I rarely cut my hikes short. The trail starts from the PCT Trailhead off of Hwy-88, about 5 miles east of Kirkwood. The first 2 miles to Winnemucca Lake are pretty mellow with some mild elevation, and the lake itself is beautiful (probably even more so on a clear day!), well worth the short hike to get to it. Continue another mile or so and you'll get to Round Top lake (also very beautiful), and an intersection of trails. There's a trail marker post that has three directions marked - if you're going for the summit, you'll want to follow in the direction that IS NOT marked. If you're following a GPS or any other kind of navigation, just take the trail that heads southeast. This will take you towards the Round Top summit trail. This is where it gets VERY steep and VERY rocky. We also had some serious winds (I'd guess 40-50mph) and some lovely wet snow. After about 10 minutes of treacherous climbing, we had to turn back. All in all, it's a great trail for a day-hike. The trail is well-marked and there are plenty of great views. Probably even better on a hot summer day when you can cool off in the crystal clear water. Even with the wind and snow, we loved it!

This was a beautiful hike with views of many lakes at the top as well as lakes on the way to the Peak (Frog, Winnemucca and Round Lakes) I am guessing they rate the trail as moderate since it is pretty easy for the first 3 miles or so (very moderate elevation change). The last mile or so is steep with over 1,000' in elevation change and a rock scramble to the top. It was windy as well, so make sure to bring layers. Overall this was a great peak to bag! You have to pay $5 park.

Amazing hike. Starts off at a nice pace and then the it kicks your butt. The views are awesome. there are more trails if you want to keep going

great trail. we took evergreen instead of summit city with plans to take a trail on the us topo map but it no longer exists so we had to bushwhack up to summit city - not sure if recommend but we had no issues with trail matinenece as mentioned in other reviews. staying at frog lake was awesome, highly recommend camping there. all the lakes were gorgeous though, so you can't chose wrong. the views were incredible for large swathes of the trail. would easily do this trail again.

Beautiful wildflowers... views... easy hike.... beautiful day!!

Lovely, picturesque lakes, little creeks and little waterfalls. Several nice spots for a picnic. Not many wild flowers left but still lush and green. A bit of rain last week made everything very fresh. Moderate grade so very doable for many mediocre-fit hikers like me.

I really really enjoyed this hike ! So beautiful and very different then anything I’ve done in the area before. Frog lakeis so adorable with a GREAT view. Push on a little further to get to Winniemucca lake which is also a very beautiful sight with the jagged peak in the back round. The trail is nice and easy to follow and I would rate this as easy to moderate depending on your skill level. I haven’t been out much as of recently so the beginning climb up to frog lake was moderate to me but by no means hard. This is a great gem I will definitely be going again.

Great short hike. The high sierras are something else.

Beautiful hike with views of lakes and streams. Emigrant Lake was oddly windy and I wondered if it was always like that. I also didn’t know if camping was allowed at Caples Lake. One other thing the description of the trail and the getting there directions were different. The getting there description was for a totally different hike. Love it had a great time.

Beautiful wildflowers and a good hike for almost any ability level. Was crowded on a holiday weekend. It was perfect to hike in to the lake, picnic there and then hike back out. There were also many dogs!

This is a fabulous hike. Everything you want..but it is crowded. Dogs should be on leash..better for all. If you go on a weekend, you will probably encounter a couple of hundred people...but well worth it. Doable for most everyone.

I really enjoyed starting this hike at 7:30am to see the beautiful lakes and other wonderful scenery before ultimately making it to the top of the peak.

Fantastic, beautiful hike! The wildflowers were brilliant. The lake was clear and cold. We picnicked on a large rock and had a nice rest up for the walk back. Put our feet in the water to cool off. It’s an easy hike but the altitude got to me a little bit.

8 30 2019 superb hike, snow gone, late season wildflowers galore!! we exited via Woods Lake, great hike. Dual car. read up 1st on Carson-Fremont 1844 Feb. pass crossing!! Amazing story.

flowers around spring in trail approx 2 miles are peaking. others are still there but fading.

9 months ago

What a fantastic trip! We hiked in Sunday night and stayed until Tuesday (last week of August) and what a treat! The hike in was perfect for our (combined) 5 kids two that are 8 & 7. They handled the hike uphill (not much of one) like a boss. The flowers were STUNNING! So much beauty and still snow. We hiked around to the south side of the lake to the waterfall and wow just added to the experience. We only did this with the older kids I would not recommend this for smaller ones. I think this is my new favourite family backpacking trip. Oh it has 3-designated campsites which are first come first serve, you can check out permits at the Carson pass ranger station. And NO bugs super bonus! Hope that helps.

This was such a pleasant hike with two lakes, multiple waterfalls, and wild flowers in late August. Beautiful!

great. no mosquitoes. beautiful wildflowers. temperature perfect in the morning. a little warm in the afternoon. limited shade. dont miss frog lake on the way.

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