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07/27 wild flowers were

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This is the first time I did the loop. Starting at the trailhead to Winnemucca then Round Top back to the trailhead. The wild flowers were starting to wane but still a beautiful hike up. Coming down from Round Top was fine but just not as pretty was the other way.

Wildflowers were out of control! Gorgeous hike, started counter clockwise, 4th of July Lake first night. Trail overgrown through Summit City. We added on a few miles to camp second night at Lost Lakes. Stunning granite and more wildflowers as we hiked the 6 miles back to ranger station 3rd day. Don’t forget to get a free camping/fire permit at the ranger station.

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Since we added round top summit, it ended up 17.5 mile hike and 4300ft elevation gain. We started around 8:45am and went counter-clockwise, summit round top about 11 and got to 4th of July lake 1pm and had a lunch break. After the lunch break, the sun was intense and after we went the way down to the valley, coming back up was hard. I got some heat cramps on my legs and had to stop. Some electrolytes capsules saved me. My cramps went away immediately after. Last few miles of uphill on PCT felt like it lasted forever. But I completed and very proud of myself. The views were stunning - top of round top, wildflowers on the trail, 4th of july lake and the valley behind round top. I would definitely do this again but I would like to do it as an overnight backpacking instead of a day hiking next time.

Great hike! The wildflowers are amazing this time of year. The trail is very crowded which can make it hard to enjoy the area where the majority of wildflowers are. Once you get to the lakes though its easy to find a spot to be alone. Both parking lots were full by 10am. Amazing hike for dogs! My guy loved all the water to drink and play in. Saw a million other labradoodles out that day.

Very moderate. Great for kids and dogs. Very crowded however.

This one is a gem of an adventure. Led a group of about 18 people here for a backpacking adventure in June. Permits are free at the Ranger Station. Parked at the Woods Lake Parking and started the hike. The place is filled with Flowers which is awesome. Great views and nice small waterfalls along the way. See neat old broken rusted down carts. Some snow here and there but nothing to be worried about. This hike is pretty high in elevation so it was difficult because of that and the pack that we wore. Spent the night at Round Top Lake. Nice lake. I went in for a swim so did others. Its a nice lake. At night, the lake is SUPER windy and things will be flying. Not too cold though. In the morning around 630AM and it was super windy and chilly, hiked Round Top Summit which took about 2.5 hours. Its nice up there. The elevation made me tired and I hike quite a bit. Back at camp, cleaned up and hiked back down through Winnemucca lake which was nice. Great views of the place going down the hike. Lots of flowers. Recommended!

This is one of the prettiest summer hikes in the area! The wild flowers were amazing! It was moderate but still felt longer than I anticipated. Lots of traffic on this trail.

We left the trail at 4.3 miles and climbed north up to the ridge then west over one false summit and another bump or two to Deadwood Peak. I’d call it an easy class 2 route though the climb was definitely strep and strenuous at times. (The track for this hike shows a shorter, more direct, and I think easier route to the summit than we took.). On the small summit there was a pile of rocks but we did not notice a summit marker or journal box. From Deadwood we did the easy 1/3 mile walk over to the next unnamed high point to the west, which according to summit journal notes, appears to sometimes get confused for the 100’ higher Deadwood Peak. We then descended back to the Grouse Lake Trail from the saddle between there and Deadwood. This was a very nice hike with spectacular scenery and impressive wildflowers in mid July. Remote and lightly traveled compared to most hikes around Tahoe. Though not an OGUL peak, Deadwood is a challenging, scenic and very worthy climb. Highly recommended.

I've done this hike many times and never tire of it. I did it with my sons yesterday. We started at 10:50 am., and by that time the main parking lot was full, so I recommend getting there early if you can.

The wildflower display is fantastic right now. It probably will be great through the end of July and will start to fade after that. I've done this hike many times from June through October; it's always a good hike but it's extra special when you go during peak wildflower season.

Winnemucca Lake is a nice lunch spot because it's a beautiful lake with a spectacular mountain background. If you are up for more of a hike, going the extra mile to Round Top Lake is worth it. We pushed on to Round Top Peak, which affords great views all around, but it's a great hike even if you skip the mountain peak.

10/10 would recommend! We went out towards Winnemucca first, crossed to Round Top Lake, dropped to Fourth of July Lake, and took the Woods Lake trail back. Does not disappoint!

Just got back from a great hike to Winnemucca. The wildflowers are out of control, between the flowers, the views, the lake, it was absolutely beautiful! We got there around 7:45 and found parking easily, took about an hour to get to the lake, hung out for a while and it was practically desolate, just a few people around the lake fishing. When we hiked back we encountered lots of folks, so I highly recommend getting an early start if you don’t want too much “traffic”. Loved this hike!

Great hike with a nice overlook to 4th of July lake if you go around the mountainside.
Nice gradual elevation with several spectacular mountains.

Beautiful views and great hike - only slog is the Summit City Trail portion, as it's overgrown and easy to get off track. Overall, well worth it! No snow as of 7/1/18 except a few patches on the PCT next to Elephant's Back that are easy to cross.

Did this loop CC a few years back, camping at 4th of July the first night, but I found this makes Day 1 a little too short and Day 2 pretty long. Recommend doing it clockwise (as I did last week) and staying at 4th of July lake - then on day 2 the climb out of 4th up to Round Top Lake is nice and cool before the sun breaks over the hill :) You can also climb Round Top itself as a side hike, making Day 2 about 7-8 miles back to Carson Pass Station from 4th of July lake.

Wildflowers are beautiful right now. I just posted the video I took from my hike if you are interested in seeing trail conditions. https://youtu.be/nfQ-1Xb2GzI

Oh...I recommend starting your hike EARLY! There were hordes of people heading up on my way back. The trail was packed!

7월초, 8,000피트 이상의 산길에 올라서면 꽃향기에 취해 걸을 수 있어 좋다^^
Deadwood peak, 그 위에 올라서면 Round top, 4th of July lake, Blue lake etc the area of south lake Tahoe의 아름다움과 산세의 웅장함을 모두 느낄 수 있으리라.
It's one of the best hiking!

Went from Carson Pass to Round Top. The flowers are blooming and the weather great. Highly recommended hike. Go all the way to the top of Round Top for killer views!

One of my favorite hikes for variety, wildflowers and vista. Moderate difficulty and a gorgeous lake at the end.

Breathtaking. Words can't describe just how beautiful it is. The vistas and the wildflowers were absolutely spectacular. I went on July 4th and there was a fair amount of trail traffic out to the lake. I decided to go on up to Round Top and made a loop of it, coming down Pack Trail to the Woods Lake campgrounds, and then took the access road back to Rte 88 and the trail head. Hike ended up being about 10 miles and after Round Top, there was much less trail traffic. The dogs and I both loved it, and there were pretty much non-stop photo opportunities. I get it why people can get so addicted to the high country!

16 grueling but rewarding miles and some gnarly elevation gain but what a beautiful way to spend a Saturday. We started at Carson pass ranger station.The trail is easy just passed Winnemucca. Beyond that you will find more solitude as the trail is quite steep down to Fourth of July Lake and the day hikers dwindled to maybe three or four. Personally I find this to be the most beautiful part of the hike. After Fourth of July lake and Into Summit city Canyon Trail we didn’t see another soul until we got back on the PCT. the trail marker for Summit City from 4th of July is turned wrong and points you the wrong way. It is not a hard right as the marker shows but more to the left. Thanks to the trail workers the trail was free and clear all the way down 4th of July lake. Summit city trail was still quite overgrown but with a little perseverance (and dedicated bushwhacking), it was passable. No Snow except for two wide patches that we had no problem getting over in regular hiking shoes. Wildflowers are getting their game on and so are the mosquitoes. Make sure to bring your bug repellent! I would say 50/50 shade to sun so bring your sun hat if you do the full 16.

HELP! I lost my wedding band on the section between 4th of July Lake and the top. It’s a simple silver band and is most likely lost somewhere along the upper third of the trail. Please let me know if you find anything! danjhherrick@gmail.com

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Trail report: very little snow. Avoidable. Small patches of mud. Basically Perfect right now. Go get it

Spectacular hike. Among my favorites in the area. We added Round Top Lake and a walk around Frog Lake. Trail is currently clear of snow. Plenty of wildflowers. Just beautiful.

Awesome hike. View is breathtaking, depending on the time there is most likely snow on the trail and multiple lakes.

Great hike with lovely views and a good workout. But like most places that are featured on social media (Carson Pass Visitor Info Station has its own Facebook page), it is no longer "lightly traveled" - you now have to arrive early to get a parking space for the trailhead and at least on weekends, the trails are pretty busy. Alltrails may want to edit their description.

We started off from Woods Lake side on Saturday, hiked down fourth of july lake during the afternoon, and camped at round top lake during the night; we then hiked up round top mountain in the early morning and finished the loop off minnemucca lake and carson pass. On the side of wooden lake to round top, approximately a third to fourth of the trails are obscured by snow (in June). We met quite a few groups who were either scared off by the snow or got lost. Highly recommend windshield layer or thicker jackets, snow shoes or hiking boots to tread of the snow. It gets a lot windier at higher altitude near round top lake. The experience itself was one of a kind. You have to tread through snow and be really good at pinpointing the trail ahead. Some of the human tracks become water streams or mud pads due to snow melt, so wear durable hiking shoes. There are 6 camp grounds at round top lake and you must acquire a permit at the Carson Pass visitor center. We were the only one who camped there, and the night was extremely windy and cold. Thankfull we were prepared for the worst of the weather and made it through. I personally think that the route through winnemucca lake to round top is steadier pace, more scenic and beautiful, and no snow until you pass winnemucca. The additional path down fourth of july and up the round top mountain are definitely rewarding and have fantastic views of the entire valley.

A couple of lakes really. Last September I joined Jere's Jaunts for a COLD fall hike. Early morning temps were literally freezing. Lucky I packed warm. one of our group, Marty, showed up in shorts as usual and a light fleece jacket. He and his wife got out of the car and upon seeing the frozen water in the parking lot at Carson Pass immediately began complaining. To his credit he made it half way before saying we were all nuts. LOL!

I loved this hike. Fairly moderate with only one slippery, icy water crossing. We all made it with ease. I also like it cold. So refreshing up in the Sierras!

Parking lot can’t be reached, still snow and a downed tree. Put snowshoes to make better progress. Was hard to find the trail down from Round Top trail, slow going. A beautiful day, great hike.

I did this one last October (2017). It was one of the most beautiful backpacking trips I have done. I wonder what the current trail condition is right now. If anyone writes a new review, can you please comment on the trail/snow condition? Thank you very much in advance.

Absolutely gorgeous trail. I’m not sure why they have Fourth of July lake on this trail and the rating is still moderate though. Getting from Round Top Lake to Fourth of July Lake and back is one of the most difficult hikes I have done! Absolutely worth it but very exhausting. I am not someone who hikes all over the place and as frequently as I’d like, but I go on quite a few hikes throughout the year and getting to Fourth of July lake is at best moderately difficult!

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