I love this place. Make sure you take lots of water and food.

First time there.. first you stop at a ranch , they charge $5.00 for each person . You park on is property but it's safe to park there.. then it's a 2 mile hike that's 45 minutes going downhill uphill took us 1hr.. take water and snacks... and some shorts to take a swim... p.s. There nude ..but I had a great time .. I will be back but more in shape to take that hike again....

My all-time perfect Sunday. No glass no trash no Tanlines

Went there yesterday and it was pretty nice for a first time visit! Met a lot of cool people and of course, there were people who went nude. I personally didn't mind, nothing wrong with bodies when we all have them. We started from Bowen Ranch, the road was very bumpy and we almost got stuck in the sand. The hike down wasn't bad at all, but there were times where we had to slide down because of the downhill sandy parts of the trail. The water was pretty warm when we got to the creek, so I didn't go into the springs because of them obviously being higher in temperature. But they were nice to look at. Swam around in the creek and was there for about two hours. We left at around 1:30 and didn't get back to the ranch until just about 3:00. For water, we brought a 1.5 liter, a 32oz, and a 24oz water and even that wasn't enough. Thank goodness for the people we met down at the creek, they gave us an extra Dasani regular size water bottle in addition to the 1.5 liter we had left and it was the exact amount we needed or else we would have ran out on the hike back. Definitely don't underestimate how much water you're bringing!! It was nice for a first visit, but I probabaly wouldn't come back unless I get more experienced in doing these kinds of trails more often and if it's around the spring/fall/winter. I personally can't handle the heat so this is not something I would do again in the summer

So much fun!! The hot springs are worth the distance. Just make sure to bring a lot of water, sunscreen, and snacks! I wouldn't say that it is a family hike though; there are naked people and the hike is pretty vigorous.

Went there last week for the first time. Bowen ranch guy was not so happy.It was my first time there. Lady was nice. Go through somewhere else if you can. Dirt road will take you at least 30 min with the small car.

It was fun! The creek is awesome, the water is cool and refreshing and the hot springs were like built in hot tubs! Expect to see nudity, lots of skinny dippers! We went on a time crunch ( I had to be at work by 3pm and we arrived at 10:30am). The hike down took about 40-45 minutes, we second guessed our direction a few times otherwise it would have been much quicker to get down. The way up took about 45 minutes, this is with 3-4 breaks to catch our breath). Started our hike at 10:30 got down to the creek at 11:05 swam for about 15 minutes headed back up around 11:30 reached our car at 12:15! It was fun but reserve a day for it to make it a more enjoyable experience! We will definitely go back again with no time limit

This is my favorite place ! The hike up is hard but always enjoy my time down there

Almost no shade and returning pass was all the way uphill. Especially after taking hot springs, it was tiring to walk up the hill. Also you should know that this trail has so many naked hikers, not only at the springs but also from parking spot to the springs.

it's just beautiful, the tiring hike is so worth went you get to the springs

We entered through Bowen Ranch rd and parked. Next time i'd stay the night. On the hike down i was alerted by another hiker of all the naked people that would be down there and to blindfold my son (8yrs old). As we trailed down we passed a man and woman whom were naked walking with their backpacks on. we asked how much longer and then proceeded. When we arrived the ratio of naked vs. clothed was about 7 naked and maybe 12 clothed. Water was surprisingly clear but cold, except for hot springs of course. The area was clean and people were nice, a good amount of non-locals. As far as blindfolding my son, which i considered a possibility before i arrived i did not do. There was nothing shameful about seeing naked people relaxing in the water. He handled it very well, i was proud of him. He didn't gauke or stare. It definately fulfilled my expectations. i can't wait to go back. although the hike up is definately something to be prepared for, ITS A HIKE!

Should have said it cost $5 to enter! I drove all the way there just to not be able to enter!