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Desert solitude in Southern California. Singing sand dunes, volcanic cinder cones, Joshua tree forests, and carpets of wildflowers are all found at this 1.6 million acre park. A visit to its canyons, mountains and mesas will reveal long-abandoned mines, homesteads, and rock-walled military outposts. The park offers great hiking, backpacking, camping, 4-wheel driving and wild flower viewing. Located between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, Mojave provides serenity and solitude from major metropolitan areas.

Love this train and I highly recommend this to anyone. If I had the time I would do it again. I do suggest going up on the rings because it is easier than going down.

10 days ago

The forty acres on top of Silver Peak are actually private property. I'm the owner. You are welcome to visit at your own risk so long as you respect the remote wilderness setting and "leave no trace." That includes no camping and certainly no fire or firearms. The steep hike to Silver Peak is quite strenuous and potentially dangerous in inclement weather. The extent of the property is shown on the National Geographic map of the Mojave National Preserve.

Cool to see! Hard to find without app!

2 months ago

Very short trail but you can branch off to other trails as well. Cool lava tube!!

We marked the start of this trail once we got out of Banshee Canyon and walked in the opposite direction of the rings. We didn't do the entire trail because the sun was setting, but we thoroughly enjoyed the part that we were able to do. The part we did do was very well-marked with ground stakes.

it is easy walking ... watch out for the horse poop. We encountered only two other people on the trail, but we did see a jackrabbit and as we returned to the parking lot, we saw free-range horses that were kind enough to submit to our taking their pictures.

Definitely a trail worth doing.

2 months ago

This hike takes you through what is the densest Joshua Tree forest in the world. It's a great ... and easy ... walk and very lightly traveled. There is only a slight incline going out until you get to the end where you can do some rock scrambling up a ridge and see some astonishing vistas.

This is a great trail. We started at the end of the parking lot and walked around to Banshee Canyon. Great views. Great rocks. Easy walking.

The trail gets tougher as the rings get closer. I have done the rings and they are hard mostly because they are spaced quite far apart. I strongly suggest that you do not do this trail by yourself in case you fall off the rings.

If you feel you cannot do the rings, hike the trail anyway and do a in-and-back trip. You won't regret it.

And don't forget to check the echo chamber that is Banshee Canyon.

2 months ago

High clearance vehicle recommended for reaching trailhead on Aiken Mine Rd.

it was super nice but very short. normally I dislike climbing but here it was fun. there is just 5 min of climbing.

Super fun hike ,Awesome winter time fun!! ..rained all night and the next day ,and still had a blast ,..the whole preserve is a really special place ,a must visit .. ,nearby hole in the wall campground is also great ,nice sites ,water ..bring firewood though

Beautiful desert scenery and a tranquil location. As an experienced hiker, I found the portion with the rings to be very easy -- more so than what other reviews suggested. I would probably combine this hike with the Barber Peak Loop Trail next time to spend more time enjoying this area.

Note: the exit for Essex Rd on I-40 is currently under construction and getting to/from this hike may require a detour.

3 months ago

Being from the northeast, i really enjoyed the difference of hiking a desert trail. Started my hike around 10 am; after about 15 minutes on the trail, I ran into 2 hikers on their return. After that, I had the trail to myself the rest of the day. Joshua trees of course were a real treat to see. Also saw a blacktail jackrabbit and a whole bunch of small Desert night lizards. View from the top was worth the sweat!

4 months ago