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More trails and rock-climbing opportunities than you can shake a stick at! Trails for every level of ability, walking, running, hiking, biking and skating. Bring your kids, bring your dogs, bring your grandparents, there is something for everyone here. This park is a photographer's delight and is accessible 24/7. There's plenty of wildlife here for birdwatchers to deer-stalkers (but, please, no weapons, this is not a hunting ground). Be sure to bring your Camelback and snacks, this is wilderness in the middle of suburbia.

17 hours ago

I did this hike yesterday. I strongly suggest that you bring a lot of water. It's really hot out there! I've done this hike before but never in the summer. The heat makes this relatively moderate hike into a very hard slog.

This is what I refer to as a "Shopping Mall Hike". If you want some serenity, go at 6am on a weekday. Otherwise you'll be surrounded by bobbleheads the whole time. The added benefit however, if you go during the on-peak hours, is to feast your eyes on all the college student eye candy :) If you want to do a real summit trek though, go for the Fortunas a few clicks northwest.

When I got to the park I decided to do the San Diego River trail. It was pretty mellow. The sign said it was a moderate trail, but I'd consider this one easy in compare to other hikes I've done. The trail doesn't have an end of the trail sign so I kept on hiking until I found myself in a residential area where cars were driving a few feet away from me. So be careful if you do decide to do this trail. I bumped into other hikers who told me were a little lost bc the signs were a lil misleading.

Did this one today in blazing 89F degree heat. Saw very few people out there. Parked by the old dam, and headed up the Oak Canyon trail to the Fortuna Saddle trail, up to the North Fortuna peak, and then back down via the Perimeter trail. About 3 hours in total. First thing: grab a map from the box at the trailhead. This whole area gets a bit confusing, some orienteering is needed at times. Second, bring 2-3 liters of water if it's above 80 degrees, you'll thank yourself. Thirdly, don't let the mere 1,200 feet of elevation gain fool you. The higher summits of nearby Cowles and Woodson pack considerably more gain, but have a series of switchbacks that ease the pain. On this hike, most of your elevation gains occur in a straight line. The trek from Oak Canyon trail up to the saddle is a pretty savage uphill march. Fourth, be advised they shutter all the gates in and out of the parking lot at 7pm, so get an early start. Overall this hike provides a great bit of cardio, tons of gorgeous scenery as you pass through diverse habitats: waterfalls, rocky dry riverbed, grassland flats, wooded areas, and a boulder clad summit. Views abound in all directions from the peak: downtown and Point Loma to the south. The peaks of Black Mountain, Iron Mountain, Woodson, El Cajon Mountain to the north and east. Cuyamaca peak clearly visible as well. This is a gem of a hike, and so close to the city center. I recently did the South Fortuna loop from the Mission Gorge Road trailhead, and I'd say this route was way more enjoyable. I look forward to doing it again and highly recommend it.

Fun hike. Took us 60 minutes on the dot. Lots of rock formations, so wear well tread shoes. Saw a rattle, to be expected. The top is a good hang out spot with lots of areas to relax, have a snack, look at views. Many will bring water and leave it up at the top for dogs. There are bathrooms at the trailhead and a very small parking lot. You can find a spot on the road.

This trail is not what I expected. It is a great challenge.