Looking for a great trail in Mission Peak Regional Preserve, California? AllTrails has 7 great hiking trails, trail running trails, walking trails and more, with hand-curated trail maps and driving directions as well as detailed reviews and photos from hikers, campers, and nature lovers like you. Gearing up for a challenge? There are 4 hard trails in Mission Peak Regional Preserve ranging from 5.8 to 14.8 miles and from 374 to 2,591 feet above sea level. Start checking them out and you'll be out on the trail in no time!


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Mission Peak, one of the most popular East Bay hikes, is a great workout with 2,000 feet of climb in two miles and spectacular views of San Francisco Bay and the Diablo Range once you reach the summit.

This offers great views. Last stretch is tough but doable for ppl in avg shape. There will be a lot of cows on the way - they are calm and harmless. We did this two times - first one was in summer but hill was warm and no green grass. But last week it was great with green all around.

I’ve done this trail about 8 times, but I felt the need to write a review after this recent hike. It’s extremely muddy after recent rain (to be expected) but people risk their safety and also go off-trail despite the signs just to get the picture at the summit. Please be smart, have the right gear (don’t just wear sneakers, it’s rated hard for a reason), and take your trash with you!

This hike is not a true hike for those that love the outdoors. It’s just a super wide road that goes up to the peak. If you’re going after rain, stay away! The mud is incredibly dense and you’ll slide all over the place when coming down. The trail is very dense with people since it seems this is the closest place to outdoors bougie San Jose folks like to go to

bonito lugar para caminar con tu pareja y tu perro

Walking up and down the fire road is really boring and there are 50 better hikes in the area. For hiking this trail is hugely overrated.

However, this is the first time I’ve run down and what a huge difference it makes! The incline is perfect for smashing down at a decent pace, some softer (but not slippery) mud underfoot as cushion and this becomes amazing fun.

Up in 60 minutes - down in 25!

Winter is the perfect time to hike Mission Peak and its surroundings because the hills are green and weather is nice. But it is just too crowded. Given its location, it is a good training ground for beginner.

this is my 2nd time completing this trail. The trail basically goes uphill from start to finish. I highly recommend hiking boots. when I went there was some muddy areas due to the rainfall the day before. We got there about 10:20am and finished the trail before 2pm (with a 30 min break) on Presidents Day. It was a Monday, there was many people going up on my way down. The weather was perfect from when we started and ended. I recommend wearing a wind breaker because it do get very windy at the top! Also knee pads if you have knee problems. Make sure you bring plenty of water! that is very important. parking is limited so the earlier you go the better. we didnt encounter much cattle which is good but there was cow poop all over the trail, so keep an eye out. sun block is recommended if you are going during warmer months. I had my skin peel before because of the sun burn. I would definitely do this hike again! its challenging and I loved it! at the end of the hike I did over 20,000 steps on my Fitbit! just pace yourself.

Great trail! Amazing views all the way. Long steep stretches. Fun rocky hike near the top. No shade almost all the way. Bring lots of water and also sunscreen(depending on conditions). Cows grazing all over the place... Also watch out for cow poop... It's practically everywhere!... To complete the loop, you have to go through a few gates and it looks like you are going off trail because of the wire fences but you are actually not.. The fence is to keep cows out (I think), and not hikers... I think many people were simply going back the way they came from after reaching the top because of this confusion... It seems to be one of the most popular trails in the area so be prepared to see a lot of people on weekends.

As a person who works out a lot ....wow this really does one on ya. Awesome views well worth the hike. Watch out for cow pies on the trail but you’ll be sweating by the time you get to the top

Great trail, did it couple of times and would love to do it again!

Good views. Very easy to follow trails with nice uphills. Can be a bit muddy after a rainstorm!

hard!! but amazing views. well worth the effort.

29 days ago

bella passeggiata ragazzi consigliatissima a tutti!!

I’ve been wanted to climb this hill for a long time. And then here comes an opportunity to climb with dozens of HS wrestling students plus their family members on January first 2019. I almost wanted to give up at first half mile bcaz it’s boring. No trees, no rivers, no rocks which I’ve heard of it, but still. High-light is probably the peak part, I very much enjoyed climbing up the short rocky hill to get to the top. It was fun ;)

Depending on the weather it can be killer in the heat or cold (during winter)

Make sure to wear proper hiking shoes, as I saw a vast majority of people wearing running/sneaker shoes. There are a few patches of loose gravel. You’ve been warned

I’ve done this trail twice: once in September and once a few days ago in December. It’s a great workout and quite a challenge! The scenery is beautiful the whole way up but particularly incredible at the peak. There was a little Christmas tree at the summit in December! Bring plenty of water and sun screen. If you don’t stop, you can get up and back down in between 2-2.5 hours. I recommend bringing a snack to eat at the top and enjoying the scenery before your hike down hill. I’ll definitely do this again!

It is really windy today and lots lots of people. It took us, two adults, five kids 4 and a half hours to finish the entire loop. My phone showed we actually walked 6.8 miles, not 5.8. One of the hardest trail we walked so far.

We started at 8:45 am and finished by 10:30 am . Hard hike but Felt great after done . This year achievement has been successful . :)
It was freezing up on the peak , can’t feel my ears and arms . so sensitive hands ,please carry gloves .

Amazing views. parked at ohlone, used peak trail to do a loop and I clocked in 10 miles!!! So make sure you have plenty of time. One of my fav hikes in the bay. Beautiful sunset though it is crowded. All in sun

Great workout. Great view. Lots of cows and squirrels along the way. Definitely bring lots of water.

Hard hike, awesome views but BE AWARE where you park. There are low lives prowling around looking for unsuspecting victims. My car was broken into. Really heart breaking when you accomplish such a hike and come back to realize your car was broken into

Great workout. Saw lots of cows, make sure you avoid their dung on the trail. View is incredible

Beautiful flat hike! Best for winter months with cold winds and mild sun. Cows are pretty friendly, just stay away from young ones, they feel threatened easily.

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