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Mission Peak, one of the most popular East Bay hikes, is a great workout with 2,000 feet of climb in two miles and spectacular views of San Francisco Bay and the Diablo Range once you reach the summit.

forgotten but done a couple of times...

No shadow, elevation change dramatically, windy at high altitude, nice view

Not for the lighthearted. Great challenge! Get ready to work your legs out.

Great workout! All uphill and then all downhill. The entire trail is exposed. It was hot on the day I went, so the sun was scorching hot. It's a pretty busy trail. Parking can be an issue.
I really enjoyed the workout but when I think back to the crowds, the sun and heat, I can't imagine myself doing this hike again.

Hard.. Very nice views

Great challenging hike with zero aesthetically pleasing vegetation. View at the top is alright with notable views of Mt Diablo, and the south part of the bay. For an added challenge, take the trail to the right (in the beginning) and take Horse's Haven. I've met people that take this near vertical climb with 50lb bags to prepare for Half-dome. Parking sucks - I used to go three days out of the week. Now, I don't bother anymore with all the people and the line to take a picture of the pole. IT'S ONLY A POLE. Hiking times - expect 3 hours for up and down hiking. For more experienced hikers, you should be able to finish in a less than two hours if you don't spend too much time at the top.

23 days ago

Great hike, beautiful views. Will definitively do again.

Very nice views plus fun and good work out

Moderately trafficked trail until meets w/ other trail at which point it turns into Disneyland. Uphill all the way to peak w/ maybe two flat sections. Not much shade. Very well maintained trail. Difficult to get lost.

Crows were circling at the top, presumably in anticipation of humans falling out. Winter is coming.

Doesn’t feel “gradual” but some great views if the bay and back at the Livermore valley make it a beautiful hike.

One of the most unique trails I've ever been on in the bay area!

Too crowded. Too exposed in summer and fall.

I would only hike this in Winter or Spring when the weather is cooler. Easy to find and navigate, good inclines. More people than I would prefer, but overall had a good hike with my dog. Bring water!

Pros: great workout and great views at the top.
Cons: parking is the worst and if you enjoy solitude in nature, any other option is better considering this is one of the most popular hikes in the Bay Area.

Spring is the best season to hike here with gorgeous green view. Since there is little shadow along the trail, it burns if hiking at hot season.

1 month ago

Hiked up Mission Peak on a Wednesday morning. Stanford lot was full by 9:30AM, so we parked in the residential neighborhood (FYI signs posted say no parking Saturdays, Sundays and on holidays).

When the trail forked, we took the left route since that's what most of the people were taking. With two kids and a small dog, it took us 4 hours round trip (3 hrs uphill, 1 hr downhill). We stopped at the big boulders at the peak since the kids were exhausted and it started to rain. Will have to take that scenic selfie shot some other time. Had to carry dog on the way back since his paws were getting packed on with mud.

Since our pace was so slow, it was very doable. Senior citizens were passing us up and some even cheered on my kids, which I appreciated. I recommend dressing in layers because we were dripping in sweat the first hour but were freezing cold by the time we reached the peak. Our glutes hurt the next day, so mission accomplished :)

Such an amazing trail! Definitely not for the beginners in hiking due to the extreme elevation but still amazing once you reach the top.

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