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Mission Peak, one of the most popular East Bay hikes, is a great workout with 2,000 feet of climb in two miles and spectacular views of San Francisco Bay and the Diablo Range once you reach the summit.

It was my first time & I enjoyed it!

I thoroughly enjoyed this hike with the exception of two things: the lack of parking and the million people on the trail.

The hike is more or less a nonstop ascent to the top, and the last 5% is especially steep with some rocky areas. The 360° view from the top is beautiful and is worth the hike in and of itself.

I'd recommend not doing this hike without being fairly in shape, but it's worth the effort.

Awesome hill workout.

Great but tough trail. Beautiful views too.

12 days ago

Lots of wildlife and convenient parking at the college, parking fee is $4 daily for anyone curious.