No much of a "hike" but my kiddos LOVE it here. Great to get out for a bit and enjoy a nice walk.

Nice small trail for a quick hike, and very dog friendly, not much for sightseeing though.

I love it. It's small enough for people who want to get a quick hike in. It's dog friendly and it's very easy.

I started running this, not bad if you push yourself hard as it does have a few steep inclines.

Let's keep this simple...

This trail is perfect for a casual walk but for those looking for sights or exercise, it will leave you wanting.

The trail it self is relatively flat, loosely graveled, and is wide enough for a car.
There are opportunities to explore but be wary, you may end up in someone's backyard.

Parking is easiest found at the Plaza at Santa Rosa and Oak Canyon.

Great hike IF you live in the area. I would not drive any considerable distance for this trail. The wife and I walk our dogs 1 mile to the trail head (NW corner of Santa Rosa Rd and Oak Canyon Rd) and take the full path (keep heading NW) to the end, which lets out at the Tierra Linda Elementary School.

It's great for a fun little hike to go shopping at Vons right by the school. If you follow the side street Paseo Del Campo Rd for 0.5 miles, you can hit the aqueduct and take a real nice bamboo path north to Upland Rd. We do that and come back around for a nice 4-5 mile hike round trip to our home.

Not my favorite trail, there is no actual trail head and hard to find. Unless I just got lost and didnt find it. The trail i found wasn't really marked, and was not even a mile long. If anyone has more info on this trail, please share.