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Millerton Lake State Recreation Area is located in the heart of California, near the southernmost end of the Mother Lode gold region. Here, where the San Joaquin River flows out of the Sierra Nevada foothills and into the Central Valley, 319- foot Friant Dam was built across the river canyon in 1944 to form Millerton Lake. With over 40 miles of shore land for water sports, this SRA offers visitors swimming, fishing, and boating. The hills surrounding the lake provide good hiking opportunities. Wildlife in the park includes ground squirrels, cottontails, mule deer, badgers and bald and golden eagles. During winter, the park has special boat tours to view the bald eagles. The lake was created by construction of the Friant Dam across the San Joaquin River in 1944. The park’s camping facilities include boat camping. The park contains the original Millerton County Courthouse, built in 1867. The area is 20 miles northeast of Fresno via Highway 41 and Highway 145. The Day Use Annual Pass is accepted at this park.

Views at the top are spectacular, but it is a climb to get there. Dogs actually aren't allowed on the trail. There is a sign at the trailhead that says no dogs allowed on trails. They are only allowed in the picnic area.

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5 days ago

Two trees down across the trail.

This is a great hike to do early in the year while it's still cool and when the greenery and wildflowers start popping up. I've done it counterclockwise but while we were doing it, we were thinking clockwise would have been better.

The elevation gain on this is all in the last 6/10ths of a mile essentially. It's a workout.

When parking don't leave anything valuable in sight. I saw two cars with broken glass.

Go early the heat makes the elevation gain even worse.

It's quick-it's close to town it's worth it.

Not a easy one! I would say it is more a difficult/moderate trail. The view at the top is crazy

Had fun great views

Great place to train for trail running and hiking. Recommend you check this place out in different seasons. Also, short drive from Fresno.

1 month ago

Decent trail with views of the surrounding mountains and the river gorge. Light vegetation, mostly dry grass and oak trees. The only wildlife we encountered were the numerous lizards on the trail, the occasional hawk, and fish in the river. The fish were actually pretty damn big. Lightly trafficked at the time, and the whole loop can be done in 3-4 hours at a good pace.