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mountain biking
22 hours ago

great for mountain biking

Not a bad trail. Was too easy and left us wanting more. The sad thing was there was no other trails on this side of the lake.

Went on this hike with my 6 and 7 year old kids. Was a bit challenging for them but they loved it. It was pretty sunny so I would advise hats! The incline was a great workout and once you make it to the top the view is amazing. Ran into a lot of friendly people and will definitely be hiking this trail again.

This is my wife and kids to go spot. Making it a tradition to go every Sunday morning. Great views, a bit hard, lots of incline, but worth it. Love the scenery and the drive for us is very short.

My wife and I Hiked this yesterday. When you get to the top of the peak the views are awesome. We followed the map and went around the back side of the peak which made the final ascent a little easier.

It is steep but not impossible. There was a family with a couple of kids probably 8-10 who made it to the top. This was great if you wanted something challenging but not to long. Will do it again.

It’s a great workout!

Really great morning hike to start your day! The views are really pretty!

Short distance. Decent incline. Cool view. Fun for a quick hike.

No free trail what is this?

2 months ago

The hike was like a stair master at some points....haven’t been hiking in some time and was a bit sad to see that dogs weren’t allowed on trail. However, I did see that people generally didn’t care for that rule and had dogs with them anyway. I’m sure it’ll be ok until someone decides to be a negative Nancy or a permit Patty and start calling park rangers to control people bringing their pets on trail. Overall, the trail was fun and had a nice leg workout for a short hike. Will come again with wife and dog next time.

Awesome for beginners...

mountain biking
2 months ago

Fast and thrilling going down (just be aware of other hikers/bikers) definitely a challenge riding up and some bumpy terrain. Came across 3 downed trees. Rode on a hardtail. Take plenty of water! Filled my 2L camelpak and almost finished it and i went in the early AM hours

amazing view ☺️ excellent workout

Mostly incline. Beautiful views.

3 months ago

Cant wait for cooler weather to do this one again. Got a lil freaked out by the rattlesnake sighting. but the views are wonderful!

Awesome trail starts off easy then it gets very challenging, great for beginners to test their will. Definitely recommend this for everyone to try it out.

Really good trail to test your abilities before going to higher altitude.

Short and sweet. Lots of uphill but very rewarding views.

this was my first hike with a steep incline it was definitely a challenge there were lots of rocks and some trees for shading along the trails Edge but the view is so worth it

Steep hike, there’s only a few level areas. Most of it is inclined walking. Take a hat there’s practically no shade. Gives you a different look at Millerton that has less people. At the beginning there’s a Bathroom and benches by the beach. Hot, went in July

4 months ago

This was a very easy hike, and had great views of the lake the entire way. I only ran into one other person the whole trail, and he was just fishing off the side of some rocks. Get here early during the summer, as there isn’t much shade and it gets very hot!
The trail is also very well kept. Most of the trail you can walk two people side by side.

Great, exerting hike....

Steep and Straight Forward. Great view of surrounding lake.

Got there early enough to catch the beautiful sunrise, great exercise. I recommend this trail

Excellent experience and beautiful scenery.

This was my first time hiking and I really enjoyed myself. It definitely wasn’t easy but there were a couple of nice shaded areas with rocks to sit on which made the climb easier.

great excersize.

Entrance fee into Millerton Lake was $12 for Memorial Day. Nice view of the lake. It was very steep the whole time up. A lot of bushes and brush getting stuck in our socks and clothes. We did not complete the trail but still got a decent lookout view. There is no shade, we went at 9 am and it was very hot already.
We also took an 8 and 6 year old. They fell a few times on the steep parts. I do not recommend for kids.

5 months ago

This is my “go to” hike when I’m itching to go hiking but don’t have much time to drive out an hour.

First off, the park area is great and you can also walk down to the lake prior to or after your hike.
On some occasions our “fight team” use this area for fight camp because it has the parking lot for running and then we’ll hike or run the trail to the top of pincushion mnt. The view up there is very rewarding.

This is a good challenging hike for me. I enjoy hiking but i have not gone out for years. I plan on hiking this trail more often so it can condition me for future hikes. See you soon...

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