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Millerton Lake State Recreation Area is located in the heart of California, near the southernmost end of the Mother Lode gold region. Here, where the San Joaquin River flows out of the Sierra Nevada foothills and into the Central Valley, 319- foot Friant Dam was built across the river canyon in 1944 to form Millerton Lake. With over 40 miles of shore land for water sports, this SRA offers visitors swimming, fishing, and boating. The hills surrounding the lake provide good hiking opportunities. Wildlife in the park includes ground squirrels, cottontails, mule deer, badgers and bald and golden eagles. During winter, the park has special boat tours to view the bald eagles. The lake was created by construction of the Friant Dam across the San Joaquin River in 1944. The park’s camping facilities include boat camping. The park contains the original Millerton County Courthouse, built in 1867. The area is 20 miles northeast of Fresno via Highway 41 and Highway 145. The Day Use Annual Pass is accepted at this park.

Not too hard and the kids (11, 8, 5) did well on this trail

on Pa'san Ridge Trail

4 days ago

Visited the San Joaquin River Trail today it was a nice hike with some beautiful views. It got pretty tough at certain points but I enjoyed it! Loved all the flowers I will definitely be back!

I love this trail strenuous but not to long ..can get your daily workout in without taking all day. plus really pretty at the top of the hill

Harder than I thought but well worth it.

Just visited this spot today! It was well kept and a nice hike. The trail isn't hard and once you get to the top it has a beautiful view over the lake. There is also a nice little waterfall. Definitely going back!

I see a lot of variation in distances posted for this trail. I think this is a 9.8 mile hike. From the parking area to the bridge is 2.2, out and back. Once you cross the bridge and get to the trail head, Pa'san Ridge Trail, it's a 7.6 mile loop. I would recommend going as early in the year as possible to enjoy cooler weather. We hiked counter clockwise, which I would recommend. Lots of people on the trail, hiking, biking, on horseback, and lots of dogs.

This a a great afternoon trail. Beautiful in the late afternoon when the sun sets. The dog always has a blast and it's a very pretty short hike to get some quick exercise in!!

radical trail. definitely going back again. many great look out points

Hard but good!!!!

10 days ago

Awesome view at the top. My 3.5yr old made it all the way to the top with very little assistance. If you haven't had the experience to see a sun set from the top on this one your missing out. plus just under 10min hike back down to trailhead.

17 days ago

The parking lot is currently closed so we had to park along the road. We walked through the parking lot to access the trail entrance.
We took the Pincushion route, it was amazing. The hike was tough but the views were well worth it!!