Beautiful after a rainy day! Will definitely come back.

15 days ago

Loved the trail!! Great for small kids and pets. Rest area with bench tables and restroom is available at the beginning of the trail. Recommend bringing your own paper or wipes and restroom not in the best condition (door doesn’t lock).
Took additional trail (Sunset Ridge Trail) on other side with amazing views overlooking Downtown LA. Other trails connect on top of Sunset trail if you have extra time and energy.

One of my favorite easy hikes near LA. There are never too many people, there’s always water and the terrain is shady. It starts at a nice small campground and ends at a pretty waterfall. If you want to continue to dawn mine you can. Love this hike

Easy hike, pretty, lots of water, nicely shaded and good for dogs. You can make the hike harder if you want to.

Beautiful trail mostly shady so it was nice even on an 85°+ California day. It's about a mile each way from the campground. The way in is almost entire uphill, and a bit rockier than I initially thought but not too challenging and lots of fun just watch yourself. Saw plenty of kids and dogs along the way so definitely kid friendly and such.

There was no internet in the woods, so I was not able to record or map where I was going. I went here with my mom and siblings (11 and 12 yrs). People said there are two trials here, one gets you to the very top and one is a shorter path. I had no idea where those are, so I just followed the sign for Millard Falls. It was fun. Easy hiking through the woods. I think it's a great walk/adventure to have with your families:)

Either get here early in the morning or late around noon when people are leaving for lunch because parking spaces are VERY limited. Some people were parking at the "No Parking" areas.

Back and forth from the parking lot to the falls takes about 1:00.

Great hike for families. Short hike that does include a bit of “Adventure”, creek crossings, downed trees, and rock climbing. Definitely recommend that for children under 5 you have an adult to hold hands and narrow and loose rock areas. Took a 3 & 4 year old boys and they crushed it.

The waterfall was small with a small creek at the top, but perfect for chilling and eating lunch. If it’s warm enough, definitely bring a change of close for kids and even some water shoes as it’s pretty rocky.

Parking: make sure to drive to the lower parking lot. It will save you a 1.5 mile walk uphill at the end of the trip.

All in all an easy family hike.

Great, easy little hike. There was a decent amount of water at the falls and in the creek. Not too strenuous. Saw lots of kids and dogs along the way. When we came back, we diverted at the little concrete spillway, crossed it, and then went left up the trail that passes below the cabins. It was an easy hike up a wide, open, sunny path, and from the top, we could see the entirety of DTLA looking all magical and far-away. It was also nice to warm up before going home. We parked at the parking lot at the very base of the hill and got there around 8:30am, so it was pretty chilly from the lot to the falls in January.

Relatively easy going in.. make sure to stop at the first sign at the fork and do a 180... the dirt path with an arrow pointing up is the trail.. it’s ok you are going the right way... awesome views.

Went on a morning hike to the Millard Falls. We parked on the 2nd parking lots towards the campground. It was a very easy hike with minimal stress. There’s a trail but its not a very marked, dirt trail. Its very nice to do a rocky and quick hike with kids to explore and dogs too.
There’s very little water but it’s still worth the hike (35min-1hr - depends how fast/slow you go) because you’re completely surrounded by the mountains.

This is a very easy and peaceful trail. My 8 year old had no problems and we saw a toddler making his way through.

Hiked from the top parking lot. Watch for mountain bikers on the first downhill. The hike up the canyon has a lot of boulder and downed tree hopping. Its a bit challenging, but fun. Nicely shaded. Not too many people. Mostly families. My dog loved it.

Took my 6 and 8 year old on this hike and they loved it! We parked down at the lower parking lot. The hike itself is about 1.5 mile but it took us about 90 mins to do it .. we stopped often to enjoy the scenery and climb over the many rocks and look at the creek and the fallen trees... we really enjoyed this hike. At the end was a little waterfall that, although small , was peaceful and relaxing to sit and watch while eating a light snack.

Quiet. Easy. Serene.

My kids (4 & 6) first hike and now they are in love! They want to go back every weekend. Perfect for the whole family!

Perfect trail to take the kids out

This trail was a nice surprise. We brought our parents here for an easy hike and they loved it! If you follow the map, it adds mileage and some elevation. We parked at the first parking area and walked down the road to the bottom parking lot. This was a mistake. Follow the map along the trail the whole way and it’s a great hike. We did on the way back and it was a bit of a work out. Don’t follow the sign to Millard Canyon, that just leads to the lower parking lot. The waterfall was flowing a little and there’s a lot of shade. We encountered a few mountain bikers, and they were great about sharing the trail.

The map for this is incorrect. The map shows the trailhead way up on what is a paved road. Follow the road to the bottom to get to the parking lot for Millard Canyon Falls Trail . It comes in at 1.66 miles
RT, so a really short and easy hike.
Went in late Nov and there was still some water trickling down the fall. Overall a nice outing, but I was wishing for more mileage .

Easy hike but be prepared for several stream crossings. Your shoes might get wet. My kids loved going in the falls in the summer months. In December it’s still a fun hike but water is COLD!

Easy trail though you do have to cross the stream on several occasions, climb some rocks and climb over fallen trees. Still able to see some water at the waterfalls. Not too many mosquitoes, but enough to require some repellent. Went on a Thursday and only saw one person at the falls, and no one on the trail.

This trail should be upgraded to a moderate trail as the path is hard to find at times and there are places you have to climb. I didn't make it to the waterfall today due to trees being in the way and no signs pointing the way.

Beautiful, but short, hike to a nice waterfall. Passes can be purchased any any Big 5 store as well as ranger stations. Other outlets sell them as well.

Get an adventure pass before get there! There are signs posted in the parking lot that "vehicles must display pass", but no mention of where to get one.

Nice, easy hike. Go early before it get too crowded.

This hike was beautiful. It lacks a star just because it's not as long as I would have liked it to have been. We went out, found the falls and headed back to sunset ridge to get more of a hike in. The terrain had us sweating immensely, it's a lot of crossing over the creek. Watch out for rats. All in all pleasant hike.

7 months ago

great and easy trail.

This hike was a lot of fun. So many Creek crossing. Trail got a bit confusing at some points but I understand that volunteers are working hard to clear it after it's reopening. The waterfall had plenty of water this year and there were a lot of spaces for the kids to play in and explore.

Amazing hike! Great for beginners two friends took me up here and it was a spur of the moment thing but it turned out to be an amazing experience, the waterfall was completely empty and at sunset it was beautiful!!

Might have had a better experience a couple months ago when there was probably more water flowing. It is mostly shaded so it could be a good one to do when it is hot. I guess we should have parked in the 1st available parking area but we continued on and parked in the main lot near the campground and our RT hike was only 1.3 miles.

8 months ago

This was a pretty awesome little trail. Although I passed multitudes of people to and from the waterfall, it was by no means crowded. I was able to take plenty of photos of the falls in all of its glory without random individuals in the shots. And if you're up for a short moderate/hard challenge, immediately to the right of the waterfalls base is a trail that'll take you up to the top of the waterfall. It’s definitely worth checking out before the water dries up.

Great trail. Maybe slightly harder than easy, which to me means "no problem doing it in street shoes without exhausting yourself". The effort level was easy, but there were a few parts with narrow dirt paths on canyons edges where decent footwear is better. Other than that minor note, the trail was great and almost empty on a weekend with a pleasant waterfall and pool at the end.

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