4 days ago

Moderate difficulty trail with excellent views of Santa Clarita Valley along the way and a great 270 degree view of North Hills and the rest of the San Fernando Valley at your final destination (Mission Point). Most of the 1500 ft elevation change occurs within the first 2.5 miles but is definitely doable since the trail is more of a fire trail and doesn't involve any trail hunting or scurrying up rocks. You will encounter many fenced in areas owned by SoCal Gas Company as you make your trek to Mission Point, so just remember to bear left along the fences. The only tricky part was within 1/2 miles to Mission Point, stay on the semi-hidden trail to the right that borders the fence to head up to the point. If you find yourself heading downhill towards some power lines with 1/2 miles to go, then you've gone the wrong way. I tracked it to around 9-1/4 miles out-and-back with some shade coverage along the route. Definitely bring at least 2-3 liters of water with you if you do this hike on a hot summer day.