The Mesquite Wilderness consists of portions of the Mesquite Mountains, Mesquite Valley, and the Clark Mountain Range. The Mesquite Mountains have more gradual rising slopes than the rough and rocky Clark Mountain Range. Numerous small caves are found in the porous rock of the Clark Mountains. Dominant vegetation ranges from the creosote brush sage association on the bajadas to blackbrush, Joshua trees, and pinyon-juniper at the higher elevations. Barrel cactus gardens are also found in some locations. Wildlife is typical for the Mojave Desert; including a large herd of bighorn sheep, coyote, black-tailed jackrabbits, ground squirrels, kangaroo rats, quail, red-tailed hawks, prairie falcons, golden eagles, roadrunners, rattlesnakes, and several species of lizards. The southwestern corner of the wilderness provides critical habitat for the desert tortoise.