I did this loop clockwise. From the snow park it was 12 miles to Showers Lake.
That left me with only 8 miles to finish up on day 2. That 8 miles is tough either way you do it.
This hike offers great views and nice places to camp.
It's starting to cool off! We had high winds and temps in the low 40 to high 30's.

Great trail!! The wildflowers were waist deep and incredible!

This was a spectacular hike with breathtaking wildflower displays and beautiful views. When you drop down into the meadow the sheer volume and variety of wildflowers defies belief. From the trail head, you hike through a nice glen of aspen through a small section of pine forest, then up a rather barren ridge. From there, the meadow is spread out before you. It's a nice hike through the meadow, then back into pine forests to the lake. Some wonderful craggy cliff walls can be seen as you walk through the meadow and they offer a splendid backdrop to the lake. Mid-July the biting flies were out in force, so bring lots of bug spray.

This was a beautiful hike, nothing too fancy. It was very windy the day I hiked so the temperatures were cool. Few dogs off leash, no real issues though.

My husband and I completed this hike in two days- creating a little back packing adventure out of it. We did this trail in Oct. 2016. The hike was fairly easy (for the most part) with various scrambling sections over a few rocks. There were patches of snow in shaded spots but we mostly hiked along the mountain ridge and through several meadows. Take plenty of water!!! The altitude can really get to you if you aren't used to it.

We camped in Meiss Meadow along Meiss cabins and continued on the following day back to Echo Summit. I'd say the hardest part was Hawley Grade. It was a steep climb back to Echo Summit.