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McNee Ranch State Park is located on the San Francisco Peninsula in San Mateo County, approx. 20 miles south of San Francisco and eight miles north of Half Moon Bay on Highway One. The highest point in this park rises to 1,898 feet above sea level, and contains extensive biodiversity where endangered species such as Hickman's potentilla, San Mateo thornmint, and Acanthomintha duttonii are found. On clear days the summit provides spectacular views of much of the San Francisco Bay Area. There are two beach access points from the bluff area. One access is across from Second Street. The second access is located about a half-mile north on the ocean side of Highway 1. Please note that the paths down to the beach are steep. Hours: 8am to sunset.

Challenging but manageable- just the right amount of steeps

Nice views while hiking, however trail was not so great. Ending was terrible as it was just telephone lines and machines. Very foggy and humid throughout hike. I wouldn’t make this place a priority hike

Some of the trails are not marked will read it if you times to find the right one but the views are very nice hike today

This trail is pretty busy and there are are power lines everywhere. Looking for something more naturey.

Only negative is the limited parking, but it’s a great hike!

Pretty tough trail, we did a modified version with an extra excursion onto the Crack trail which has some nice rock scrambling; the descents can be tough so wear good shoes

good all around trail but the view can get foggy

Fantastic hike! The first incline to the tree at the top of the hill (you'll know what I'm talking about) is rough but it will get you geared for the rest of it. Kind of a steady incline to the peak with a few flat runs scattered. Beautiful views. I agree with the poison oak overgrowth at this time of year in the lower/starting areas so definately wear something that covers your arms and legs unless you're lucky enough to not have a poison oak allergy? A highly recommended hike, enjoy!

Moderate hike up to great vista point. A little busy in parts, lots of mountain bikes around. Partly shaded.

2 months ago

So. Many. Foxtails.

Went on Saturday with my dog. Parking lot was crowded. It was around 11:30am. Still, we had a great time. Got a little confused as the main entrance had a sign for no dogs but then the trail entrance had a sign for dogs allowed on leash. The beginning of the trail is narrow with lots of vegetation on each side. Didn’t see poison oak on that portion but there was definitely some in the first 1.5 - 2 miles. The first 1.5 miles is all steep uphill but there is a stop where most of the people sat down to rest and take in the beautiful scenery of the ocean. The next 2-3 miles is not bad at all, some uphill but not too inclined. Some hikers wearing shorts were turned away by the poison oak. It was a sunny day, not a lot of shadow until you reach the paved trail then you can find some shelter under the trees. The weather was nice, at 69 degrees. At the top of Mt Montara I only saw one tree to find shelter from the sun. Wear your sunscreen! And then prepare those knees for going down. I was kind of in a rush so I cut through the mountain downhill. Had to use my hiking poles to support my knees. But you can try to find some alternative trail that gives you a much decent descent. Great place with awesome views! If you don’t enjoy the crowd or the sunshine on your face I recommend you go early.

Great trail! I would highly recommend sunscreen as there is little to no shade. Also, currently as of today, 6/1/2018 there is a lot of poison oak on the trail beginning at the trailhead to about 1/4 mile up the trail. It took me 2.5 hrs up and down, would do it again!

Great trail and amazing views. Only complaint is that it is so overgrown and with so much poison oak spilling onto the trail. Suggest long pants and long sleeve shirt. Oak in some areas 5 + feet tall.

Beautiful ocean views, lots of wildflowers and a decently challenging hike. Hiking poles would be helpful for the way down. Cons are a little crowded, cell towers at the top and on a fire road most of the time. Definitely worth doing, get there early!

The views are amazing! Hiking shoes and sticks recommended!

The views on the way up are beautiful. Lots of greenery and sea views. Wear shoes with good tread, and bring water with you.

Incredible view of the entire peninsula, amazing what you can see from up there. Asphalt much of the way which was a bit hard on the feet.

3 months ago

Great training route, the Crack Crack trail near the summit has some challenging terrain.

Beautiful hike.

A great trail with incredible ocean views and the shortest (and steepest) way to the top of Montara Mountain.

Just FYI, the Alta Vista portion of this loop is closed to bikes.

Beautiful trail!
Lots of coast, big waves stunning view, and valley view!
Some flower on the way, and beach right next to the trail head, so you can relax after you finish the trail.

Parking has 2 layers, there is a dirt road on the left of the lower layer for you to go up, plenty spaces available.

Bring your jackets! Very windy especially you get to top.

Climbing up is a good workout, coming down if a bit challenge for knees.

Definitely not a hard hike! It has some legs that are uphill but apart from that it’s pretty easy. The hike has some insane views when it gets near the ocean. Highly recommend it!

- Parking: plentiful; there is parking right at the base of hike entrance
- Restrooms: 2 portable bathrooms at parking lot
- Shoes: recommend anything with good tread, since the trails are quite pebbly / sandy
- Views: I love that this hike has views in multiple different directions, and you can go above the clouds!
- Coverage: almost completely exposed. Use sunscreen and hats.
- Other things I wish I knew: (1) Summit does not have grassy patches for sitting nor tables; if you have lunch there, I recommend bringing blanket (2) The view is beautiful on a slightly foggy / cloudy day (3) Wear shoes with good tread

The trail is very well marked and not too difficult for even beginner- intermediate hikers.

The view from the top is amazing. On a clear day you can see all the way out to SF and the Golden Gate bridge.

On your way up, take a small detour to see Jeff Cave. It's worth the extra time.

The road to Adobe Drive in Pacifica used to be known as Planet of the Apes Road by mountain bikers. Old road grade from McNee is easy to intermediate viewpoint for a short workout. Leaves out the final leg to Montara Mtn. About 1.5 hours.

Good vegetation variety. Beautiful views. A lot is on a fire road which is a bit less cool and the top view isn’t the best view but this is a hike about the journey vs the summit. Nice.

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