McNee Ranch State Park is located on the San Francisco Peninsula in San Mateo County, approx. 20 miles south of San Francisco and eight miles north of Half Moon Bay on Highway One. The highest point in this park rises to 1,898 feet above sea level, and contains extensive biodiversity where endangered species such as Hickman's potentilla, San Mateo thornmint, and Acanthomintha duttonii are found. On clear days the summit provides spectacular views of much of the San Francisco Bay Area. There are two beach access points from the bluff area. One access is across from Second Street. The second access is located about a half-mile north on the ocean side of Highway 1. Please note that the paths down to the beach are steep. Park closes at sunset.

Good vegetation variety. Beautiful views. A lot is on a fire road which is a bit less cool and the top view isn’t the best view but this is a hike about the journey vs the summit. Nice.

Pretty strenuous uphill areas but worth the view. Went on a warm day, watch out for snakes!

Great trail! Loved the views, especially the first leg with views back to the water, and the view from the very top. On the way back, I almost missed the turn off from the North Peak Access Road, and I found the quarter mile down through the forest to the Pedro Mountain Road to be pretty tough (but I suppose that is why the trail is rated hard).

Beautiful clear day today. Could see as far as the Farallones and across the Bay to Mt. Diablo. Gusty winds at some sections. Don’t much care for the paved roads but overall a good exhilarating climb.

Pretty steep climb but the view of the ocean is spectacular!

Really steep in sections, huge payoff!

It should be rated as moderate instead of hard. Part of the challenge is not the steepness of trail. It’s just that trail is too slippery with bits and pieces of sand soil and gravels. Scenery is ok not fantastic. Trail is mainly exposed in sun. Not that comfortable. Probably not be back next time. Do also notice some part of trail u could smell strong animal wastes.

On the bright side. It was good exercise!

Excellent trail. Not that hard even though it climbs up steadily

Loved how it was broken up into thirds. First part was fairly easy, second more rigorous, and the third leveled out a bit. Gorgeous views of Half Moon Bay and would definitely do it again.

Very steep in some sections. Great workout! Basically a dirt road. Went on a very cloudy day with the sun nowhere in site. As soon as I got to the top it was a sunny day. Amazing.


Went the full loop, ended up being about 9 miles. So beautiful!

Climbed Montara with my son 9-23-17. Great day for the views of the bay, city, and Peninsula, as the day was extremely clear. While the views were nice, this hike was on road and didn't find the loop. We agreed on this hike rating a 6 out of ten.

Pretty gentle up and downhills, but not much of a trail (mostly an old asphalt road)

Nice reasonably challenging uphill in the first 2 miles and made me feel I got in some good exercise when I reached the top. Downhill side was prettier because part of it passed through a shaded treelined area. The peak does have a few ugly man-made structures on it and no great place to sit out of the way to have a snack & check out the view before heading down. Overall though, I'd do it again.

I didn't reach the peak but I'll definitely try again.

Parking at trail head is limited (maybe only 4 cars). But can walk to free Montara state beach parking down hwy 1 a couple minutes away.

Beautiful views of city and ocean on clear day.

This is a gorgeous place to witness a scenic view of green hills and the blue of the Pacific Ocean. My friend and I started the trail from the old San Pedro Road to Montara State Beach. We saw so many bunnies - two horses taking a walk and lizards! It's worth it and beautiful.

Park at the beach parking lot (you will see a sign that says "Montara State Beach" then enter the trail on the right side when facing the mountain. The beginning is steep but once you get up to the top the remainder of the trail is a gradual down hill. I would say the first 20 min is hard and the rest is easy. So a more accurate rating would be "moderate" in my opinion.

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