17 days ago

Nice hike...very good for a hill workout. First 1/3 of the trail is flat then be prepared for a serious incline. Lot's of overgrowth. Best do do this hike early before it gets too hot!

1 month ago

Beautiful sunrise hike. Some overgrowth on parts of the trail, but the views at the top are amazing.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Like the trail. I went a bit off the beaten path, but over all it was a great bike ride. 6 miles 35 mins. Burnt a few hundred calories. I love this app.

First time here and just getting back to fitness. Was a great hike more challenging then my local Mt Rubidoux and an ease back to working out.

2 months ago

Horrible! Trails are full of trash, used condoms, feces and homeless camps. Turned around after going by newly wrecked Jeep and came across several homeless people sitting around tent next to trail. Bags of trash scattered. Don't feel safe going through their area. So disappointed!

Great hike!!! I love the different trails and often bring my kids with me. It's great little adventure for them especially since they collect rocks and then they can go play in the playground at martin tudor

Loved it great hike will be back trying to find jack the skeleton rock any clues help me out but I found a down 4/20 art work

3 months ago

Good workout, great view

My husband and I were here yesterday and it was very cool. I think it's great that there's many trails branching off so you can really pick the level of difficulty you want. Of course the one thing we HATED was the stupid graffiti! However the higher up you go the less there is because obviously the damn kids are too lazy to climb to the top. Any whom, enough about lazy low life's. The trail was great we'll definitely be back.