Walked the trail multiple times. Not much to look at except homeless camps, trash, used diapers and graffiti. I took my dog down to the water and found more of the same. I grew up here in riverside and used to love exploring the Santa Ana riverbed. Now I wouldn’t feel too comfortable doing much exploring. The hills have eyes. Some are friendly and some aren’t. I

Mostly paved bike route good for cardio. Don’t recommend at all. Tried to walk down to the riverbed a lot of homeless camps throughout the riverbed. I didn’t feel safe or comfortable will not do again.

the other side is good and is a good cardio workout

I like the trail it is peace and a workout . Good cardio and not a lot of people in your space . Would go again this was my first time . I would give this five stars plus for trail running .

Saturday, July 19, 2014

This park is a great picnic & play area with plenty of open grass and benches. Because it connects with the river bike trail, you could potentially walk, skate or bike to other locations including Mount Rubidoux and Fairmount Park. From the trail, you can see the skyline of downtown Riverside.