Really hard trail! Those hills are no joke. Very steep high incline elevations. It feels uphill all of the way out and the return hike has a few steep parts as well. Solid 10 mile hike. I did this 3 weeks ago and there was almost no shade the entire hike. It took me 4.5 hours with no breaks. I saw 2 people on the trail. I did this on a weekday! Very challenging hike! Your legs will be thanking you!

It’s fairly difficult and mostly uphill

Varied views. Springtime brings flowing waterfalls and wildflowers.

First, a few things:

1. Moderate? Hm.. no. If you do the full 9.5-10 mile loop, those inclines are no joke. And if you don't know, it's the down hill that kills.

2. Shaded? Some, I'd say only 50% of the trail. Still, don't go in the heat! It'll be rough. I drank over 100oz on the trail, so did my gf.

About the hike:
We hiked this today (late July) it was warm/hot, and I had 25-30lbs in my (inadequate) pack since I'm conditioning for a backpacking trip. We went all the way to the end and came back doing the full loop.

The 2nd part of the loop is not very well maintained, and the trail was even a little hard to keep at times. I took a wrong turn 4-5 times, or thought I went off trail, then realized I was originally on the right one, so went back.

It was tough, maybe it would've been easier with just a light pack and on a cooler day. The views were great though and it's great for conditioning. We only saw two bikers, and two dog walkers. Also two deer, some quail, and a small snake.

Really loved the hike! Lots of shade so great for a hit day. And views of the city were spectacular!

An excellent, shaded hike with an ever-increasing grade and wonderful seasonal creek. Great fun with kids!

Fri Jan 23rd - discovered this canyon hike - and fell in love with it! did 70 minutes - came back on Sat 24th with Tegan,Cliff,Katherine and Jobo for 70 minutes will be back many times I'm sure!!

The Queenstone Fire Road trail circumnavigates Blackstone Canyon in North Marin County. To access the fire road on Queenstone off of Miller Creek Road take the Marinwood exit from Highway 101 and head West.

The trail climbs more than 1500' and provides 360 degree views of the Bay Area including Mt. Tamalpais, SF, Mt. Burdell, the Sonoma areas and the Bay waters from Napa to the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge. Mt. Diablo in the East Bay is also visible.

I did a short video about the hike. You can view it here:

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