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Mountain tops, wildflower laden meadows, and an impressive 89 lakes are found in the Marble Mountains Wilderness in Northern California. The PCT crosses the Wilderness, and Boulder Peak, the tallest in the park, rises to an impressive 8299 feet. Wilderness Permits are not required for trips into the Marble Mountain Wilderness. A California Campfire Permit is required and are available at any Forest Service or Cal-Fire office in California.

We did this trail clockwise so we had to turn around to check out the views for the first half. This trail is better done counter-clockwise. The soil on the trail is very dry and powdery making it very easy to form dust clouds as you walk.

Completed August 3-5. This hike was beautiful with a surprising amount of water crossing for this late in the season. All Trails has this listed at Hard but it should be rated Moderate to Campbell Lake and rated Easy from Campbell to Cliff Lake. Great swimming and many surrounding Lakes to day hike to within the area. Definitely want to back when the Lake level is a bit higher - very low when we were there.

2 months ago

Great backpacking trip. My wife did this for her first backpacking trip ever and absolutely loved it! We saw so many salamanders on the trail and in the lake we lost count. Lake was warm, probably in the 80’s. Hiked to Campbell lake and camped at one of the camp sites marked on the only saved map on here. Hit cliff lake the next day and only ran into 3 small groups the whole trip. On our way back down we passed by log lake which was actually a fun way to backpack out. Great camp sites right near Campbell lake. Fire pits are already made. Rained torrentially on us the first night but we knew the storms were coming. Will do this again! 12.5 miles total. I’d rate the first 2/3’s as easy to moderate. The last 1/3 up is moderate for sure. The hike out is easy!

We loved this hike. The app says 9.3 miles out and back... we hit the lake at a little more than 7miles tracking our gps through this app on the map. So we finished the out and back in 14.4 miles. I had my flat coat retriever and she loved it. It was an easy-moderate trail. There were amazing views, a lot of meadows, and wild flowers. Campbell lake seems to be way popular with at least 20 people from what other hikers told us. Summit was bare. It is much smaller on the map but it is big enough to enjoy and is absolutely gorgeous. There are plenty of fresh little creeks that you cross on this trail that your dog can drink and you can filter and refill your water. We went in and stayed one night and headed back out. It was about 5hours in and 4 hours out. All down hill in the way out. Next time we are going to take 2-3 days and do the loop of trails to the other lakes, like Cliff Lake and Campbell lake. All in all it was one of the most beautiful hikes for me yet.

2 months ago

A nice moderate trail for backpacking in the Marble Mountain Wilderness Area.

We stayed one night at Frying Pan lake and it was wonderful. We had the lake to ourselves in late July while the other lakes had several groups at them. The water was very warm with hundreds of pollywogs and salamanders and the bottom was eight inches of muck. The bigger lake was the only lake that wasn't warm. We stopped for a swim in lower sky high on our way out. The trail was steep but easy to follow and mostly marked at intersections. There were several small streams and one required taking off our boots and crossing in Tevas. There were cows with cow bells and more wild flowers than I could count. I must have seen 20 different kinds of flowers, it was amazingly beautiful! Really beautiful views and plants and there were almost zero mesquites there!

We set our for Cliff lake bit only made it to Campbell as the light was fading. It took us 2:38 to get to the campsites on the East side of the lake (left as you approach) Trail is in great shape and shade covered the whole way. A few stream crossings, but all easy. The final push to Campbell lake was hard with 30 lb packs on. we were huffing. Brought my 13yr old for his first backpacking trip. I would highly recommend. A day later, we did the hour long walk up to Cliff lake and spent two nights there. Totally worth it. Campbell was beautiful, but Cliff lake was gorgeous.

Just finished this hike with my girls, one under 10. It challenging as a one-nighter (staying the night before at Lovers Camp) but doable if you are experienced--or even to add some seasoning to a couple first-timers! We skipped the odd extra spur to the PCT on this map and stayed at Frying Pan - picture perfect. Note that this map omits the last return bit, which is a challenging (after 5-7 hours) distance of a mile or so. And to the other review, there is a map of the current detour to Lovers Camp here: https://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/fseprd641871.pdf Trail is clear and beautiful, but you should have a real map, be comfortable with a few unmarked side paths, and be prepared to refill water at least 2-3 times on the way up, unless you enjoy carrying an extra gallon. Tons of butterflies and wildflowers, and a cup of coffee on the PCT. First time in 15 years and totally delightful.

Beautiful walk. If we had it to do again, we would have gone around to Deep Lake to camp rather than Little Elk. Saw 3 bear, one possible cougar, many mountain lakes and big views.

Did this today to Campbell, and then to Cliff. Didn't do the loop, just went back the same way I came in. There were about 40 - 50 vehicles parked at the trailhead but didn't have many people encounters on the trail.

Five miles from Shackleford Trailhead. Two tougher miles past Log Lake with gradual incline. Pretty lake with minimal camp spots.

3 months ago

We hiked this trail 6/24/19. The trail is beautiful and well maintained. Overall it took us a little over 3 hours to get to the lake. We camped at Campbell lake. Cliff and Campbell lake are both beautiful, but after seeing Cliff lake, I wish we would have camped there. As far as bugs go, there were very few this time of year. The trail actually starts about 1/2 a mile further down than this map shows. I also had a problem with google maps trying to take me the wrong way. It wanted me to go down Big Meadows Rd. Thanks to R P I knew what road to take. As they stated, the only road that can get you there is by going down Shackleford Creek. We got there from Quartz Valley Rd. We did see a few other people up there, but the camping areas were so spread out we felt as though we were the only ones there.

3 months ago

6/21/2019 did Shackleford T.H. to Campbell lake then to Cliff Lake and then looped out. 3 day overnight backpacking trip. Trails are in great condition. No issues. Water temps are already swimmable. Beautiful scenery. Lots of company (though still quiet and peaceful), space is limited so set out early if you want a preferable spot to camp. Going back to the area, more to see. Be prepared to hike some switchbacks when in the final approach to the lakes. The area will be used to graze cattle (seems strange but whatever) starting 7/1 and there was evidence of cows from previous years everywhere so bring good water filters just in case.

6/21/2019 did Shackleford T.H. to Campbell lake then to Cliff Lake and then looped out. 3 day overnight backpacking trip. Trails are in great condition. No issues. Water temps are already swimmable. Beautiful scenery. Lots of company (though still quiet and peaceful), space is limited so set out early if you want a preferable spot to camp. Going back to the area, more to see. Be prepared to hike some switchbacks when in the final approach to the lakes.

Just completed this June 20. Spectacular walk, meadows are lush lots of water and great views. Saw one black bear 1/2 mile below Sky High Lake. Sky High lake has lots of hungry small Brook trout. Main road to the trailhead is closed get directions from Ranger station in Ft. Jones.

off trail
over grown
3 months ago

I would recommend this trail for experienced hikers with good sense of direction. Trail is mostly visible but overgrown in some spots. We hiked off but near the trail. Snow was up to 4ft in some places along the peaks. Exceptional views. Lots of bugs, which made it difficult to rest during the day but was clear of them at night. Took the lady, dogs and step dad, made this trail a wonderful Father’s Day hike. At the peak there was a sunset to the west, view of Mt. Shasta and valley, rising full moon to the east along with Jupiter.

Third time hiking to or towards Paradise Lake. Beautiful Mountain View’s, always see bears when we are here (spray is a must)! BEAUTIFUL! We always forget to drive to the upper trailhead - knocks 750ft off of climbing. Love this hike!

I had a great 3 day 2 night trip. There was still some melting snow in the two valleys, so GPS was very helpful to stay on trail. Creeks are high as well. Bring Tevas to cross some of them. Trust me, I fell in the second creek crossing 2 miles into my trip. Lots of bears as well! I saw tracks of 5 different bears. And they love to follow along the trail for some reason! I was following bear tracks on the trail for miles, I thought I was going to walk right up on him. On my third day I did bump into a bear in red Creek valley hiking out. I had my bear spray but I just needed to shout and let him know I was there for him to run off. Bring a bear canister.

6 months ago

One of my favorite hikes I’ve taken in the Marbles. Remote, silent, beautiful. Lake is great for swimming, definitely lots of fish. Great campsites.

Lower Wright Lake area is polluted by overgrazing. Trail, stream, campsites, and lake are fouled with cow manure. It's time to stop this abuse of wilderness, get the cows out, and clean up the mess!


Hiked from Shackleford TH to Summit Lake. Nice hike through mainly forest and a few smaller meadows. 4/5 because this is regularly used open range and there are lots of cow patties and plenty of horse poop.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Definitely worth the hike. I felt that I had not found solitude from other hikers before this hike, but going up to Cliff Lake after Labor Day weekend provided it in spades. It is a beautifully secluded spot with tons of rock to scramble around on, so if you have time, take 3 days to explore the whole area. Given the orientation of the valley it gets a bit cold pretty early in the fall, so be prepared for a good chill. Also, campfires are allowed with a permit! Woo! Road in takes a bit of slow going, but the trail is really well-maintained, albeit covered in cow pies. Give it a go.

Amazing. Just amazing. So many different lakes and trails. You could stay out there for weeks.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Beautiful hike, beautiful lake! We day hiked to Campbell Lake from Summit Lake where we were camped. The trail was easy, but steep and rocky in places. Some of the junctions were well marked, others not so much and that got a bit confusing. However, the lake is great for swimming and had several nice campsites. A good size creek was flowing into the lake as well. We even got to watch two Bald Eagles fish in lake. That was a great surprise!

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Beautiful country, but I went too late in to summer and by the time I got there cows had already made the place virtually unbearable with destroyed trail section, cowpies everywhere, and massive amount of biting flies. The trail head was easy to find and there was plenty of parking. The trail itself was pretty well-maintained (aside from the aforementioned cow damage) and well-marked. The section between Campbell and Cliff seems a bit jumbled (again, thanks cows) so don't get discourage if you end up taking a few wrong turns - it's worth it.

Saturday, June 09, 2018

Great hike, beautiful views. Tough terrain hard on the feet & ankles. Start early in the day, take breaks, don’t rush through it. Brink snacks & water.

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