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Fantastic hike. The first mile or two you gain a lot of elevation, but after that it's not too bad. Very enjoyable and I'm already planning to hike this one again.

Clocked this at 9.6 miles. There are beautiful wildflowers all along the trail and plenty of shaded areas to rest and cool down. The ocean views are stunning. I’d recommend bringing 3 liters of water.

The trail is overgrown in many areas and we heard two rattle snakes but didn’t see them so be careful!

1 month ago

beautiful trail!

1 month ago

Great hike for good views and a decent work out. Went up to the picnic table about 2.5 miles in. Have to come back and take the Backbone Trail even further! Good incline not strenuous.

Great trail very quite and serene.

very nice trail, beautiful and peaceful. highly recommended place to spend time with family, hike or simply clear your mind from the crowd of the city without being far away from it.

2 months ago

Absolutely gorgeous! Great hike.

on Malibu Lake Trail

3 months ago

Love the creek and openness of trail, where there early enough to enjoy the trail in peace and quietness. Also parked outside the parking lot and save $$$

Awesome trail! Great photography possibilities for Los Angeles and the Channel Islands.

I believe this trail is 9 miles. I'm not sure how anybody lost the trail. Maybe they've cleaned it up a bit but it was very clear to me. There are even steps up the boulders.

There is nothing difficult about this trail. It is moderate at worst.

Parking is worth noting...as there doesn't appear to be any. I parked in what looked like a tiny lot a few hundred feet north of the trailhead. My car wasn't told or ticketed so, perhaps it's legal.

Having said all that, the payoff at the peak is fantastic. Lovely view of the ocean and San Gabriel Mountains. Nice steady incline throughout. I ran about half the time going up and ran all the way down and it took me 2:45.


5 months ago

For my second hike it was easy enough for both me and my husky(on leash). We got to see the lake and made the full circle back to the entrance. That last hill to the main street gets you heart going right at the end. There was a good amount of people for the time we went (nice people) and some people on bikes. Be mindful of the horse droppings as they are all over the trials.

5 months ago

on Malibu Lake Trail

6 months ago

Beautiful and easy trails. But we were disappointed that we couldn’t get to Malibu Lake at the end.. you can’t even see the lake and you can’t access it. Bummer!
Along the whole trail there are many spots where you can smell the sewer. So much for a walk in nature with good smells..
the MASH site is pretty cool. Worth the effort.
We still enjoyed it after all and will do it again.

Stunning views from the ocean to the valley, to Santa Monica, Hollywood and Los Angeles. I suggested a change to the distance - total of 11.27 miles, but I also lost the trail for a bit at the top. Solid 11 out and back. Well worth the journey!

Love this trail. Definitely technical and a tough climb but so worth it.

Ran this trail yesterday and it was absolutely beautiful. I'll be making it a regular!

7 months ago

The kids and I love hiking here!

Parking is 12 dollars. Some people park on Mulholland Dr and walk in to avoid the fee.

This trail scales closer to easy. There's no dramatic inclines or excessive rough terrain. Family friendly!

Pretty straight forward with on and off shading. Century Lake was my favorite point of interest. The 50 ft dam can be accessed with some easy trespassing, but there's no safe way to get to the base of the dam.

The set of M*A*S*H is half way through the hike.

Unfortunately the ending is rather lackluster as you are dropped off on the tip of Malibu Lake which is gated off completely. No point to the end other than to reach it.

Great trail with ocean and mountain views at the end! Definitely shouldn’t be rated “hard” though.

When you get to the address given, drive up the road a couple feet and ther will be a dirt turnout/unmarked parking to your left if you're coming from Las virgenes Rd. We parked there for 4 hours. The hike itself is really beautiful and it's pretty quiet. lots of different views and the rock formations towards the end are so beautiful!

Cool hike. Starts off pretty easy, and then gets a little more fun. We took our 5 and 7 year olds, and they enjoyed it, too. I love MASH, so that was fun for me and the rest of the family.

10 months ago

I'm going camping there soon so I'll see if I like it.

10 months ago

Loved the hike and will go again for sure

Great hike! Awesome views and rock formations. Check out our video.



YouTube search: SoCal Hikes and Beyond

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Though slightly overgrown in some places (as others have said) the trail itself was quite nice (but keep an eye out for poison oak). We arrived early (6:30 am) to beat the heat so the hike up was pleasant even though the elevation gain was no joke. The coolest part of the hike was the rock formations just before getting to the peak, which was pretty underwhelming to be honest. Having hiked Sandstone Peak, it just doesn't compare, which is why I docked it down to four stars. Nice trail and a nice challenge, but the pay off at the end wasn't quite enough.

great views and easy trail. similar looking to San Gabriel mountains area. Do not start after 7am if it's summer, it gets hot hot hot. today was 109 by noon.

on Malibu Lake Trail

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Closed today.

This hike is a good workout with a moderate uphill climb the entire way. The first two miles of the hike is overgrown so I recommend wearing pants since the flowers and weeds have little torns. Enjoy

Really nothing special and in no way deserves a grade of "hard". Wear long pants to protect from spikey plants.

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