MacKerricher State Park offers a variety of habitats; beach, bluff, headland, dune, forest and wetland. Tide pools are along the shore. Seals may be seen on the rocks off the park's coastline. More than 90 species of birds visit or live near Cleone Lake, a formal tidal lagoon. During winter and spring, the nearby headland provides a good lookout for whale watching. The park is popular with hikers, joggers, equestrians and bicyclists. Fishing is also popular at Cleone lake. The park has a wheelchair accessible nature trail. Three miles north of Fort Bragg on Highway 1, the park extends approximately nine miles along the coast. The shoreline of its south half consists of rocky headlands separated by sandy beaches and coves. Miles of gently sloping beach lie in the northern half. The entrance road leading to the Laguna Point boardwalk passes three campgrounds and Lake Cleone. The picturesque overpass near Lake Cleone once carried steam engine trains to the former Union Lumber Company mill in Fort Bragg. Today, walkers, joggers and bicyclists use the coastal trail - or haul road, as it is historically called. The haul road used to extend from Fort Bragg to the Ten Mile River watershed. Thirty-acre Lake Cleone was once a brackish water marsh that received a high-tide dose of salt water. However, construction of the haul road blocked off the seawater, creating the present trout-stocked, freshwater lake. Motorized boats are not allowed.

Had a great walk along the shore picking up plastic debris, amazing the stuff that washes up and very sad to think of the stuff that does not!

2 months ago

7 months ago

Biked from Glass Beach to MacKerricker part. Beautiful.

Best ride we had on vacation! We road bikes from one end to the other and made a detour after glass beach for Hamburgers from Jennies Giant Hamburgers. Then an easy ride back to the start. Awesome views, wide, well done path.

1 year ago

along the shore, what could not be more beautiful, relaxing, perfect vacation! we have done every bit of this trail many times many years and keep coming back! going from camp to the quiet beaches north to the Ten Mile River, recorded 9.6 miles out and back along the sandy shore seeing very few people! head south from camp through the cliffs and haul road all the way to glass beach and or town,approx 7miles out and back is beautiful with quite a few people but very worth it! we jog, walk, walk the dog (although no dogs aloud on ten mile dune )hike, bike, etc!

best spot ever

road biking
3 years ago

This trail is well-used by hikers, although it is mostly paved and could be great for cyclists if it were better maintained and improved near the lagoon on the northern end of the trail. This trail is a scenic alternate for the Pacific Coast Bike Route, which traverses the length of the California coast.

This is a hidden gem, seals everywhere and a boardwalk, yes a bordwalk. But no fries or games or selling of crap, just wood and the ocean and some seals, and hopefully you

5 years ago

Beautiful day on the beach with my good friend. Then the next day had to show my hubby what I had discovered. Walked only about 2 miles out and back but saw seals, birds, and collected sand dollars from the sand. It was absolutely beautiful.