1 month ago

Great walk, nice trail good views

So beautiful! Nice cool pools along the way to cool off by. Beautiful scenery.

Good little walk, dogs loved it (:

It's a good trail to stretch your legs but with so many houses on the trail the outdoor appeal is just ok. I did love seeing the horses and deer on this trail.

mountain biking
4 months ago

To say that this trail is "#1 of 1 in Lumsden Park" is an extreme stretch. It's nowhere near Lumsden Park. The "directions" took me to a dead-end road where a school is, so I updated Google maps to Lumsden Park, which was on the opposite side of the freeway and is fairly small with very little parking, and there aren't even road signs to the park. I asked some locals at the park and they said the trail isn't in Lumsden, but since it's a long trail there are many places to park and join it. Since it took me an hour to drive to Placerville I was determined to find the El Dorado Trail. I finally drove around and parked on the corner of where Jacquier Rd turns into Smith Flat Road, which is at the beginning/end of the trail. I spent so much time trying to find it that by the time I did, I barely was able to walk the trail because it was over 90 degrees. I'll go back and walk it now that I know where it's at, but the wrong details and directions made it very frustrating.

9 months ago

1 year ago

Consider its walking trail not a hike as it is paved. Nice incline, good for training

trail running
1 year ago

all purpose trail. I've trained on this trail for running. Slight incline in some places for some hill work.

1 year ago

Very nice, easy trail. We walked, but I'm definitely going back with bikes so that we can go farther. Takes you along highway 50, but still has lots of pretty views. Almost the entire trail is shaded, so even on a 70+ degree day I was still chilly. I guess eventually this trail will connect with the American River Bike Trail and you'll be able to ride from Sacramento to the Tahoe basin.

Love this trail! The view changes several times from the start to the finish.