FitBit tracks about 145 "floors", but it feels like more than that! Spectacular views at the top make the brutal ascent worth it.

This is actually steeper than we thought it would be. Creeks beautiful and great yo water doggies.

Mostly fire road and steep but it's close to home and a good workout with some good bay and Novato views.

Great hike. Go clockwise for shade on the way up. Our only issue was bringing older parents. This trail is really steep so not for the out of shape.

We hike this loop at least once a month, going up what's marked as Queenstone Rd up to the Fire Road, over to Big Rock Ridge and then down the trail which we've dubbed "Goat Trai" since you'd need to be a billygoat to come UP that way. It's a great workout and some very nice scenery especially on the way down as the road winds around the crevasse back down to the stables off Rubicon.

Ps this is not year

A beautiful, steep climb up a natural steep canyon. We only had an hour, and after an hour and a half, we were still climbing, hoping to get to the fire road. We think we were close, but turned back and went down the same way we came. We hiked up and down in about two hours. Count on 3 full hours to do the whole loop. It's a beautiful, natural environment, with great views, and much shade along the way.