I've hiked at Oakoasis a few times, it's not busy and has a great view of San Vicente reservoir. I found an ammo box near viewpoint - geocaching and a purple rock from Santee Rocks Facebook.

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2 months ago

I hiked this with 2 kids and a dog and it was pretty fun. It does get hot though so bring a hat!

Nice short hike. Pretty views of the lake

The trail is an easy walk of about an hour. The duration of your hike will mainly depend on how often you stop to capture the breathtaking landscape and the many wildflowers.

The trail mainly leads through shrubs. Along the way you constantly hear the bees humming. There is always a shaded section that lets you cool down. Still gets toasty, bring water.

Around halfway point is a short stretch where the trail goes up and especially down pretty steep. Shortly after you'll find yourself paving your way through a meadow, the trail almost disappears.

Tip: if you go to the spot where we started, that's the trail head with parking and restroom. It's right off of the main road. Not sure what the spot is that AllTrail has.

3 months ago

Lovely trail, although I was worried about the signs stipulating that there was a possibility of encountering mountain lions. The trail is pretty high up along the mountainside so when you get to the promise land (view of the lake) you've got some decent, elevated, breathtaking views.

Easy walk with views of varied landscape including boulders, cactus and desert, creek, reservoir.