It's been several years since I visited this trail and now I remember why. The trail was full of runners and packs of cyclists so most of our morning was spent trying to get out of their way as they came passed. We started before 8:00am and there were already a lot of people on the trail. If you are looking for peace and quiet, I do not recommend this hike.

It was a long walk with an 11 and 5 y/o but they did It!
We went on a Sunday and it was busy.
The falls were pretty and we enjoyed some of the small off trails by the creek.

A nice trek indeed. You are surrounded by nature's beauty throughout the different stages of the trail. The only thing to watch out for are the horse/dog droppings. Will definitely be back to this trail again.

We went with two 7yrs old kids on a breezy bright San Diego morning. I was skeptical at first. Thinking the kids was going to whine and not make it to the goal.

We all had fun. Really enjoyed the scenery and the walk was easy for everyone.

Mostly flat or you can choose hills that loop back to main trail.

A good more like a walk in the park hike. Some bike traffic but overall very quiet send peaceful. A few folks at the water fall.

An easy hike; if you can call it one. It’s flat for the most part, and paved. Plus, it’s nice and quiet. Perfect way to wake up on a slow weekend morning or something.

Beautiful. Peaceful. Easy as you make it.
Afternoons and weekends tend to be busy.

Take the hidden trails if you’re hiking.

Nice LONG walk! Not crowded.

This is my new favorite hike to take my dogs on! We got there at 630am and had the trails mostly to ourselves! We did come across a coyote on one of the side trails but it continued on its way after checking us out. It’s pretty flat with great scenery! Once we got to the end of the loop we started seeing a lot more people so I suggest getting there early. The park was closed when we got there so I went over to the community park and parked in the back.

Easy hike, wide trails without much elevation gain. Great for beginners, family outings, or getting back into it. A fair amount of other hikers, including horses. Not enough to be crowded, but enough to know you're not going to be forgotten and eaten by mountain lions.

Flat trail but next to a creek and a wooded area with shade and sometimes the trail is single track

Very scenic trail,mostly flat until you reach the waterfall. Great place to go on a nice easy walk. Plenty of bikers and moms with strollers and kids. Easy going trail.

Not kept well. A No hiking warning sign where trail begins

Super easy and mostly flat until you hit the waterfall. It is very family friendly, but not too busy!

It was a nice trail to walk with additional trails to take and some historic information. The waterfall feature didn’t seem so prominent but that could be because there hasn’t been any rain. Overall it is a great hike and do recommend it.

Very easy hike, with beautiful scenery through the canyon!

it's an ok trail. It's flat, and there isn't much to see. The "waterfall" isn't much, but it's a nice area to do almost any activity and the 7 mile length is nice.

Was looking for something easy today and it worked.

mountain biking
2 months ago

mountain biking
2 months ago

2 months ago

Very well managed trail, moderate traffic with a good mix of cyclists, runners, and walkers. Loved seeing the number of dog enjoying nature as well.

Very nice area for day hikes. The waterfall is interesting. I used the access on the south rim about half way through the park at the Camino Ruiz park.

Lots of different terrain, very pretty. Easy river crossing, but a little tricky with our dog. Not well marked, but alltrails map will keep you on course.

Never did in one hike. But have hiked all of it over three separate hikes. Beautiful location and lots of things to see

Beautiful trail!!

3 months ago

Nice meandering trail with a very moving memorial park nearby.

This is one my favorite hikes/walks to do with dogs or kids. It’s very easy with almost completely flat terrain so I hesitate to call it a “hike” but there are several areas with some large stones, gravelly pebbles, and soft sand so tennis/walking shoes or hiking boots are probably best. The main trail on the south side of the creek (I haven’t done the full trail on the north side of the creek yet) is wide enough for people/dogs/bikes/horses to easily pass with plenty of room. The little single-lane trails along the creek are much narrower but there’s more shade and no mountain bikes so if you don’t mind stepping off of the trail to pass others, they’re pretty awesome. The “waterfall” at the end isn’t really a waterfall at all; it’s another creek crossing where the creek flows down some rocks. Although it’s pretty, the two times I’ve been there it was fairly crowded and there’s not a lot of room (there aren’t any little “beaches” to hang out on; it really is just a crossing spot) so it’s not too great to bring dogs. It is, however, a really cool place to climb around on rocks if you’re without dogs and/or small kids. There are often a lot of people biking, walking, running, with kids, with dogs (dogs are supposed to be leashed but there’s a good chance you’ll run into one or two who aren’t), etc., so be considerate and aware of who/what is behind and in front of you. About 0.8 miles from the waterfall, there’s a really beautiful creek-crossing spot that I actually prefer over the waterfall itself, especially if my dogs are with me. From the main south side trail, you’ll see a little sign indicating that you’re 0.8 miles from the waterfall, so if you go right (*not* the sharp U-turn type of right that takes you through a little trail with a wooden fence) about a quarter of mile or less, you’ll come across a bridge over a nice sized part of the creek with quite a bit of open area and lots of tree coverage. Great for a little break. Also, the main parking area where the trail starts on Mercy Road and Black Mountain Road is a pay lot (I believe it’s $3 but I could be wrong). The first almost mile is also the longest part of the trail sans shade so I like to park in the park’s parking lot just north of the main trailhead on Canyonside Park Drive (from Mercy Rd., turn right onto Black Mountain Rd. and then left onto Canyonside Park Dr.). Once you’re on Canyonside Park Dr., go all the down (if there’s’s a sport park so the lot can get pretty full) until just before it turns into a dirt road leading to the Ranch House. You’ll see a trail entrance just to the south (left) of the main parking lot Road. From that trail entrance, it’s just over 3 miles to the waterfall. This trail is usually pretty busy and very well maintained, so much so that despite our walk back from the waterfall today being at dusk (very dark on the trail, especially in the single-lane trails under all the trees), we still had no trouble navigating without falling or even stumbling and mostly without any flashlights (we took them out once the sun was completely gone for the last 20 minutes or so of our trip). It’s a really cool place to do an evening/night hike if you’re in the sports park parking area since it doesn’t close at dusk. Happy hiking!

Easy walk

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4 months ago

This is my home trail and I ride here once a week. An all around trail that has almost everything to offer for mountain biking. If you want some extra single track fun, going up to the powerlines is the way to go where everything is at.

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