Dog poop everywhere, lots of flies, dirty

trail running
13 days ago

I Really enjoyed this one has a little bit of everything not to hard not to easy. It's a long walk so bring some water. The Water Fall at the end was a nice spot to relax for the trek back.

Go early before the sun shines and it gets hot!

We entered at Black Mtn Road and parked in the attended lot. We only covered about a third of trail. Trail was great, many birds (especially Acorn Woodpeckers lots of these guys). Spotted a few small mammals, crayfish in the creek, and 2 beautiful red tailed hawks.

The trail was moderately travelled, walkers, dogs on leashes and a few folks on horseback.

My only complaint was the folks on horseback were quite loud in their conversation.

We'll be coming back later in the year.

trail running
1 month ago