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Los Padres National Forest is a beautiful place in central and Southern California. Administered by the United States Forest Service, Los Padres includes most of the mountainous land along the California coast from Ventura to Monterey, extending inland. Elevations range from sea level to 8,800 feet. Many threatened and endangered species live in this beautiful place. Probably the most famous among them is the California condor (Gymnogyps californianus), for whom the United States Forest Service established the Sespe Condor Sanctuary. Hot springs, hiking trails, rivers, and desert views about in this recreation area. An Adventure Pass is required within many areas of the park. Wilderness areas in Los Padres include: San Rafael Wilderness (194,380 acres (787 km2)) Ventana Wilderness (240,026 acres (971 km2)) Garcia Wilderness (14,100 acres (57 km2) in the Lucia District) Santa Lucia Wilderness (20,412 acres (83 km2) in the Lucia District, in the Santa Lucia Mountains) Machesna Mountain Wilderness (19,880 acres (80 km2), in the La Panza Range in San Luis Obispo County) Silver Peak Wilderness (31,555 acres (128 km2), in the Monterey District) Dick Smith Wilderness (64,800 acres (262 km2) in the Santa Barbara Ranger District) Chumash Wilderness (38,150 acres (154 km2) in the Mt. Pinos Ranger District, just west of Mount Pinos) Sespe Wilderness (219,700 acres (889 km2), in both the Ojai and Mt. Pinos Ranger Districts) Matilija Wilderness (29,600 acres (120 km2) in the Ojai Ranger District)

trail running
2 days ago

We parked at the 41 entrance and ran up the boyscout trail which is quite steep. Went through the tower road where it connected to the out and back of the Cerro Alto Loop. Amazing views of Los Osos, Morro Bay and all the peaks. Diablo, Black Hills, etc....Highly recommended!

3 days ago

Great easy trail, lots of birds and nature, and poison oak so stick to the clean trail.

This hike was perfect for my family. The views are amazing and start almost immediately. Parking is limited and fencing is thin barbwire which was fine for everyone except my 3 year old.

Hiked today. The surrounding area is fire damaged and the smell of char and smoke still lingers. This is the only trail in the area that I found still open. There isn’t a parking lot so you have to park on the road. With my car, there were only 3 cars! The trail is easy to follow, you will cross a stream a few times so trekking poles are helpful but not necessary. Nice, easy trail.

15 days ago

Great spot to go enjoy the river in the summer. The water can get deep enough to jump off the rocks after a good rainy season. I’ve never done the whole loop, but based on the difficulty of the trek to the spur down to the river we like to take, about 2 miles from the day use parking, I’m sure it’s hot and miserable. It is also a fire road, so if I were going to do this loop without going down to the gorge, I might choose the Santa Lucia Trail instead.

love it. take the connector trail on the fire road near the start it's a great view steep....straight up...

18 days ago

great trail amazing views there water in the creek tats a plus!

This trail is easy to find and has plenty of parking right off HWY 1. The trail starts off with the waterfall only 200 yds from the parking lot. Next, switch backs take you up 800' revealing wild flowers and rock outcroppings. About a mile into the hike, we were stopped dead in our tracks by a mountain lion. Luckily it wasn't looking for dinner or a fight, and just warned us with a pronounced growl. We took a hint and turned around. I am looking forward to going back to complete the hike without interruption.

This trail loop is accessed along James Way - a main thoroughfare to the Trader Joes's, Walmart, OSH & Food 4 Less shopping complexes - offering a conveniently located quick exercise break (roughly a 20 min. loop under a lovely oak canopy) on the way to or from doing nearby errands! Often I'll bring my energetic Lab along so we can both enjoy a quick stroll during what might otherwise be a busy, non-exercising day. It's an especially nice trail on warm summer days where the shady oak trees provide a cool, easy and local hiking option. Lots of poison oak surrounds the oaks, so stay on the trail!

Fun trail. Made the mistake of thinking my novice mountain biking self could climb it on my bike. Didn't happen! pushed the bike up and enjoyed the ride down.

Hardest hike/ trip of my life! Went backpacking as the online reviews said it was moderately challenging. This hike is uphill for 10+ miles. NO shade for majority, and we had to carry all of our water. It took us like 8.5 hours to get up to happy hollow. There were some really sketchy bits too where you could easily fall down 50ft slopes. I would not recommend backpacking.

22 days ago

kool trail✌

Nice views of the town and surrounding mountains; even better if you are a fault line buff. Nothing is marked so easy to get side tracked on the trails around the campsite. Start and stay due west of the campground. There will be a moderate climb to start the trail.

I would not rate this hike as “hard” was more like a moderate. Distance was a bit longer than AllTrails stated..Great hike to do in moderate temps as there would not be x lot of shade in the summer months. A fire break line has been cleared up most of the trail which I would assume would have been used during the Thomas fire if needed. Kind of unattractive right now but the plus side is that you don’t have to worry about poison oak and ticks and the views are still fabulous.

Clean well managed trail. Nice scenery, there were other trails that went uphill and fun to walk but we avoided a couple due to poison oak. Overall a very easy walk for any age and we will be back.

25 days ago

Started at the Big Falls trailhead, I got there in my 2 wheel drive GMC truck, You have to drive through about 8 or 9 streams to get to the trailhead. so high clearance or 4 wheel drive vehicle works well. At the trailhead, a KIA Sorento and Ford Explorer made it. so maybe I'm just being cautious.
The trail is excellent. The creek was flowing great and the multiple crossings reminded me that I should have brought extra socks. However; about 3.5 miles up the canyon. the trail was totally overgrown. We were probably 20 minutes out from the camp. but didn't have any brush clearing tools. We turned back and crossed the creek another 10 times or so and went back to SLO for dinner.

The trail has a has a sign saying it’s closed. The trail is fine until it turns to single track heading up to the ridge, the trail becomes slidey and quite sketchy in parts, very narrow and lots of sliding shale. Parts of the trail are gone due to the fire and it’s difficult to follow.

An alternate route to Kennedy Ridge is open via the Wills Canyon Trailhead and then down to Rice Canyon. You simply return the way you came.

Really enjoyed this trail. The day we went it didn’t seem like there were much bugs and didn’t notice any lady bugs. Most of the trail was maintained at this time. There were just a few parts that you had to push your way through. Be careful of the poison oak though. Great view of the mountains. It was not heavily trafficked and it was very peaceful. Got to where the stream and campsites were and almost turned around to head back, but decided to go just a little further in, past the campsites. So glad we did. There was the nicest part of the stream pooling up and flowing like a baby waterfall. Most of the trail was pretty easy, just a steady incline going back up from the valley.

Beautiful and rustic trail with amazing scenic vistas.

1 month ago

5 stars, good hike with some fun rocks, lots of people on the first parts of the trail and too hard to find parking

lost the trail a couple times, gps is helpful if you dont know the trails

This is one of my favorite trails in the area. Went on a clear sunny day, low 70s. The sweeping views of the ocean were breathtaking. You get to take it in for most of the trail. It’s a steady incline all the way to the top. Enjoyed the changing landscapes from open trail to some shaded sections. Almost turned around at the last main ocean vantage point going up to the top...but so glad I didn’t! Some beautiful old trees near the end. Then you’re rewarded with a sweeping view of the mountain range facing opposite the ocean.

1 month ago

Great hike! Started at the top near Knapp’s Castle! Good workout!

Not a trail that you can reach with out a map. There is no trail head and seems like the trail has be closed.

off road driving
1 month ago

Went up there today with stock 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport 4 door factory Goodyear tires aired down to 29 psi we made it further then the junction of Yellow Jacket about another mile from there on up to the Miller Jeep trail. I tell you, don’t do it without a spotter or some experience. It is not recommended with the rig I had but it was fun even I had to bow down and turn around it was still a good time with the wife. All beginners be aware especially with stock rig!!!

Went to morro view via the mariposa trail. It was 4.6 miles and on a clear day the morro outlook is pretty nice. Pretty well maintained trail. Very few people and a few mountain bikers

great hike as always..i haven't been here in a couple of years, too bad the streams are just about completely dried...the gate was closed so we decided to hike ,jog,backpack our way to red rock...took a few hours..and was a 11.4 mile hike

Gorgeous views. I’d rate this as a moderate-difficult trail especially if backpacking on a hot day. The beginning is very steep but gets better after that. There’s a small creek still flowing about 2 miles into the hike and when you get to buckeye camp there’s a hose with running water but we still filtered it not knowing where it was from. Our campsite was overlooking the ocean so we watched the sun set and then slept under the stars. Can’t beat that!

1 month ago

I have been here twice and still have to do the complete loop. Both times I came out here, I saw one or two people but that was it. The trail starts at the campground where you’ll also see the picnic tables and bathrooms. Last time I hiked the bathrooms were open (summer last year) this time they were locked. They were clean though last time too. There is a dog park you will pass for the registered campers only, that is when you circle for parking. The trail is very easy to navigate and very pretty. When I have the time to spend there and do the entire loop, I’ll be back again!

1 month ago

This hiking trail was recommended to me by two women I met on another nearby trail in Pine Mtn Club. To me, it was lovely. My dog enjoyed it. It is in a secluded spot out of the way, at dead end of street, which is also where you park. When you start off on the path, stay to the left as there is a driveway that goes up to private property. The trail has a few creek crossings (low water) so nothing major. It is dirt/rocks/down branches on trail. So quiet. I did see a few other people out. The trail doesn’t appear to be high volume foot traffic but it could be when I went. The trail was easy to follow, not sure the length of it because I had a time constraint so couldn’t stay as long as I wanted to. I definitely recommend it. Easy for a beginner. If you’re looking for more challenging then probably not the one but it’s worth checking out if you just want to get away on a new trail. Will be back soon!

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