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Los Padres National Forest is a beautiful place in central and Southern California. Administered by the United States Forest Service, Los Padres includes most of the mountainous land along the California coast from Ventura to Monterey, extending inland. Elevations range from sea level to 8,800 feet. Many threatened and endangered species live in this beautiful place. Probably the most famous among them is the California condor (Gymnogyps californianus), for whom the United States Forest Service established the Sespe Condor Sanctuary. Hot springs, hiking trails, rivers, and desert views about in this recreation area. An Adventure Pass is required within many areas of the park. Wilderness areas in Los Padres include: San Rafael Wilderness (194,380 acres (787 km2)) Ventana Wilderness (240,026 acres (971 km2)) Garcia Wilderness (14,100 acres (57 km2) in the Lucia District) Santa Lucia Wilderness (20,412 acres (83 km2) in the Lucia District, in the Santa Lucia Mountains) Machesna Mountain Wilderness (19,880 acres (80 km2), in the La Panza Range in San Luis Obispo County) Silver Peak Wilderness (31,555 acres (128 km2), in the Monterey District) Dick Smith Wilderness (64,800 acres (262 km2) in the Santa Barbara Ranger District) Chumash Wilderness (38,150 acres (154 km2) in the Mt. Pinos Ranger District, just west of Mount Pinos) Sespe Wilderness (219,700 acres (889 km2), in both the Ojai and Mt. Pinos Ranger Districts) Matilija Wilderness (29,600 acres (120 km2) in the Ojai Ranger District)

Really great time, went in the winter with my boyfriend. Sweet little waterfall which I’m sure gets bigger with the late spring time weather.

Great trail. Bathrooms at the trail head were discussing. Come prepared.

This trail being rated as EASY must be based on the first half mile of fairly flat and clearly defined single track, but that quickly ends and you find yourself scrambling over rocks in the creek bed, following false trails thru brush, and looking for areas to cross the creek that will not come up to your waist. I kept asking myself if I missed the trailhead and took a use trail by mistake.

With that said, this place is beautiful. Exploring different lines in and around this canyon to extend the hike was a blast! I will go back when I have more time to see if I can get further in the canyon.

2 days ago

The trail was serviced just around Christmas/New Years of ‘17/‘18 as per the campground host. The facilities from Arroyo Seco Campground are awesome and in great shape, as well as the fire road leading down towards the Marble Peak Trail. It is a heavily forested and stunningly beautiful hike that is in great condition leading up to Willow Springs camp. After Willow, a good portion of the Ventana Mountain range is recovering from the Soberanes Fire of 2016. The trail, although quite strenuous, is still maintained in somewhat decent shape, but a lot of the vegetation that is thriving due to the fires are taking up a good portion of the trail at times and you must beware of ticks as you pass through the thick brush and avoid tree branches. Dust off each time you pass through a thick portion.
As you approach Strawberry Camp the trail begins to become a bit difficult, mainly due to lack of a trail and thorned Chapperal also begins to be a problem. The Black Cone trail junction is pretty difficult to impassable but if you’re up for it, I hear you get the bang for you buck with sights. I camped in Strawberry Valley and had a hell of a time, I’d recommend it to everyone.

The first 5 minutes is lovely and then the trail just disappears.

off road driving
8 days ago

Some beautiful scenery on this trail. It’s an out and back only trail for OHV/ATV/4WD. At the 3.5 miles a gate blocks all traffic but hiking and horseback riding.

The trail is red clay and stone and has several deeply rutted and narrow climbs on large smooth rock and slick surfaces. Some of these are on sheer ledges with a sizable drop so without proper control of wheel spin one could quickly get into an unrecoverable, bailout situation and lose their vehicle.

I wouldn’t recommend this trail for SUVs without a lockable 4WD and 6 inches of clearance, MINIMUM. Also, expect some scrapes and scratches from bushes, etc because this trail is very narrow in many places!!

This was a neat little trail that is better done in moderate weather due to the lack of shade along the trail, but it is a quick hike. I would rate it as easy. I took the trail to the top to extend the length beyond the 2.7 miles, which made it more interesting. The best vistas are beyond the 4000ft mark along with the nicest trees. you get pretty good views of the Hurricane Deck, but the majority of the trails in the area do. There were some interesting rock formations, an abandoned mine, and a lot of healthy trees unaffected by bark beetles on the mountainside, which is a rare sight as of late. Note: there are a ton of deer ticks in the area, and we had to constantly check our dog. I highly recommend using tick repellent and treating your clothing with permethrin and then doing a full body inspection after your hike. On IG as @picbynathan

Beautiful fire road trail. The ragged point inn recommended this trail. Once you get to the top, you can go right or left. We chose to go left but didn't get to the end of the trail. Highly recommend!

This is one of my favorite hikes in Santa Barbara. The pools and the water in the creek is not reliable, however I always really enjoy a good creek bed hike. The trail is narrow and there is lots of climbing over rocks but not challenging for an athlete and a super fun ascent. Be forewarned to get down to the pools your choices are to hop the rocks in the creek bed or to take the trail along the creek bed and use a rope to sort of wrap hell yourself down and incredibly dirt steep hill. All in good fun.

This was a beautiful, yet challenging hike. Really great views and I didn’t see another soul on the trail. Be warned, however, this hike is closer to 10 miles out and back, which I verified on another website and my own tracking device.

Great trails and guides. Many different routes. Hilly and beautiful view of the city

by far one of the best hikes I've been on in California. beautiful and green, for they most part, but i can't say how the Thomas fire muy have affected it

I’ve hiked this 5 times in the past few months to get in shape for bigger peaks. It’s tough, about 3 hours to summit at a good pace, but there’s views of the fort, King City, GreenField, Nacimiento Lake, and the Pacific.

Heavy brush at the top as of November 2017, but it’s not too difficult to get through. Just keep your eyes on the trail and always stick to the most worn trail.

Definite worth it if you have a day for it!

The trail is very dense with vegetation due to the fact that it is not traveled often. I got poison oak on the trail because of it, make sure to be well clothed. Very dry also. There seems to have been a fire as many trees are charred. The view is quite nice though. Great view of the mountains and ocean with the nearby islands.

This is a beautiful, short, yet steep incline hike as you’re approaching the tail end just before the falls.
When water if flowing the falls are beautiful and well
worth the effort to get there. Beautiful flowers, butterflies and hummingbirds. I’ve run into 4 bears ( Mother and her 3 cubs) on this trail, so do be aware that they’re there and you’re likely to run into them, especially in Spring/Summer.

It’s beautiful during waterfall and snow seasons. Freezes over in winter. North slope so it can be very cold and icy.

The trail was ok, not really up to stuff, but the scenery and freshwater makes up for it.

off road driving
1 month ago

Drove in off Lockwood Valley road, 3 Jeep Wrangler 4 doors, JKU, 2 were Rubicons.
All had 3.5"lift and 37's or 35" tires.
First time 4 wheeling a Jeep for all of us, though we all have off roading experience. Made it to the top of Alamo Mtn. via Miller Jeep Trail.
It was a fun day with challenging hills with big boulders all over. Take the right line and it's pretty manageable. 4x4 lo, no locker and made it up to the top.
Next time we'll bring the wives now we know what to expect.
Mount up!!!

1 month ago

it is a good trail but not recomended for little kids cause there are dengerous clifs.

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