decent trail, easy walk to stream. this hike tends to be crowded around the stream with multiple routes to get there.

Desent flat hike, waterfall was more of a stream but good hike

Not great views. Didn’t make it to the waterfall but will go back to fo to the Canyon side! Watch out for bikers! They go by really fast

It’s a beautiful trail next time I’ll go when it’s not so over cast

Beautiful trail .. the end is worth it

Pretty boring hike.

Easy trail, with beautiful scenery! Takes you from near the 805 to almost the 15!

Very nice cenare I do not recommend biking this trail unless you a pro biker.

Good easy hike / walk. Nice water feature. Wouldn’t exactly call it a waterfall but still good. Trail had some good coverage and shading so we weren’t burning in the sun the entire time. Need to pay for parking ($3) if you park at the parking lot along Black Mountain Road.

the waterfall is what makes this trail so great!

Amazing waterfall in SD city limits

Thoroughly enjoyed trail running Lopez Canyon.

Went hiking here last weekend, lots of people on the trail mostly bikers make sure to be here early. Most of the trail is loose dirt and pebbles/rocks which makes it harder to get through. There is a few nice nature views although the "waterfall" half way through is just a creek. Its an okay hike easy/moderate because of the length... bring plenty of water!

Easy trail, but lots of direct sun on main trail. I wouldn't say it had a waterfall though, more like water tumbling over rocks. The side trails were gorgeous, with lots of shade, especially near the stream. You can park on the side of the road or pay the parking fee in the main lot.

The sign at the beginning of the trail say that the waterfall is 2.7 miles in, but our GPS clocked it at 3.27. Not a lot of distance, but on a hot day like today it mattered. Nice easy trail, with nice views and water in several spots.

Great hike- worth the view at the end. The waterfall was great.

Best when the water is flowing good.

Nice area to explore, especially the waterfall after a rain.

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