For being 5 min from my Studio City Apartment this tiny dirt track is a nice spot to jog if your cramped for time. Lots of ponderosa pines on one side of the river and plenty of lavender and other nice foliage on the other. The river doesn't have the most pleasant smell but wasn't intolerable.

This is a very nice, quiet walk right in the middle of the city. Park on ValleyHeart Drive just south of the bridge on Fulton. The entrance to the southern trail is on the corner. You will walk past the Lillard outdoor classroom and enjoy the gardening of the Village Gardners. On the north side of the River is the Valleyheart Riverwalk completed but currently closed when I tracked it. That side is more polished, but the south side is more natural and shady. Great for walkers, runners, and strollers! Will definitely have this as a quick getaway work out spot.