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trail running
16 days ago

Good place for beginners and intermediate trail runners.

Fun to finish but this wasn't my first choice. Was about to head up to Spruce Grove in Santa Anita Canyon but the road was closed today.

This trail is not moderate at all. Very easy, family and dog friendly. Park here before 8 for a spot. There's about 15 and they filled up by the time I left at 9am on a Thursday.

If you have difficulty with inclines, the only part that could be considered mildly exhausting is the way back up to the parking lot.

It's a little over 4 miles that can be done within two hours. There's many points in stream crossing where you have the choice to cross whichever way you deem doable. Some of the rocks that create the "bridge" are embraced by algae and will need careful footing to not slip.

This trail is weird in a sense that you go in and out of immersion with nature. There's houses, sewage processing structures and graffiti.

Fun to take a quick trot through if you're passing by but it shouldn't make it on anyone's bucket list by all means.

Nice shaded hike.

1 month ago

mountain biking
1 month ago

Trail is short. Connect to Bonelli and try Kiki's trail.

This is one of my favorite hiking trails. It's moderate and provides a pretty good workout. It's mostly shaded which is nice during warm weather. The entire trail can be done in under two hours (under 90 minutes if you're an avid hiker). I recommend a hiking stick to help cross over the streams (rocks are sometimes slippery).