Nice trail mostly under shade

I love this trail. Easy to walk, love the shade.

awesome trail! it was my first time, I'm new to hiking but my dog and I had a blast. I can't wait to do it again.
***warning, my car was broken into 3 minutes into the walk, so make sure your valuables are left at home and out of sight***

Fun little hike that I've been doing for years. The majority of the hike is shaded. There's about 3-4 different streams that can be walked across on top of rocks. I usually park on the side of the road on San Dimas Avenue to begin the hike, but you can also go down Valley Center if it's too crowded up there. The overall hike is pretty short but can tire you out quick on the uphill portions. Despite that, it's a fun and easy hike that's worth checking out if you want to see some scenery and get away for an hour.

I thought this trail was great. However the hill coming out was pretty rough! Overall a great experience!

Really chill trail with lots of shades and lots of water streams to cross over with rocks. This trail overall is really easy, the only hard part is climbing back up to the parking lot, but it's pretty short. This trail going in and back is about 4 miles total.

Great hike for dogs. Kid friendly! There are three parking lots throughout the hike. There's also a little tire swing section in the middle of the hike. Pretty easy fair hike. Nothing too crazy but it's super peaceful and nice.

Great trail, lots of streams and trees.

Took kids aged 8, 5, and 3. Fun water to cross. Parked by San Dimas. Steep when returning but challenging and fun.