Beautiful day for adventuring the trail. Got a lil lost as to there are not many signs but the exploring part made it fun. Definitely doing it again. Great for kids too.

The trail was nice. Wasn't expecting to cross some streams. There weren't many signs so I didn't know how far I had gone or which direction to go so it made it difficult. I started up by the 57 and made it a little over half way I gave up due to going down paths that were dead ends and having to find the correct path. Overall it was fun and easier than I expected.

mountain biking
8 days ago

Fun! Good trail for a beginner like me. By the end I was crossing streams without fear!

Love this hike, its one of the easier ones in the area; so great for casual hiking. The only problem is that they need to start updating the signs because they have been broken. We also had a hard time looking to were the end up was. We started all from the highest peak by the freeway and we ended up the edge of a road, could not find another way to keep walking because of the confusion of the trails and no sign. Total hike was about 4-5 hours. Other than the lack of signs, its beautiful to go to.

This trail is very beautiful. The rain the last couple of months has made everything very green! If you hike this trail make sure to stop a few times and really listen and observe what mother nature has to offer. I saw frogs, rabbits, squirrels, blue jays, and wood peckers. part of the trail leads next to some houses and one owner owns three donkeys and he let us take pictures and even feed them. He also stated that he is going to be offering pony rides come spring and summer.