mountain biking
3 days ago

really cool trail for hiking and running and horse riding. but not good for mountian biking. way way too many streams. it's a pain in the ass picking up your bike and jumping rocks. can't really ride thru them either.

The hike has some very nice views. However, there were a few cons: the trail cuts off in about 3 different places to make way for roads and parking, the trail is also in the middle of a residency area so you will see houses and hear cars, the water in the stream is stagnant in most places and gives off a nasty smell. Also, the trail tends to veer off into smaller trails that eventually connect back to the main trail. For us that was kind of annoying. Be aware that you will be crossing the stream various times so go prepared with extra socks or shoes. I would also recommend trekking poles for those sections. My preference is more of a trail where you can enjoy nature without the everyday noises and sights of cars.

11 days ago

Love this trail it's easy and lots of scenery.

This is a good trail to go hiking on. There is a few spots where you have to cross a creek several times so it helps to have a pair of water proof shoes on. There is also a rope swing by the 1st mile. I did not get to use it because someone had damaged it before I had gotten there. Still a very fun trail to hike on and have fun. Tons of shade thru most of the trail and the incline is easy and along the trail there is several picnic tables to sit at.