1 month ago

This hike is really the perfect day hike if you are in the mood for scenic views rather than intense canopy. There isn't much shade on this hike so I'd definitely recommend a hat, sunscreen, and most important water. Given that, I'd say that this is one of my favorite "lazy Sunday" types of hikes. It's not intense, but it's not flat either. It's a great hike to go on a picnic with your SO or a small group of friends.

The views are incredible, and this hike is beyond gorgeous when it's green out. We went in late March 2018 and were the only people on the trail somehow. You can see San Francisco easily if it's not a foggy day, you can see Mt. Diablo, and you can see most of Marin as well as some glimpses of the ocean. All in all, I'd say that this is one of the best scenic hikes around.