We did this trail opposite - starting at cold boiling lake because bumpass hell trail is currently closed. Amazing hike, but NOT easy done this way. Steep all the way to bumpass, but so worth it. Beautiful wildflowers all along the trail, mostly shaded, and we were one of the only ones at the end. Fun to enjoy bumpass without the crowd.

With the Bumpass hell basin area being closed for renovations until 2018 end, took this trail from cold boiling lake to Bumpass hell. Easy hike with amazing views of Crumbaugh Lake along the hike and Bumpass Hell. Cold Boiling lake was disappointing though.

Did this as a short 3 day backpacking trip. We took the summit lake trail to the right to get to Twin Lake (a bit over 5 miles) and went clockwise. The best part of the trail was between Snag Lake and Horseshoe. Even with the fire devastation, it's still a beautiful route.
Couple of notes: a bear came close to our camp (75-100') after our late dinner. While it didn't bother us, we found out it's a park resident and had been through an open bear canister (they only work when they are closed tight) and a backpack that only had a first aid kit. Also, the mosquito's are horrendous. I sprayed Permethrin on my hiking pants and it was the only thing they didn't like. We tried the 'natural' sprays and those don't work at all. We had nets for our heads, and that was great. Not sure if DEET works, as we didn't have any.

Kinda disappointed in this one. Don't go expecting a boiling lake, most like a few burping air bubbles. The hike itself is nice and has some great views though.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

This trail is marked at 1.8 miles each way on the trail sign from Bumpass Hell. The 5.4 miles per this site seems a lot more accurate. We hiked on a warm August day and got a little dehydrated. I would recommend it but bring lots of water. The views along the way of wildflowers, springs and Crumbaugh Lake and Cold Boiling Lake were absolutely spectacular. Cold Boiling Lake itself as a destination was kind of underwhelming.

Быстрый спуск, перевал и обратно. На тропинку в нескольких местах на склонах выходит вода из горы. Не обойти, обычные кроссовки в болотце утонут, лучше трейловые либо показывать акробатические скилы.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

This lake is a hidden jem. So sad I did not bring my paddle board. Water is gorgeous. Rock road is very bad so be prepared

Thursday, September 24, 2015

A beautiful hike. The trail is well-traveled. You will need to go off the trail a bit to see two of the lakes but it starts right at Juniper. The pictures were taken in August 2015. I recommend going the route towards Snag Lake first as it has the most difficult slope and would be best when you are fresh (rather than after a four hour hike).

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