This trail is marked at 1.8 miles each way on the trail sign from Bumpass Hell. The 5.4 miles per this site seems a lot more accurate. We hiked on a warm August day and got a little dehydrated. I would recommend it but bring lots of water. The views along the way of wildflowers, springs and Crumbaugh Lake and Cold Boiling Lake were absolutely spectacular. Cold Boiling Lake itself as a destination was kind of underwhelming.

Быстрый спуск, перевал и обратно. На тропинку в нескольких местах на склонах выходит вода из горы. Не обойти, обычные кроссовки в болотце утонут, лучше трейловые либо показывать акробатические скилы.

Saturday, October 01, 2016