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Lassen Peak, the largest plug dome volcano in the world, is joined by all three other types of volcanoes in this park: shield, cinder dome, and composite. Other than the volcano, which last erupted in 1915, the park has hydrothermal areas, including fumaroles, boiling pools, and steaming ground, heated by molten rock under the peak.

1 day ago

One of the best trails to take your family and friends! On one side, it's a real mountain climb. You're going to enjoy the rocky peak, the snow and a little glacier, outstanding views and breath that thin air at 10000 feet. On the other side, 2000 feet elevation over 2.5 miles over a perfectly maintained trail is safe and doable for an average person. We've seen a lot of elementary school age kids and seniors making it to the top, so it's a very rewarding but doable challenge.

Here is what you need. Absolute minimum is probably about a liter of water. It can get windy on top, so you may take some wind break jacket. And if sun is bright - make sure you protect your eyes and skin. That's about it. The trail is in really good shape, so a lot of people walk it in sandals.

And the last thing - this park is closed most part of the year due to snow, so unless you go in the end of summer - make sure it's open before you go :)

2 days ago

Completed on 8/19
Tons of people at around 4pm. I did the trail as a warmup to Lassen Peak. Pretty moderate trail if you're in decent shape but saw a lot of tourists hung up on the steep section for quite a while. The falls were pretty cool and a trail leads to the bottom for a much better and close view. It's a scramble to the bottom but not too dangerous.

2 days ago

Completed on 8/19 near sunset
Good workout for only being 2.5 miles to the top. Took me about 1 hour 20minutes to the top. If you're not in shape or don't hike often your probably looking at 2-3hours up. Trail was maintained very well all the way to the top. Basically no snow to hike through except a small patch near the very end on a level surface. Climb the rocks to the true summit and take in a full view of the surrounding area. Too much forest fire smoke to see much past the park, No Shasta views.

2 days ago

Went on a three night backpacking trip on this figure-8 loop, had a blast! The lakes are beautiful and pristine, the wildflowers are great, all around wonderful route, and the trails are lightly trafficked (heavily trafficked on weekends near the cinder cone, however). The lakes are really the highlight.

A few hills but nothing extreme, very relaxed and pleasant. Good campsites, frequent access to water, well maintained trails. We also saw a bear! It was cute and ran away when we said hi. We were also glad we brought bear cannisters.

Negatives: Half of the trail is this volcanic sand, which is fine, but can be annoying after a while. Also there is a large burnt out section that runs from Little Bear Lake to just about before the twin lakes. It is interesting at first but not much shade.

Very nice hike. Love the change in terrain and scenery. First it's the lakes from the "Cluster lakes". Then enter the devastated area and then suddenly it opens up with Cindercone in sight and the trail gets really sandy. Cindercone is a fun hike up and then to it's bottom.
On the return leg after corral meadow and heading back towards Summit lake, there are quite some streams that need crossing. The first one is a big tree that you walk over to cross. There was one place where the stream is fast and one had to wade through its icy cold water! I walked barefoot the last 2 miles and it felt like a good foot massage!

Very nice hike with change in terrain and flora. Lots of cicadas. Lots of queen ants at the top. What's with that? Much we're Hike than Lassen Peak

2 days ago

Good short hike. I did this yesterday- Aug 18, 2017. Was surprised to find a cemented area at the peak where one can pitch a tent! Not much change in terrain. I think the Brokeoff Mountain Trail had a good amount of change in flora and terrain

Lovely trail with a little bit of everything. Our eight and six-year-old children enjoyed the hike, too. Great family hike.

We were feeling ambitious and chose this hike as Bompass Hell was closed. The trail provides worthy rewards at the top, but was definitely a challenge for our 6-year-old. She made it though!

3 days ago

Nice challenging attainable hike for most. Really enjoyed the views. Disappointed in the haze due to all the fires. Was told on a clear day you can see Mt Shasta. Wildlife included ravens, butterflies, chipmunks, and grasshoppers. Be sure to start early (before 8am) to avoid the wind and possible afternoon thunderstorms. Early starts also let you enjoy the trail with less traffic. Trail was relatively clear except for a few snow patches.

3 days ago

4 days ago

Absolute beauty!