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Lassen Peak, the largest plug dome volcano in the world, is joined by all three other types of volcanoes in this park: shield, cinder dome, and composite. Other than the volcano, which last erupted in 1915, the park has hydrothermal areas, including fumaroles, boiling pools, and steaming ground, heated by molten rock under the peak.

Third time I’ve climbed this. This time Thursday oct 11. Nice and chilly morning. Parking lot mostly empty. Saw three people on summit. Stayed up there for a half hour. Views were very good. The trail is vastly improved from my last trip up here which was 11 years ago. At 67 years old I expected a tough climb. The last half mile I had to stop about seven times. As I was starting my descent I walked past about thirty kids and a few adults climbing up. My whole trip up and down was about three and a half hours. Looking forward to climbing brokeoff mountain this coming Thursday. This good weather won’t last much longer

3 days ago

Great hike to an awesome Geothermal area

Cool hike. Pretty easy.

Great hike. Very cool lake.

Cool lake.

4 days ago

Awesome mud pots

Awesome trail. Worth the hike. I did this trail with my 2 year old on my back. The cascade falls is really amazing.

The trail guide doesn’t do this one justice. The best part isn’t the destination—it’s the views and sounds on the way. My suggestion, take a picnic lunch and enjoy.

Tough. Windy. Spectacular. Worth every step!

Unbelievable. A bit scary if you’re driving on the drop-off side of the road. “Awesome” is not a big enough word.

Same deal; about .4mi from devils kitchen encountered mama and baby brown bear. Turned back. Up to that point. Easy trail. Preferred if it wasn’t a horse trail also. Nice meadow, creek. Still a good sweat today.

16 days ago

This was my first solo hike! I've been wanting to say that I've hiked Mt. Lassen and now I can. However, it is HARD. I kept seeing reviews about how much harder and better Brokeoff Mountain is, so I went into falsely thinking that meant this trail was a lot easier. I was wrong! It was a gorgeous day and I got started about 10:30 am on a Sunday and didn't see anyone for over an hour on the trail. My legs burned, my chest burned, and it was a chilly 35º, and probably even just barely freezing at the top. I had to stop many times to catch my breath and give my legs a break. The views were magnificent, the sounds of nature were amazing, and being able to sit up on the true summit and breathe it all in was magical. I expected more wind based on reviews, but I got really lucky and the wind didn't pick up until on the way down. It was so clear that you could see all the way to Shasta, which is amazing after a summer full of fires. Steep, elevated, and cold, but breathtaking.

16 days ago

We did this short and relatively easy hike as the sun was setting, and it was quite pleasant. We would have liked an earlier start so we could have spent more time on the shore, but enjoyed it nonetheless.

The hike was amazing. Will confirm what all others have said, first part is easy to moderate, it's just like walking in sand at the beach. It's annoying and works your calfs but it's not the worst thing in the world. Plus you get to walk parallel to the lava beds and it's kinda cool. So much rubble and then it just stops. Kinda cool to think about how it happened back then.

And then you see it. The cone. And the steep incline. And you wonder if you can make it. Here are the only two things I would say a) it looks a lot worse than it is especially if you notice how tiny the people are as they are walking up and b) please take sticks. My husband made me a stick from a dead tree close to the bottom and I don't know how I would have made it without. Everyone tells you how it's one step forward and two steps back but with a stick it rarely happens. And then, seriously. Don't let anyone rush you. The path is wide enough people can pass you. Take your time. Let your quad muscles relax again before you keep going. Slow and steady wins the race as the say.

The good news is that it only goes around the side once. So what you see is pretty much it. There's a last bend that you don't see from way down but really that's it's.

Then enjoy the top. Use the inner trails if you don't like heights but want to see some views.

But my biggest lesson (and maybe it's just my perspective). THE INITIAL SLOPE UP IS WAAAAAY EASIER THAN THE BACK ONE. Just in case there's confusion: the darker one is what I can the initial slope. It's the first one you see when you come from butte campground/Lake. That is way easier up and mainly wider. Less stones so less sliding. The back one, meaning the one on the side of the painted dunes, is half the width. We walked down it and it was horrible. Plus when you're done, the "flatter" hike is twice as long as if you take the main slope.

Lots of detail here as hopefully it's useful for those of you, who, like me, feel like they need to read up a lot on things before venturing.

Bottom line, as with all things that seem difficult, you'll be so proud once you've done it. You hiked up a freakin' volcano for goodness sakes!!!!

Beautiful place, hiking through the meadow and seeing the various waterfalls. My son enjoyed it.

18 days ago

Loved the hike! It was hard but visually stimulating! Hard Ault my boyfriend and I are natives of Redding and this is our first time hiking it! What took us so long ???

Moderately steep trail, but worth it. Beautiful views. You can even see Mt. Shasta in the distance. Bring a camera and water.

23 days ago

An awesome hike. Makes the legs burn. I started a little after 8am. Only a few other folks on the trail. On the way down around 10am there were lots of people coming up. It's a narrow trail. Windy. Great views.

one of my favorite hikes in Lassen park. This is a must, if you only have time for one trail. I prefer this hike over Lassen peak any day.

25 days ago

This was the first mountain that I have ever climbed and it was so cool sitting at the summit it felt like we were on top the world. It’s rated hard but I’m 65 years old and I made it so if you’re in decent shape climb and enjoy the view at the top.

25 days ago

So glad I can cross my first mountain peak trail off my bucket list. I wasn’t the fastest but I did get to the top. Sunshine and wind made for a cool start, but soon warmed up. I took plenty of rest breaks on the way up. Beautiful views and the trail was busy today as it was National Park Day. The last bit was the most challenging as the boulders were a bit more challenging with many ways to the top. Go prepared for a hike with some good shoes, appropriate clothing, some water and a snack so you can enjoy your day!

25 days ago

Did this hike yesterday and it was a decent challenge. Great views all the way and especially at the summit. The entire park is beautiful.

28 days ago

I was staying Manzanita campground and to get to this part of the park you have to drive out the park and come back in to Butte Lake. The road to the trailhead is 6 mile unpaved road - passable by most cars. On this trail, the cinder/sand made difficult to walk and climb. This was a strange looking mountain. Very few trees were glowing on the slope. The view of painted dunes and lava beds down below from the top was spectacular. You can go down inside the cone if you still have energy to come back up. We did this and felt like we were in a gigantic bowl. We came down on the side where painted dune was and we were glad this was descend - very steep! When we were walking back to the car, we encountered a bear not a mile away from the trailhead. We walked away from the bear as far as we can go, checking on the bear who was looking at us a while but walked away after few minutes. This was definitely a memorable one in different ways.

28 days ago

When I arrived Lassen NP, I asked a ranger if she could do only one hike in the park what would that be. And this was the hike she said she would. So, off course our expectation was pretty high and this did not disappoint us. You can see 360 degree views from the top - the valley down below and the forrest in the park, Lassen next to it and Mt Shasta in the horizon. It was a little windy on the top. There is quite bit of flat area there unlike Lassen Peak, many of us can sit there and enjoy the view. It was very nice hike.

28 days ago

Very nice view of Kings Creek Falls. But the best part of this trail was the steep returning trail along the creek. Many picturesque cascades of Kings Creek and colorful vegetation surrounding it added this trail's value in my opinion. I think I took one of the best pictures here during 5 days in Lassen NP.

28 days ago

Very scenic, easy short trail, nice view of Lassen. We arrived at Manzanita campground around 3 and did not have much time to go far so we decided to stroll around the lake. I am glad we did. The lake was very beautiful. I could take some nice photos of Lassen front the lake.

28 days ago

When I did this hike on 9/15, it started out nice weather then quickly changed to super windy and snow at the top. I read that the weather can be unpredictable and afternoon showers were common so we started around 10 figured we can get to the top by noon. I started seeing the dark cloud coming toward us and by the time we got to the top it started snow. Adding to the strong wind, the snow made us very chilled. I saw many people not wearing gloves and I was glad I was prepared for a cold weather. It turned out the snow was temporary and after 15 minutes blue sky came out, revealing the surrounding scenic views. The wind was still strong though and made difficult to stay on the top enjoying the views. This hike itself was not a physically demanding but the weather element made us miserable. The view of Mt Shasta was very nice.

28 days ago

super windy and not necessarily fun since the hike is pretty much dry and rocky the entire time. nice to know you climbed the highest mountain in the park though!

Hard. Extremely windy. Breathtaking!

Beautiful day for a hike through old forests, meadows, along a stream, and to the final destination where the geothermal activity occurs. The final spot really is like being on another world. Didn't see any bears (or deer for that matter). The final three miles off the pavement has some pretty washboardy areas for a small vehicle like ours. Loved the hike.

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