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3 days ago

great trip with fantastic views at top. A bit crowded but that is expected given accessibility. Go early to avoid the major crowds. Been up here many times and always like it.

Hiked on 5/12. The 6 mile dirt road is fine, as long as you drive slow. My sedan handled it just fine. First mile and change goes through the forest until you reach the cone. I took a lot of breaks, but it’s still very doable. Views from the top are very unique.

15 days ago

We visited Lassen on a beautiful clear day and walked down to Manzanita Lake from the Visitor Center. The views of Lassen Peak are spectacular from the lake, it's quiet and you can hear fish jump out of the water. There were fisherman and campers enjoying the cool breeze off the water on an otherwise pretty hot day. The hike around the lake is easy and maybe a three, but adding the views, it's a four.

16 days ago

Very short hike sulfur beds interesting

Short hike easy for beginners

25 days ago

As others have mentioned, this is a walk near the parking area with some nice informative exhibits and an up close and personal taste [and smell] of volcanic mud pots and ecosystem impacts. Worth a stop.

28 days ago

My current PR parking lot to top flats is 34min.

1 month ago

I am trying to hike this weekend 4/28.. I see some roads are closed. Will I be able to hike to summit still?

Thanks for any advice !

Summer Trail- a beautiful traverse through meadows, forests, past streams, and up across the side of Brokeoff Mountain. Great views of the surrounding Lassen Park. The final 1/3 of the hike has the best views as the trail wraps around the west side of Brokeoff. Plan to spend some time at the peak, as the views of Lassen Peak are great (though be careful, there are many large drop-offs.)

Winter- snow shoeing this hike is also a true joy. We followed a set of tracks that seemed to very closely parallel the summer trail. There is no "avalanche forecast" for the Lassen area so use your best judgement and don't proceed too far past the 1.5mile meadow if the snow appears unsafe. The final 0.5mile of the "winter route" proceeds directly upwards, instead of switch backing. A difficult finish to a moderately difficult climb.

A great forest hike through the pines of Lassen. The trail weaves through the woods and crosses streams. I was hoping that the apex of the trail would yield great views and a nice spot for lunch. However, the trails just sort of ends into a meadow. (Though the meadow is quite beautiful.) A great hike if you're looking to be amongst nature, though other trails in the park have much better views of Lassen and the surrounding area. (Hike was done in August 2017)

1 month ago

Did this hike last summer- beautiful and well worth all the switchbacks!

1 month ago

Just as interesting as Bumpass Hell, but without the crowds.

1 month ago

It is difficult walking on an incline of cinders, but it is interesting to be in this type of volcano. The view at the rim is great.

1 month ago

Great view of all volcano types. Good trail and grade.

1 month ago

Beautiful and steep.

1 month ago

Awesome trail. Not much shade or coverage. Beautiful scramble in the end.

Did this in 2016. Had to take an alternative route as the main trail was closed for renovations

The name says it all

beautiful place!!!!

Hiked it last weekend February 10th. I had rented snowshoes and my friends had crampons. Wish I got the crampons. It was hard and icy and towards the top the snowshoes lost traction and I slipped twice at the top before the summit and had to turn back. Slid through rocks to stop first slide and second time had to flip snowshoes toe picks down to slow glissade or I would have ended up down at the bottom of the mountain on the steep western slope. Hike was challenging and fun other than that. Views are priceless.

3 months ago

Loved all of Lassen. Very alpine feel to the park.

Did Bumpass Hell too. How many places can you picnic near the summit of a dormant volcano?

Great trail with amazing views. especially if short on time.

they don't allow dogs?? I would want to be around the type of people that don't want dogs on the trail. aviod this area if you are looking to have a fun day.

3 months ago

Snowshoed this as a loop cutting across the Jumbles to the road and back. Peacefully follows a creek on the way up before making a slightly more aggressive climb towards ridge above the lake area. Decided to climb partway up the ridge leading to the crags above to a small rock formation with great views of Shasta in the distance. Turned back towards the lake area from there due to high winds and unstable terrain. Fun trek through the snowcovered rocks in the jumbles area back to the road, and after spending some time on the south side of Lassen, it was refreshing to see tracks reflect good trail etiquette.

4 months ago

Good short hike but kinda out of the way from most of the park. It's worth it if you have a few days to spend at Lassen NP. Going up is not as easy as it looks though. Just take your time and you'll get there and be rewarded with spectacular views.

Made it up the the ridgeline but turned back on account of not having snowshoes or crampons to handle the ice on steep terrain up to the summit. Will definitely return with the proper gear. Trail was easy enough to follow until the treeline starts thinning. Just keep switchbacking towards the ridge at that point. There's a small cairn, not visible from below the ridgeline, marking where the trail meets the ridge. Views are definitely worth the effort, even just from the ridgeline.

Hard but worth it. Views of Lassen are spectacular. Bring a summit beer and enjoy the views!

Amazingly difficult, two steps forward and one back... but the views are to great not to take those steps! Poles do help!

this is my favorite trail in the park...an important note though - dogs are NOT ALLOWED ON THIS TRAIL. There are zero dog friendly trails in the national park and you can be fined for it.

Enjoyable hike / walk with minor elevation changes and an amazing view of the valley. Highly recommended for families and hikes of all ages.

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