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over grown
2 months ago

This must be just absolutely overgrown because I can’t even find the trail even though our app said we were right on it. Did not find the lake. App is normally right on for me.

Amazing! This is where I took my first “backpacking” trip. The trail was flat all the way, not much of a challenge. There are many spots around Triangle Lake to set camp at. The views in the early mornings were breathtaking — watching the water evaporate into a thick mist/fog hanging above the lake + mixed with sunrise was spectacular. There were lots of does & bucks when we were there. We also were able to sun bathe on the big, flat boulders by the lake and watched little fishes jump out of the water. And at the same time also watched little ducks hatch. Seriously such a memorable experience. Definitely would go again. A great trail for intro to backpacking. :)

Lots of fallen limbs and debris making it extremely difficult to follow Trail.

Beautiful autumn hike. Steady uphill climb with many views of the surrounding area. The view of Lake Almanor is the best I have ever seen! You can see the whole lake from the top. The rock scramble to the peak is a nice break from steady hiking.

5 months ago

Off the beaten path, nice little lake reward.

5 months ago

There used to be another trail to Heart Lake that followed North Fork Digger Creek. Not maintained for years and is mostly grown over. You can still make out some of the tree blazes and see remnants of the tread.
Regardless which route you follow, the trail continues past Heart Lake, just nicks the corner of Lassen National Park, and heads south to Glassburner Meadows.
Dogs are not restricted to leashes only. There are no regulations requiring a leash. It may be a good idea, though, bears, skunks, porcupine, mountain lion, et al are common in this area.

Absolutely amazing! Trail was beautiful all throughout an didn’t see one person the whole time. Just went this month (oct) an it was our second time, will not be the last. Got pretty cold at night about 35 degrees but as long as you have the right gear all should be good! Our favorite place to camp is turnaround lake, an we are yet to find triangle. One day!! I highly recommend visiting caribou wilderness

6 months ago

Note - This hike is not in the National Park as it says; it's in Lassen National Forest, so, there is no entrance fee. I've done this as a one-way (South to North) shuttle hike, also known as GlassBurner Meadow Shuttle - http://www.lassenhiking.org/Hike-Pages/Glassburner-Meadows/Glassburner-Meadow.htm . As someone else says here, there's a two-mile section of the trail North and East of Heart Lake that is very obscured, so use a GPS/map.

Nice scenery. 100% paved. If this is “moderate,” easy must be a nap. This is like a city park walk. Lots of places where you can leave the 10’ paved trail and walk to the lake shore.

We came at it from 36 instead of the normal route. A little long for a day hike but we camped up on Mt Butt and then back out to 36. The GPS on this app helped a ton to find the trailhead. The midway marker is cool to see and there is camping before the summit but off the main PCT. Very beautiful and very clear the day we went.

Fantastic trail. A long route to get there on rough unpaved road. Lots of lakes! Gorgeous.

7 months ago

Quick little hike into a fantastic lava tube! Plenty of area in the pitch black. I did this alone and was lucky to be the only one in the cave. Super easy to get around (no debris or rocks to hike through or over), but the floor is a bit uneven, so keep some light lowered as you go and dont get too confident in the dark. Make sure you explore all the alcoves and keep heading back to the actual exit. Great fun, free, and so so easy!!

7 months ago

Great short hike! While not located in the NP, it’s worth the drive to see this unique hike! It’s a lava tube and pitch black dark once you get inside. If you have a head torch you will be fine just watch your steps as the ground is very uneven. Once out the other side you can walk around more trail above ground before going back down and through to the parking area.
Hiked on Thursday 9/6/18.

Great hike

our trail was 10 miles long all paved. good stroll on a beautiful Sept day!

mountain biking
7 months ago

paved path that was mostly vacant on Labor day weekend! loved it! trail at times seemed very remote if one had a breakdown, but campgrounds were abundant!

The 12 mile loop does not seem to exist. I have been out twice in the last 5 weeks and the trail intersection at Gem Lake and Caribou Lake does not follow the map. It ends up to be a 15 mile hike that is still a loop but takes you much further out. It is a great hike but be prepared to be walking a bit further than planned.

off road driving
8 months ago

Along for the ride this easy ride was an enjoyable one to the look out tower where The ranger was very welcoming and informative. If you want a nice ride this is one to do with family.

8 months ago

No access to trailhead indicated in the app. 9 miles in from 89, unpaved, rocky, bumpy & narrow. Parked at hairpin where road is blocked off. Took hiking trail (not the road) from there. Homer Lake is 2 miles in, but trail a bit overgrown with thorny bushes. Lake is pretty.

Have always loved this hike. Not as easy as it used to be since the big fire that went through it a few years ago, but it is still a beautiful hike.

8 months ago

I would love to find those responsible for spray painting the walls. they should serve jail time. the hike is easy and short.

great hike, but hard seeing all the burn areas. rarely used, compared to the past. fish in lakes, mostly smaller with a few surprises. lots of wildlife, and established campsites.

Fairly crowded for the 4th of July weekend but still enjoyable. We have visited this lake many times as a family and after our relocation to Idaho will miss it very, very much.

We often bring friends and family, especially kids. At 6'2" I will bump my head on the ceiling in places, and. looking up you'll trip on nobby places on floor. The entire walk is slower than the milage indicates and outside part hot and dry in summer, carry water if you bring kids.

So much to see on this one loop!

Excellent 360 degree views of Lake Almanor and Lassen National Park. A bit rocky at the top, but well worth the effort.

9 months ago

Interesting cave. Rough ground to walk on. Be sure to have a good light source. We can check it off our bucket list.

Paved, easy trail. Beautiful views of the lake.

9 months ago

Excellent. Previous reviews say it well. Note: your smart phone flashlight will NOT suffice (unless you like running the risk of stubbing your toes or tripping). Note regarding dogs: a previous reviewer cautioned dog owners regarding tender paws and lava rock. Here's my point of view: if your dog primarily hangs out in the house or on a backyard lawn then you may want to be careful about taking your dog through. The lava rock underfoot is dirt and mud covered, but it does poke out in multiple places and could hurt a tender paw. If your dog regularly walks or hikes with you on varied terrain including cement, gravel, rocks, etc. and you take reasonable precautions about which path your furry friend takes in the cave, you should be fine. My husky walks and hikes frequently; his paw pads had no problem with the cave floor.

10 months ago

What an awesome experience. Bring your flashlights or you won’t make it through!! A short walk up well established steps leads you right to the opening of the cave. Within minutes you are inside the lava tubes. We went early in the morning after a rainstorm and could see water crystals on the roof of the lava tubes. Easy enough for kids but hold their hands because of the rough rocky ground. Definitely a must stop if in the area

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