This is a challenging hike. You’ll climb elevation comparable to Mission Peak in less distance.

The initial ascent isn’t very interesting. It’s a paved path that you have to trudge up to get to the ridge, where you’ll be greeted by great views. Make sure to wear boots with good traction, because going down the west side of rocky ridge is a slippery slope. I did the loop counter clockwise so that I could climb up Sycamore. There was an overgrown section of Sycamore that I took a wrong turn on and found myself lost in a sea of thick chaparral. So that wasn’t fun, but I found my way out.

I took a little detour on the west end of the loop to see where the Devil’s Hole trail goes. It follows the Cull Creek for a little bit through a nice forested / rocky section. Then it ends at a gate marked private property. I took a pic of where I stopped if anyone’s curious.