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Great hike. Good for medium or heavy cardio. Needs a little path clearing but still a great viewpoint

I started from the end point so your experience may differ from the other end. The first .6 miles was quite steep and a bit muddy, but was passable. About a mile and a half in there is a cow pasture. once you get in that area the grade and slippery trail combine to make it to dangerous for me to continue, so I went back. I went in April, so you may want to try it in a dryer time of the year. It was strikingly beautiful though.

Nice views of Mt. Diabolo. If you want to avoid the private roads to the trailhead you can do the trail in reverse, start at Elworthy Staging Area, Las Trampas Regional Wilderness https://goo.gl/maps/RfuuDdmQeuH2

getting to the trailhead is a joke - all the roads are private and gated! didn’t even get to do the hike since i was limited on time and couldn’t add an extra 10 miles of walk/run to the trip

Beautiful views. A few hills, but easy.

We hiked the loop in reverse starting at Madrone Trail and I think it was even better. Good challenging day hike for semi beginner hikers.

Nice hiking out there! It’s nice to see Fresh green hills.

nice people.lots of cows and cow pies. ran across a grumpy cow on the trail and he tries to charge me and my dog. we were fine. no issues

Very pleasant hike. It’s not too hard I would rate it as moderate.

It's like running on pillows right now

Beautiful hike. A few steep inclines.

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4 months ago

Used to hike here all the time. Beautiful scenery. Lots of trails.

It's a nice trail with a nice view! But be warned, there are some steep hills that you have to climb up! But it's definitely doable and after you finish that uphill, you'll be rewarded with a view :) Happy hiking!

could not get in, you have to make reservations

The start of the trail isn’t easy to find. It’s through a fence opening on right before you head up the private drive.

Really nice hike with the dogs. After steep start the hike around the O’Neill property had some great views and colors in the Fall.

Can’t believe this was only 3 miles! It took me an hour and I really enjoyed it. Great views, a nice steep ascent that made me feel I was getting a workout. Some parts are pretty narrow and could do with clearing but generally well marked. Nice shaded parts, pretty trees, crossed a dry creek.

Did the hike counter-clockwise. All uphill to Las Trampas Ridge on Chemise(pace yourself for enjoyment) watched the birds of prey soar up an up. The trail marker points for Las Tramps to the South, but you want to go North don't worry the trail is really North too. Take a detour and hike out to Eagle Peak(Zen and good views) on Corduroy Hill its down and up but only 0.4 miles out of the way round-trip. Take the Bollinger Loop trail off Las Trampas which is a single track, but looks much better than the big boring fire-road. On the last leg of the hike on Bollinger Creek Loop trail take the western side for more cover from the sun as you walk in and out through groves(note follow the warning post pointing you upwards or you will be walking on a washed out trail and have to take a mini leap of faith and climb over a fallen tree or two), expect cows on the last part of the trail.

One of Las Trampas easier hikes but even that is tougher than most hikes in the bay.....very enjoyable.

Great hike but definitely not a moderate trail! It is very steep and not easy at all! I consider myself athletic and in good enough shape to complete a moderate hike but this is not one of them!

I really enjoyed this trail! It's quite a climb though, so those less experienced should be a bit more careful. There's a few narrower spots as well. The views are beautiful! Great for dogs too. The reviewer who wrote about the aggressive cow was not kidding. There was a heard of cows who saw my small dog and started walking towards us rather aggressively. Everything turned out fine, but be weary if you're walking with dogs or running.

Great variety of inclines and declines, good mix of shade and sun, gorgeous views of multiple valleys. Wear long pants, sharp plants and some poison oak.

Liked the short hike very much, especially visiting the Eugene O'Neill National Monument, that was special and made this short hike. But you can continue further on two trails, which we did do, to make the hike longer.

It was great! It had some easy parts along with a few moderately challenging hills. We encountered a rattlesnake so just be cautious. The rattlesnake didn't rattle so it wasn't too scary:) great and rewarding hike!

Monday, March 20, 2017

very nice trl.

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Sunday, March 05, 2017

Extremely muddy!

mountain biking
Sunday, March 05, 2017

Ok, so if you intend to do this trail, be prepared for a long hike/bike. You can't park at the trail entrance or anywhere along Las Trampas Rd. There are signs posted everywhere. I parked down on Danville Blvd and biked 1.8 miles up the hill to the trail head.

The trail itself was very muddy even though there hasn't been any rain for about a week and a half. The climb up to Las Trampas Peak is pretty rough. It's hard to get traction with all the mud. And I encountered a lot of cows on the trail.

After the peak, you stay on the ridge for a few miles and it's a series of ups and downs. That was a lot of fun. The trail lists mountain biking as an option, but technically you're not supposed to take bikes on Las Trampas Ridge Trail past the Bollinger Creek Loop Trail intersection. There is a sign explicitly telling you this. But people do it anyway. This section of the trail is much more narrow and not wide enough for bikers and hikers to share the space, so there is a valid reason for the sign. Just be careful out there ppl.

If you complete the whole track, the last mile will be a steep, rutted, cow pasture. It was rough for mountain biking as the cows had trampled the trail and there were some deep ruts that could be problematic. I would suggest taking caution on the final descent.

The trail ends at Elworthy Staging Area. You are allowed to park here, so I would suggest leaving your car at this staging area and having someone drop you off at the northern trail entrance (or take Uber). I biked back to Las Trampas Rd. via San Ramon Valley Blvd and Iron Horse Trail. I stopped half-way and took a detour to do the Del Amigo to Eugene O'Neil trail. In total, I biked 19 miles.

Lots of mud after all of the rain! Wear shoes with good traction, I fell once when turning around on a relatively steep incline. Other than becoming very muddy, all was well from then on. Eugene O'Neill house was awesome! I returned via the streets due to the mud on the trail. Will do again, beautiful views!

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