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a great hike with excellent views. We picked a nice cool day with white clouds for a backdrop. Will definitely hike again!

Beautiful views. A few hills, but easy.

We hiked the loop in reverse starting at Madrone Trail and I think it was even better. Good challenging day hike for semi beginner hikers.

Just hiked it today 8 Miles 1900 ft elevation. Today’s hike Rocky Ridge and Rocky Ridge View out and Back . With an add on towards St Mary’s. Great place to hike especially in the winter drys out fast especially the service road up Rocky Ridge. Been hiking this area for 40 Years

6 days ago

Staging lot to the gate up the hill is a tuff climb, 1 mile. Once at gate, Ridge Trail and Cuesta Trail off to left whines further up hill. Once on ridge beautiful view of San Francisco to west, Mt Diablo to east, Concord and river in back ground to the north, and then Tri-Valley off in distance to the south. Was pretty windy up their but in Feb. clear day and hills all green.

Steep incline to start for roughly a mile but evens out near the top. Beautiful view of Diablo and lots of bird sightings. Mind the cows

Nice hiking out there! It’s nice to see Fresh green hills.

nice people.lots of cows and cow pies. ran across a grumpy cow on the trail and he tries to charge me and my dog. we were fine. no issues

What a great day for a hike with my pup! only reason it is getting a 4 star is because of the mud slides that took out about 10 yards of the trail but they have a path around it! it is partially paved and part dirt/rock

Great trail. Couple of things to note: cows (to avoid) in parts of the trail; very strong winds sometimes in top. Not for beginners.

Very pleasant hike. It’s not too hard I would rate it as moderate.

It's like running on pillows right now

Great reward for the hike up - amazing views

1 month ago

This is a great hike. After the rain it was extremely slippery and we all 4 slipped and fell in the mud, it was so much fun but we averaged 2 hours. Should be a lot shorter in dry conditions.

Beautiful hike. A few steep inclines.

trail running
1 month ago

Beautiful views from the summit. Be careful not to take Cuesta trail cutoff and no bueno in winter. Massive mud track.

Used to hike here all the time. Beautiful scenery. Lots of trails.

This was a great hike for our dogs. In the beginning you do a fairly strenuous upward hike for the first 1.5 miles. You are on a service road in the beginning. Once you hit the top it is all downward for the last 4.5 miles. Hard to get lost and don’t need a lot of preparation. There is little protection from the sun or wind as you hike the middle portion as it is on the ridge. One may want to bring a windbreaker if you tend to get cold. The last mile was in a groove of trees so was fairly protected from the sun. We brought our 2 dogs and they had a good workout. They chased the cows for a bit so be aware that there are live stocks if you walk your dogs off lease. It was a cool day for our hike so didn’t need a lot of water. Bring a little snack if you tend to get hungry.

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