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1 day ago

This is a pretty tough hike, as there's two big gains, as previously mentioned. I think this is best done in Fall/Winter as there's really no cover. Also, the track on here doesn't seem to take you to a Peak. I'll need to try this again and see if I can find the actual path to what I think is the Peak but still a nice hike. I didn't see anyone once we entered the watershed either. I plan on trying this again when it cools down.

Did the hike counter-clockwise. All uphill to Las Trampas Ridge on Chemise(pace yourself for enjoyment) watched the birds of prey soar up an up. The trail marker points for Las Tramps to the South, but you want to go North don't worry the trail is really North too. Take a detour and hike out to Eagle Peak(Zen and good views) on Corduroy Hill its down and up but only 0.4 miles out of the way round-trip. Take the Bollinger Loop trail off Las Trampas which is a single track, but looks much better than the big boring fire-road. On the last leg of the hike on Bollinger Creek Loop trail take the western side for more cover from the sun as you walk in and out through groves(note follow the warning post pointing you upwards or you will be walking on a washed out trail and have to take a mini leap of faith and climb over a fallen tree or two), expect cows on the last part of the trail.

This trail gets very steep in sections once above the shade. We turned around at the Madrone intersection, 1 mile up. Then 1 mile back to TH. AT recorded el gain as 660' in the 1 mile up. Good views of Mt Diablo up at the ridge.

7 days ago

My second attempt of this trail was successful. Went in the afternoon in a counter-clockwise direction. Chamise, offers some good views of the canyon, but is exposed and is all elevation gain, lots of lizards to keep you on your toes. Take a break at the junction of Mahogany to cool off and catch your breath. Mahogany(mostly tree cover) saw a doe & fawn. Trapline(partially exposed especially toward the top, more good views) it starts with stairs. Lol. The end of Trapline you have to climb over a gate, preventing mtn. bikes and horses from using this trail. Yay! You made it to the ridge, Sulphur Springs stop at the bench in the grove near the beginning of the trail, only man-made seat to sit on and ponder your existence. The trail goes down, and then up has a nice grove at the bottom at the dry creek, Del Amigo a wide trail is pretty much all down, only place I slipped on hike. Good views of Danville and Mt. Diablo. Virgil Williams is shaded and pretty flat and a nice break from all that downhill, Madrone is a wide trail that goes easy up to the dry creek and then easy down, good views also on this part. Once you hit the junction of the Las Trampas/Mt. Diablo trail it is all moderate uphill. Madrone was the only trail I met people(A guy with a dog, another guy with a dog, a Mtn. Biker, and another hiker who turned around at Corduroy Hills trailhead). I took a snack break at the junction for Corduroy Hills, Corduroy Hills is a difficult/hard trail once you start up the single track, which by the way the trail marker is off from the main trail, and can be a little confusing, but yes start hiking the single track uphill on the right, note a part of the hike is somewhat treacherous, at one point the trail has almost fallen down the cliff and it is a steep drop-off. The highlight for me was Eagle Point, google the images to see. I sat there for some time appreciating this formation. It felt like bouldering heading down the trail from Eagle Peak. I want to go back to Eagle Peak on another hike(Bollinger Creek Loop). I liked it that much. Expect to climb up some tall steps. After hiking for what seemed like an eternity. You finally stumble onto the Las Trampas Ridge Trail. this was an easy ridge hike, Chemise is now all downhill with tons of scat for your viewing enjoyment.

7 days ago

There is no water on this hike. My first attempt was an 8am start time in the Summer and it was already a hot hike. Not for the faint of heart with the heat and elevation change. There is a nice grove with a bench hidden in it, on Sulphur Springs at the junction of Las Trampas Ridge(aka Calaveras Ridge Trail) We got to the junction of Virgil Williams and Madrone, but had to bail since one persons boot fell apart. We went to the Eugene O'Neil Nat'l Historic Park, which has water fountains, if needing to replenish. We hiked out through the neighborhood and got a ride back to the car.

One of Las Trampas easier hikes but even that is tougher than most hikes in the bay.....very enjoyable.

Might be the toughest hike in the bay. Definitely the toughest hike my wife ever did with me...

Great hike but definitely not a moderate trail! It is very steep and not easy at all! I consider myself athletic and in good enough shape to complete a moderate hike but this is not one of them!

16 days ago

This trail takes you along the east side of Las Trampas Ridge. You can park along Starview Dr. near the trail entrance. The trail passes through Eugene O'Neil historical site.

The track has you take a detour through private property to get from Madrone to Ringtail Cat. The southern entrance to this trail isn't marked, but when you arrive at Ringtail Cat and turn around it is posted as being private property. Also, the satellite view has this trail marked as "point of no return" so I have suggested an edit to have the track stay on Madrone.

I happened to do this hike on the morning that Brazen Racing was having their Rocky Ridge half marathon. So it was nice to see a lot of traffic on the trail. On my previous trips I've seen very few people out here. The half marathon has a 4000 ft elevation gain. It looks like quite the challenge for an ambitious hiker / trail runner.