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Las Trampas Regional Wilderness offers 5,342 acres of wilderness and an expanded trail system that allows hikers and horseback riders to enjoy its remote and rugged areas. The park's size and terrain allow visitors a feeling of privacy and escape from urban hustle and bustle. Carry plenty of drinking water. Two major Bay Area faults--the Las Trampas and Bollinger faults--account for the uplift and exposure of four well-defined geological formations. The Orinda formation holds remnants of ancient beach and shoreline. The El Sobrante formation consists of several fossil-bearing compressed rock layers. The Pinole Tuff is of volcanic origin. Hours: Jan 1 - Feb 13: 8am - 5:30pm Feb 14 - Mar 8: 8am - 6pm Mar 8 - May 20: 8am - 7pm May 21 - Sep 3: 8am - 8pm Sep 4 - Nov 1: 8am - 7pm Nov 2 - Dec 31: 8am - 5:30pm

The hills are green again. Great early morning hike. Views of downtown SF and the surrounding bay area.

Slipping, sliding and slogging up and down hills through mud. That definitely added some difficultly to the otherwise moderate terrain. The trail is pretty poorly marked, so it's easy to go off on tangents. There were tons of cows and timid calves out. Saw two turkey vultures and a pair of ravens. Pretty awesome views of Mt Diablo and the east bay. The rock scramble was pretty short, but I would recommend going counter clockwise so that that section is on the uphill. Loved the mossy oak environment.

Great day of hiking. It will pop your cork.

15 days ago

Great wooded hike! Definitely gets my heart pumping. Uphill climb all the way to the top to meet up with Rocky Ridge! From there continue the loop or go Devil’s Hole and Sycamore!

oooooweeee...this is a burner and the uphill is steep. Definitely was a challenge for me physically and mentally. I would say that I am in moderate shape and I have to admit I will be doing this one again one of these days just not any time soon. I think I need to build up my endurance and uphill hiking capabilities. I'm sure there were great views...I just didn't see any since I was focusing on putting one foot in front of the other and getting through it...hahaha

We did this loop as a trail run/hike counterclockwise. Walking up the steep paved road to start was good since running down that grade at the end would have been challenging, especially for my knees. The views at the top are spectacular! The rocky ridge portion of the trail had a decent amount of people on a sunny Sunday. If I did it again I would have cut out the sycamore portion. It started out great but a majority of the trail was overgrown bushes. I though for sure I’d have some sort of rash at the end of that portion. The devils hole trail was great. The way we went, it consisted mainly a uphill hike, but with great views. My all trails log said 6.6 miles and it took us 2.5 hours. I clearly was walking slow up these hills ;) to run it again, I may have just stayed up on the ridge and did more back and forth, but doing the full loop was defiantly a killer cardio workout.

To get to the trailhead, if you’re at the parking lot, go thru the gate that’s straight ahead and a little to the right of the green information signs about Las Trampas. Once you’re thru the gate, head right on the trail (not straight up the paved road). This will take you clockwise around the loop. At the end of the hike, the trail dumps you out at a gate on the road you drove in on, about 500 feet before you turned left into the parking lot.

Lots of trails in the areas, so even though there were tons of cars in the parking lot, I didn’t see anyone else on the trail — seems like a quieter which was nice cause I could let the dogs off the leash

One of the better hikes in the bay area. Great views, isolation, wildlife, moderate hiking.

Definitely higher end of moderate with the first 2 miles being uphill and even the downgrades are steep (and skinny in some places). My lower half is feeling it today! The mud wasn’t too bad and the cows were very cute and calm. A tree is down in the middle of Virgil but a clear path is there. Amazing views and the weather was perfect!

Spectacular views from the top. A good trail after a rainy day as the whole trail is paved.

Decent hike with two rounds of elevation and descent making this a moderate-strenuous hike. The views were obstructed due to fire induced smoke around but nothing against the hike challenge. I may not do it again due to lot of cow dung around and also although the hike is unique and challenging, it does not give enough satisfaction from the workout.

This is a challenging hike. You’ll climb elevation comparable to Mission Peak in less distance.

The initial ascent isn’t very interesting. It’s a paved path that you have to trudge up to get to the ridge, where you’ll be greeted by great views. Make sure to wear boots with good traction, because going down the west side of rocky ridge is a slippery slope. I did the loop counter clockwise so that I could climb up Sycamore. There was an overgrown section of Sycamore that I took a wrong turn on and found myself lost in a sea of thick chaparral. So that wasn’t fun, but I found my way out.

I took a little detour on the west end of the loop to see where the Devil’s Hole trail goes. It follows the Cull Creek for a little bit through a nice forested / rocky section. Then it ends at a gate marked private property. I took a pic of where I stopped if anyone’s curious.

Sunday 10/28/18
Arrived at the trailhead at 7:30am. Gate does not open till 8am so we parked down the road and walked in. It's almost 1.5 miles from there to the top. Great hill to work your legs and get warmed up. Only passed a few people at the top of the ridge. Super clear day, views of Mt. Diablo were amazing and we could see the Salesforce Tower poking out of the clouds in San Francisco in the other direction. Lot of birds, seen about five Retail Hawks. Great hike with few people. Great Sunday morning escape.

Very pretty views, and the cows are fun, too.

Interesting trail because you go up and then down adn then back up again. Would do it again.

It is hard to find so don’t give up! Park on the street and make ur way to the trail GPS spot. You will see the post and know ur in the right spot. Enter to the left of a corner driveway.

The trail is pretty open. I missed a turn or two and took a longer path back to the start. It was good thou. Those trails are more covered and were more fun than an open path. All in all....pretty good.

good trail, mostly covered by trees which was a huge plus when hiking in summer. the trail has some character to it, mix of hard bush, open grassland, Rocky scrambles and some scenic outlooks. the view from top of cordorouy hills was great. overall it's a moderate climb with no section particularly straining you. started early at 7 and finished before 11. there are areas with cattle but mostly it's isolated. good number of local hikers too. overall I would look towards coming back sometime in winter

Simple straightforward trail hike and easily manageable. Had an 830am start and ended in time for lunch in downtown Danville. Beautiful view and weather was sunny 75F.

Fantastic hike that will kick your butt!

4 months ago

Did this hike again about 2 weeks back.. good trail about 5 Miles round trip. Going up went through the left side from the trail head to the Bollinger Creek Trail a paved trail to the top of the peak.. Took about 1 hr 30mins going up. Great views of Moraga, Orinda, Walnut Creek, Alamo, Danville, and Mount Diablo. On the way back coming down took the Chamise trail a true narrow trail over the ridge. Took about 1 hr 30 mins to get down..nice lil hike

4 months ago

it’s a nice trail. I don’t think it’s moderate, it’s closer to “hard” in my opinion. about 60% shade, but otherwise no shade at all. hiked during noon-3pm and 87F, doable but was hoping for more shade

Overall, really fun hike with amazing vistas and cool landscape changes. Highly recommend going counter clockwise in the loop as there are some parts of the trail that require you to climb up/over some rocks. I would not want to climb down these parts. I think the rocky parts and some very narrow paths with a steep drop-off to one side warrant the 'hard' rating. The elevation change is intense but well spread out. The first 2 miles were the toughest for us, but the views after mille 3 were well worth it. We saw a deer, lots of quail, squirrels, cows, and a gopher snake. Near the rocks, my husband swears he heard a rattlesnake rattle but we didn't stick around to see it. We were cutting it close to sunset so we took a ~0.5 mile shortcut on the very last leg. Excited to come back and do the full loop.

Nice trail - beautiful ridge topviews with Mt Diablo on one side distnca Bay view on the other

trail running
4 months ago

Great trail with beautiful scenery

Beautiful vistas!

steep start but levels out, beautiful views amd changes between in the sun and under tree cover

Love a challenge! Very fun, beautiful views.

5 months ago

Nice views, lots of variation in elevation, vegetation. Great workout. If hot take at least 1 litre/person water.
Need shoes with good traction. Be careful of poison oak.

Great Hike. I'm by no means a pro or close to, but the hike was great until near the bottom of the Sycamore line. I felt like the overgrowth hadn't been cut back like it should've and some poison oak would on occasion hang over the trail and it was just GAH. Total grueling workout but my girlfriend and I loved the views. In retrospect, we would've stayed on the Rocky Ridge View trail and then enjoyed some In n Out down the street lol.. Also once you reach the Devil's Loop it is just intensely uphill. Respect for anyone who takes less than 10 or so breaks from that butt burner.

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