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Fantastic. Hard slog up the fire road, but worth every inch once you get up to the alpine meadow.

The foliage was nice...trail into the meadow muddy.

A beautiful hike along the shore. There was some small climbing but definitely doable. A good mix of sun and shade. I believe what makes this a moderate hike is the distance. At the end there are some benches along the shore and a water taxi to bring you back to the start if needed. Also, the trail gets busy as the day goes on so I would start early.

We took the fireroad up. Nothing to see there. Elevation was big, but not to tough. After 4,5km you reach the meadow.
Walk back next to the creek was amazing! Well worth de hike up! Couple of crosses with the water. Loved it!

There is no trail between Dardanelles and Round. You will need GPS. We ended heading around to the back side of Round and connecting to the Pacific Rim Trail. Beautiful but challenging.

Super mild, definitely want to come back in the summer and go in the lake

The view is amazing and not a hard hike at all

A fantastic Kid friendly hike! Like most hikes, wear appropriate foot wear. Our 7 and 9 year old had a great time and were able to vear off the trail a little to enjoy the area. There are some areas where you will need to use your hands a little, nothing major. Pack a lunch to relax at the falls area. Its beautiful!

Wouldn't say it's an easy trail as while quite short (1.4m/2.2km roundtrip) almost all of it is rocks and boulders. Don't wear flipflops. The views are breathtaking, a must-do/see

Quick scouting trip today - just a couple miles in and back along Echo Lake. Nice trail, fairly flat in this section. We look forward to returning soon so we can hike all the way back into Aloha Lake.

Really fun hike! Trail is well marked and easy to follow. There are lots of wildflowers along the trail, not as many in the actual meadow. Easy to complete in a few hours. I would definitely do this hike again.

This was a great hike. There was about 3 miles of icey snow. This added huge difficulty to the trail. It also added almost 2 hours to the hike. Other than this it was a great day.

The views are amazing, and it isn't a long hike, but who ever called climbing the boulders in the path an easy hike... Some people aren't that tall!

12 days ago

Beautiful trail; just watch where you step

Easy walk/run/bike ride with a gorgeous lake view on Nevada Beach. Evening nature walk will result in stunning Tahoe sunsets.

13 days ago

Nice trail, quite rocky in places. Very scenic.

15 days ago

Sad that people don't have the adventurous spirits to explore this area more. They stop before getting to the best parts of this trail. Grass lake is so much fun to hike too, creek crossings, waterfalls, rock hopping, to be rewarded with a valley and lake surrounded by massive peaks and waterfalls visible from many directions. Don't be lazy than give a low review. This trail is awesome, if you can hike more than a mile lmao.

This is one of the best short hikes in the Tahoe area. Big Bang for small amount of effort. Amazing views. We went later in the early evening and had it all to ourselves. Great views as sun fades in the west and colors hills with a red hue.

15 days ago

Great hike. Easy in and out. Totally doable for kids. The trail is easy to follow and marked well. Beautiful views of the lake along the way.

Great trail. It was a cold day so there wasn’t another person on the trail. Quite an elevation gain. Arriving at Dardanelles was so beautiful! Great spots for camping too.

easy hike with lots of foot traffic. parked in the campgrounds near the trail head. the falls are awesome, lots of places to sit right by the water.

17 days ago

Fun Little Hike!!

Nice quick hike - about 1 to 1.5 hours round trip with a snack/pix break at the falls. Starts shady in tall pines for 1/4 mile then 1 mile of a rocky hillside trail that was not flat per se’ - so you go up and down a bit but not long and not difficult. Wear boots to grip the rocks. Falls were pretty and view from falls was spectacular.

Really fun hike to take lunch and do with some friends

A must hike while in the area!

Great hike.. More difficult on the way back. Do not bring young children (under 3). Saw so many people struggling with young children due to many rocks/boulders along the trail.

20 days ago

Not ideal for hiking. With the amount of bike traffic you are constantly dodging Mountain Bikers. It gets better towards the Armstrong but only a little.

Did this loop counter clockwise which is what I would recommend. The first half going up the fire road was just ok, but the meadow at the top is one of the most beautiful meadows I’ve seen. There was a meandering stream going through it. Coming back down next to the creek was lovely.

Nice hike. Good and strenuous on the way up, great view, and an easy walk back.

enjoyed this hike a lot. the river is forceful, lots of small waterfalls. to get on right path: there is a well-worn dirt & pine needles path to the left of the fire road (near the last parking spot after you enter the green gate). follow that down to the creek, there's a wooden bridge to go across to the trail marker (15 minutes). very slow & steady elevation gain for most of trail. download local Google maps on to your phone as easy to miss the spur to the fire road (if you are doing partial hike). no snow at all on trail. the trail doesn't seem to go to the peak-peak; I'd definitely try to get up the sandy area at the very top, under the power lines. views seemed amazing. did the hike in sneakers on a cloudy/overcast day. the creek crossings all had rocks or something, feet did not get wet. finished in 2.5 hours but think I switched to the power line loop accidentally so not sure about mileage.

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