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several patches of snow, but pretty well marked out
started at 1am to get there for 5:35am sunrise, it took almost 4 hours to get to the summit

10 hours ago

Beautiful trail and great views! The trail was pretty easy to follow until we got to the last few miles. Part of the trail was still covered in snow, so we had to freehand up for a little bit. The trail is a moderate incline until you reach cathedral lake, then it picks up and becomes a very steep incline.
Well worth it!

2 days ago

My wife and I did this hike for my birthday on May 29. It was a spectacular hike on a strikingly beautiful day. We managed to make it all the way to the peak, but we had to trudge through snow and got off trail a few times. We also wandered a couple of ridges and the so-called false summit.
Panoramic views open up to Lake Tahoe and Fallen Leaf Lake to the Desolation Wilderness. If you’re up to it, it is worthwhile to venture to the summit. There are a couple smaller lakes and creeks along the first half of the hike. After that, the trail is exposed and steep. All in, we logged 12 miles in about nine hours.

5 days ago

I started on the trail at 5:30 am, Saturday June 16th 2018. I really recommend to follow the All Trails trail map to the summit. I lost the trail many times and it was valuable to have the offline trail map to find the trail again. There is still snow on the trail in 3 to 4 spots. The view from the top is amazing. Get here early to get a good parking spot because it fills up fast and otherwise you’ll park on the side of the road and walk longer. Compared to Pyramid Peak and Freel Peak in the Tahoe area, Mount Tallac is less remote and easier. Overalls great way to spend a Saturday morning.

The views were beautiful! The walk to the beach isn’t all that bad. My family and I stayed at the beach for a few hours before we turned back. This trail could be either an early morning walk to get you ready for the day or an all day excursion.

On reaching the summit you would have earned some of the best views of Lake Tahoe ever. Went today and although small patches of snow are still present it's still manageable with regular trail shoes. Frequent patches of rough rocks too - so right kind of shoes definitely recommend. The hike though is totally worth all the efforts.

Closer to 11.5 miles in and out. Trekked through a few small snow banks in June, made it more interesting and fun. The wildflowers are icing in the cake during this difficult hike.

We hiked Mt. Tallac yesterday. Some patches of snow on the trail but easy to navigate and poles helped with stability. We lost the trail a few times near the summit but it was not a big deal to find it if you keep hiking and pick a good line. This hike has the most beautiful views of Lake Tahoe, Emerald bay, Fallen Leaf Lake and Lake Aloha (amongst many more) from the backside. Breathtaking! Round trip 5 hours and a celebratory beer at the car!

There is no trail between Dardanelles and Round. You will need GPS. We ended heading around to the back side of Round and connecting to the Pacific Rim Trail. Beautiful but challenging.

The view is amazing and not a hard hike at all

A fantastic Kid friendly hike! Like most hikes, wear appropriate foot wear. Our 7 and 9 year old had a great time and were able to vear off the trail a little to enjoy the area. There are some areas where you will need to use your hands a little, nothing major. Pack a lunch to relax at the falls area. Its beautiful!

Wouldn't say it's an easy trail as while quite short (1.4m/2.2km roundtrip) almost all of it is rocks and boulders. Don't wear flipflops. The views are breathtaking, a must-do/see

11 days ago

The views at the very top was worth the hike. I would say the views are better than Yosemite. You get a 360 degree view of nature’s beauty. I am not sure how the Desolation Wilderness looks without snow, but this time of year with snow on the mountains, it was just jaw dropping beauty. Of course, the Lake Tahoe side is just as gorgeous. My only regret was not bringing my DSLR camera.
The trails are tricky this time of year. Many people turned around instead of attempting to climb the face of the mountain. Snow covered trails make it very difficult to follow the trail. You either “rock climb” on the right or scale the snow.. definitely need gear to go over the snow. It’s very steep and slippery. Coming down is tricky since the views are so different from the top. I would recommend GPS marking where you came up. At the very peak, there will be chipmunks that will attempt to steal your snacks. So don’t leave your food out in the open. This hike took us 6 hours, including getting lost trying to find our way down the face..

12 days ago

Did this hike on 6/8/18 and will definitely be going back as soon as my body recovers! Like all other recent reviewers, I lost the trail a number of times and ended up doing some sketchy rock-climbing-over-shale hoping I didn’t die until I found it again, but I eventually did! I didn’t start using the all trails app until I got past the “false summit,” but I wish I had because it would have made it easier to know when I wasn’t on the trail and how to get back on it. The paths made in the snow after the false summit do not follow the actual trail!! When I went up I followed the path through the snow and had a really hard time getting to the summit. On the way back down I tried harder to find the trail and didn’t go through the snow as much, and as a whole that was MUCH easier! Not to mention much better for the environment and following “leave no trace” practice. All in all, if you feel you are up to the 3000+ climb/5 miles, absolutely do this hike! But pull up the app as soon as it starts to become more rocky, it will save you a lot of energy and struggle by staying closer to the trail!

The views are amazing, and it isn't a long hike, but who ever called climbing the boulders in the path an easy hike... Some people aren't that tall!

14 days ago

Really incredible views at the peak. The first 2/3 of the hike is pretty mild. Then you hit a rock patch which is very easy to lose the trail on. This area is what people are calling the false summit. As of today there was snow patches covering sections of the trail and we managed to lose the trail about a dozen times. Fortunately we had service for google maps so we could stay on track. Took us about 10 hours for a very slow and leisurely trip, including an hour or so spent hanging out at the peak. Definitely worth it!

15 days ago

Great trail and views from the.top are breathtaking. A little bit of snow left up top, but nothing that can't be crossed through. Make sure to use GPS. Almost everyone was trying to scale the face, but if they had just turned and stayed on the trail, it was a relatively easy accent. Pro tip, shoes with shanks, it is rocky!

15 days ago

Did this hike on 6/6/18. This was a really fun hike, but don't expect to do it in 5 hours! It took me and my girlfriend about 9 hours roundtrip. We met a few other groups who also took about 8-9 hours. The trail up to the second lake is pretty straightforward. Once you leave the second Lake, the hike gets more technical. We got lost heading up to the false summit and had to backtrack a bit. The path we took was a bit treacherous, as the rocks were unstable and we caused a handful of mini rockslides. Once over the false summit, there's several snow patches to cross. At the final push to the actual summit, we hugged the trail around on the right as opposed to going straight up, and it was significantly easier. Overall it was a great time! We saw lots of chipmunks and marmots. Just don't expect this to be a quick walk in the park, and be prepared for technical climbs over boulder fields and snow patches.

17 days ago

Beautiful trail; just watch where you step

Easy walk/run/bike ride with a gorgeous lake view on Nevada Beach. Evening nature walk will result in stunning Tahoe sunsets.

18 days ago

That was awesome! 6-4-18. Got on trail by 8:15am and was back at my car by 12:50pm.
I was solo, I only stopped once for a quick water break at one of the lakes, and then was at the summit for 20mins or so for lunch.
Yes, the first 3.3mi was cake, obvious trail. When you’re hiking the face to the false summit, that was a lil technical. Crossed a snow patch, but only lasted a couple mins. You’re making your own trail at that point...just head up to the ridge at whatever way you find easiest. Once you get to the ridge (false summit) you’ll have to cross a boulder field which is tricky. Once you’re up on the ridge, the summit is obvious..just keep headin towards it. I crossed the actual trail a couple times..but found it easier to just head straight to the summit...the ridge is clear enough to just make your own trail.
There’s no summit sign...but it’s obvious when you’re there...there’s no more climbing!
Coming down the ‘no-trail’ face was tricky...so
be careful...there were definitely a few rock slides coming down.
Have fun!

Like a walk in the park, highly recommended!

This is one of the best short hikes in the Tahoe area. Big Bang for small amount of effort. Amazing views. We went later in the early evening and had it all to ourselves. Great views as sun fades in the west and colors hills with a red hue.

Amazing hike yesterday! First time hiking it and was lucky to meet locals that have hiked Tallac before that helped guide the way. Snow was covering parts of the trail, but that made the experience more memorable. Highly recommend!

easy hike with lots of foot traffic. parked in the campgrounds near the trail head. the falls are awesome, lots of places to sit right by the water.

Completed this hike on 27-May-2018. The weather was very helpful with a bright sunny day. It’s a great trail for a day hike with beautiful views along the trail. The last quarter can be a bit tricky and needs shoes with a good grip so you don’t accidentally slip because of the snow and the loose rocks. It’s also good to carry water with you.

Also a good point to note, google maps does not show the correct route to the trailhead. You will need to take a left on Emerald Bay Rd/89 where you see a sign board that reads Camp Shelly/Camp Concord.

All in all, an amazing experience!

22 days ago

Fun Little Hike!!

Nice quick hike - about 1 to 1.5 hours round trip with a snack/pix break at the falls. Starts shady in tall pines for 1/4 mile then 1 mile of a rocky hillside trail that was not flat per se’ - so you go up and down a bit but not long and not difficult. Wear boots to grip the rocks. Falls were pretty and view from falls was spectacular.

AMAZING VIEWS from the summit! Getting there was a bit of another story.
- First 3.5 ish miles were amazing! Up to 1 mile above the fallen leaf lake marker we had a moderate climb with some great views.
-The trail got tricky from that point. We went right following the All Trails route towards what ended up an “in-the-works” trail (about 1/4 mile after we started hitting some snow on the trail) which led us to a false summit. This looked like where most hikers were going. It was technical at best, with 60+ degree climbs at times on very rocky, loose footing... There was no defined trail at that point so we created our own path along the ridge line. It was on the CUSP of our comfort zone as two endurance athletes with a few technical climbs under our belt and in pretty good general shape. I’d deem this route a bit dangerous for a lone hiker or someone tired or with bad ankles, etc... If you go this route- it was on the verge of needing equipment, and take it SLOW and be careful!
- Once we got over that section and got to the real ridge line, it was ~3/4 mile climb to the Tallac summit. Much less treacherous.
- THE SUMMIT WAS ASTOUNDING!!! We were so glad we kept going to the top! The views were amazing and we saw marmots, chipmunks, and picas everywhere (!!)
- We were lucky enough to meet some very experienced locals at the summit who took us “the old trail” back, which went towards, then over the left part of the ridge line. It was still covered in snow in the top mile and would have been very difficult to find/follow for a first timer, but ended up being a much safer and still beautiful descent. Highly recommend looking for this route instead of trying to descend the false summit on the right.

Really fun hike to take lunch and do with some friends

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