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10-15-18 The parking lot is closed. Park off the highway and the trailhead is 1/4 mile. Bathrooms were unlocked, but have no running water. Outstanding hike. Tons of room to explore at the end of the trail. Waterfall was small at this time.

Started the hike early which was a great choice. Not going to lie, it was tough. But man was it worth it!

23 hours ago

I thought this was more of a death march than a hike as you are basically rock jumping for 2 miles up and down which one wrong step is an injury for sure. It takes strategy, balance, and mindfulness to get up and down this mountain. Beautiful views for sure, but you have to stop to enjoy them.

Did this hike 9/9 and it was absolutely gorgeous! I didn’t find it to be too difficult. The toughest part was scrambling through some rocks combined with the elevation gain, but soon enough you make it back on to a trail. Drove straight from the Reno airport and started the hike around 1530 and ended around 1930. Took about a 20 min break at the lake and another 20 min break once we got to the top before descending.

Worth it!

1 day ago

Absolutely stunning! Great hike on many levels. Fun watching top of airplanes as they flew by. Hiked via Glen Alpine trail/Gilmore lake. Really need good boots as the trail is mostly loose rocks. Next time i will definitely eat a big breakfast before hand. you will need all the calories you can get. 100% worth it!

2 days ago

Beautiful views! Great walking day, not too hard not too easy. Just right !

Beautiful trail. Did it yesterday but the views were largely hidden by smoke form nearby first fires. digging is rough but there are shady parts throughout the hike. we left at 10:00 but wished we had left earlier when it would have been cooler.

3 days ago

Beautiful hike.
Gorgeous views of Cascade Lake and Lake Tahoe.
Trailhead easy fairly to locate (at the very back of bay view campground), not a lot of parking especially on a busy weekend.
Trail to the general ‘falls area’ is short but narrow and pretty rocky.
Once you reach the general ‘falls area’ there is no defined trail, lots of space to wander.
Lots of rushing water in the spring, only a trickle in the fall but there are some beautiful fall trees.
Dog friendly.


Easy hike on a fairly busy trail, but the meadow is always gorgeous and the lake is a worthy destination. There were several large groups (noisy groups) and plenty of mountain bikes on the day I hiked, but I still give this hike 5 stars for the scenery.

Easy hike with a great pay off of beautiful scenery at the end. I would probably categorize this hike as "easy" rather than moderate, as evidenced by the many hikers we saw who were more of the tourist variety and several younger children. It is longer, however, so perhaps that is why it's rated as moderate. Overall, it was great way to spend a Sunday!

7 days ago

Fantastic views

8 days ago

Nice trail with great views. September 2018.

Great hike if you really wanna get a workout in. My husband and I went with our 2 dogs. I definitely recommend starting your hike earlier- we got there at 8:30am on a Sunday morning, by the time we left at 1:30pm the whole parking lot was full. Gorgeous views, lots of rocks...like LOTS of rocks, you’re basically walking on rocks the whole time, so wear good hiking shoes/boots!

9 days ago

It was amazing! Definitely a little difficult due to the lose rocks walking on, don’t look down you’ll trip. But beautiful views and totally worth it

Pretty short and easy. The views of the lake are amazing. We did this hike the first weekend of October. The sound and views of cascade falls are beautiful. It probably took us 20 minutes one way, maybe less. You can explore further than the falls if you want, but the falls are a great place to stop and have a snack. Even if you’re not a hiker or someone who keeps active, this hike is fairly easy and the views are well worth the travel.

We didn’t realize parking is available in the campground right in front of the trailhead. Although there isn’t an abundance of parking there, it is available. There are signs indicating where parking for the trailhead are allowed. Just FYI for anyone thinking you have to park on the road outside of the campground.

10 days ago

Difficult hike, not for the distance but for the elevation gain and the lack on solid ground (hiking on shale for a good portion) but one the most beautiful and rewarding hikes in Tahoe! 10/10 would do again

Had an excellent day along this stretch of the Rim Trail. Went to the top of Freel Peak, although it didn't look as though it was taller than Jobs Sister. Maybe they should re-measure. Star Lake is beautiful, several people had set up camp nearby and looked quiet pleasant. Loved it!

12 days ago

Very nice and beautiful trail. Need to do it in a good weather to explore the best views. If you don’t have enough time, you can finish at the cathedral lake and then return.

15 days ago

Nice hike. Path starts out flat and even then turns Rocky. My adventure took me about 1.5 hours total but I stopped at the water and explored for a good 45 minutes. I hear it is better when there is more water but there was still a sloping stream to explore. Very peaceful if not crowded. I went on a Monday morning and it wasn't too crowded and I found parking.


16 days ago

Hardest hike I have ever done, but well worth the struggle. Views from the stop are outstanding! Reminds you how good it is a be alive.

killer hike. this hike Always put you in your place as a hiker. Mother Nature is in charge from start to finish. DON'T TURN AROUND!!! FINISH THE HIKE.

Beautiful scenery. Was a bit of a hike but totally worth it.

20 days ago

Intense hiking over rocks with great views of Lake Tahoe and many other lakes. The 360 view from the top was amazingly spectacular and totally worth the effort!
Took my boyfriend and I 8 hours, and we are in very good shape. There were some people hiking faster than us, so I bet most people take ~7-9 hours to do this hike.

It’s a great hike , we did this hike on long weekend(Labor Day) but unfortunately we lost our cockatiel(pet bird) when we were almost reaching the top most point . If anyone finds please ping us 832-454-2772

fantastic views await you at the top

Lovely fall hike with awesome lakes and big views

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