Nestled in the hills of Poway, the Lake Poway Recreation Area not only serves as the water supply for residents, but also has provided exceptional outdoor recreational opportunities since 1972. Get hooked on fishing and boating, head up the mountain on a hike, take aim at archery, or enjoy a leisurely picnic. Park closes at sunset.

Tough but worthwhile the hike.

The hike is fairly steep in the beginning but it gets better as you go. It is paved and has beautiful views all through out. There is a line to take photos at potato chip rock, which for us was about a 45 minute wait. Don't know when we will be able to go back so we went ahead and waited but we got some cool pictures.

Tough hike for most but worth it and if you get up there you should go to the top of the mountain for the view of the other side about another 1/4 mile up.

3 days ago

Always a pleasure. This is a good scenic trail. My dog loves it. It’s clean and safe. There are normally others on the trail but I’ve not been crowded out. The views and bird songs are sweet to the senses. There are a few challenges but not too bad.

The payoff at the end should be a picnic on the balcony of the snack shack above the boat dock. Good times.

Great hike. Make sure you have at least three hours and LOTS of water. The trail is easy but the elevation gain will kick you butt.

Great work out, but lots of people at the potato chip.

Wow! This was definitely a 7 mile trek round trip! Felt like I was going up and up and up a ton of steps for a good mile or so! Great step up workout! My glutes were on fire! Great view at the top but people were taking forever on top of the “chip” so we decided not to wait an hour and half to take a pic! Weekend was very very busy! Go during the week if possible!

Nice moderate hike. Good incline to make you feel like you did something. I would call the Blue sky ecological preserve a hidden gem. More crowded around Lake Poway but to be expected with the parking lot and snack shop. Too much dog poop around the lake trail. Lots of interesting birding and around on the trail. We then saw baby rattlesnake. It wasn’t too hot today so, it was very doable. In the heat of summer this would be not as much fun. Will come back again and do lake Ramona from this entryway.

difficult to do, but nice once you're on top.

Pay 5 for parking - when I last did this trail. Trail is really only 3 miles one way, so about 6 roundtrip - not 7.5 as this suggests. This trail is not difficult, that is unless it is not very hot. Even then there is bountiful shade to be had, but be sure to bring water. There is a long line to get a picture with the rock. I'd say this trail is not worth your time, unless you are there for the picnicking or fishing. For a good hike, see el capitan in Lakeside.

Wait 1hour for pics

Listed as moderate.....ummm....I guess I’ll stay away from anything listed as strenuous in that case. The steps/switchback nonsense were a surprise. Didn’t see anything about that in the reviews before we went

intense , i enjoy sceneries so i wish they’re was a bit more , i really liked about halfway point there’s a tree that overlooks the mountain , the highest peak there’s a view of the highways which didn’t really satisfy me , 6 mike hike to see highways is not really what i enjoy

Fantastic trail and great view at the top!!

Lake Poway PARKING IS FREE (except weekends and holidays it's $10.00 for non- Poway residents)

I’m not sure if was because it was hot but this hike was not a favorite. Going up was challenging for me and I hated going down even more. It’s not on my “to do again” list. More like one time was enough for me. People were very friendly and encouraging which I appreciated.

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