Nestled in the hills of Poway, the Lake Poway Recreation Area not only serves as the water supply for residents, but also has provided exceptional outdoor recreational opportunities since 1972. Get hooked on fishing and boating, head up the mountain on a hike, take aim at archery, or enjoy a leisurely picnic. Park closes at sunset.

Very nice trail and an awesome view! If possible, go on a weekday. There will be way less people. Make sure to bring enough water as it gets hot fast. Happy Hiking!

A great workout with a view!

Great trail especially in cloudy conditions.

Probably my favorite hike

Bring water and good company! The hike was long, but enjoyable

The Mt Woodson trail is a steady uphill and is very easy to follow. There are markers along the trail and at forks to guide you. There is a bit of a wait to take pictures on the potato chip rock, but the wait is mostly due to hikers trying to climb on and off the rock. Be sure to bring lots of water, some snacks, and really good shoes because it can get slippery especially climbing up the chip.

Great hike not sure I’d wait to take that pic at the top but lots of fun!

Great views and a good workout. There was a 1/4 long line for a photo op on Potato Chip Rock.
Don Mateo.

Great hike! I recommend taking lots of fluid with you for your hike. On hot days a gallon of water per person is required to get on the trail. Trail is well groomed. We hiked mid-week and didn't have to wait to take pictures on Potato Chip Rock. My Fitbit clocked the hike at 8.4 miles starting from the Lake Poway parking lot and back... that included the walking around at the top of the mountain of course.

Amaizing place to hike, stunning views and fresh air. But dont forget to bring ur own water

Great, heavily traveled trail. Beware, it’s pretty much a steady uphill climb is you go the short 4 mile route. 4 stars because no bathroom anywhere near the trail and there are almost no signs, you pretty much have to follow everyone else. Oh and the line to take a picture on the rock is long, plan on standing around for 20-30 mins before you get a chance to take a picture; something to think about as it gets hotter.

Love this hike. I entered through the lake Poway entrance today but prefer the iron mountain entrance! Brought some dried mango and apple sauce for a little sugar at the top! :)

A beautiful trail to the "chip". A little scary getting out in the ledge and looking down into the valley. Very crowded on a weekday early in the morning. Can't imagine a weekend wait to get to the site. Well worth the climb

Great views throughout and a good workout. One of my favorite hikes in San Diego.

Great challenge!

Great hike with amazing views from the way to the top back down to the bottom. Overly crowded at the top, people waiting in line to get a picture on the rock. Overall, great 6 mike hike

Good trail, but it's crowded at the peak

Beautiful rock formations and getting to the ledge is awesome

Great hike. I walked up, ran down. Took under 2 hours

This is a beautiful and challenging hike that is always crowded, so expect that and you won’t be disappointed. Great work out, marvelous views along the way, and a wonderful mix of folks from all over to talk with while you await your Potato Chip photo op.

on Lake Poway Loop Trail

30 days ago

Very fun hike! The descend is a bit rough on the knees, so if you have those issues, prepare accordingly. It was packed when we got to the top, and we had to wait about 45 min just for a picture. So readers, be courteous and don’t have a 22 minute photo shoot with wardrobe changes. Took about 3 hours of total hike time (not including the pictures at the top). Worth it & would definitely do it again!

Very nice view. 3h with making pictures

Greeeeeat workout...
Nature is my home, nice place to be alone or with friends.
Book, walk, run, music, meditate, your choice
JUST DO IT. Go outside. ¡Explore!

First in line at gate when they opened. Opened prompt at 0600. Did not care for $10.00 parking fee, but rules are rules..Hike was great..the switchback at 1.5 mile to 2 mile was most difficult..then smooth sailing to top. Have to wait your turn for pic, and always run into a few that want to pose for unusual amount of pics, delaying others...oh well..return down is great..mostly all downhill...hiking sticks are great for this course...overall..really enjoyed, will return again

we've chosen a shaded way from the east side beginning at romona fire station in the afternoon. steep but flat concrete road to hike up, the most important, so much shade becuz of the shadow of the mountain! no parking lot, people kept parking on shoulder but no tickets. everything's good. less trafficked from east side but crowded at the chip rock waiting area, we have to wait in line.

The views are worth it when it’s clear. Go early in the morning or towards the evening to avoid the crowds.

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