Nestled in the hills of Poway, the Lake Poway Recreation Area not only serves as the water supply for residents, but also has provided exceptional outdoor recreational opportunities since 1972. Get hooked on fishing and boating, head up the mountain on a hike, take aim at archery, or enjoy a leisurely picnic. Park closes at sunset.

A beautiful hiking trail. Does anyone know how much total altitude gain there is on the loop?

About 1.7 miles in you get off of the fire road and onto trail. From here there's a good mile of switchback with rock stairs. After that, less stairs more trail. But the entire thing is steep uphill. We went early and walked thru fog all the way up thru the stairs. It was cool walking thru it but it was like being in an airplane after! So cool with just a few peaks sticking thru the clouds. Blue skies above.

Not sure if we made it to a shortcut, but where google maps told us to find this spot, we were able to make a steady climb to the top in just an hour. So relatively easy to moderate hike. Very doable for all.

It was about a 45 degree incline the whole way, and on a hot day we only really stopped once. There were only a few shady spots depending on time of day.

Parking on the street is free but hard to find. At 8 am it was already practically full.

Took our 3 boys on the hike ages 13,11, and 7.
Great family hike, stood in a short line for the chip rock photo but totally worth it! This years Christmas
Card photo!