Nestled in the hills of Poway, the Lake Poway Recreation Area not only serves as the water supply for residents, but also has provided exceptional outdoor recreational opportunities since 1972. Get hooked on fishing and boating, head up the mountain on a hike, take aim at archery, or enjoy a leisurely picnic. Park closes at sunset.

Nice little hike around Lake Poway. Too many people though due to the trailhead of Mt. Woodson starting off this hike

It’s so crucial to wear the right shoes for this hike! Also take enough water!! Saw so many people going up with the wrong shoes, no water. Crazy! Had a beautiful hike today. Perfect weather! My second time doing this will definitely do again!

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Well groomed hike. It has beautiful views. Animals are allowed. All great features!

Absolutely gorgeous. You have to start out REALLY EARLY if you want to beat the crowds on a weekend. Otherwise you end up waiting 1/2 or MORE for a photo op........IF you haven’t already gotten one. The hike itself isn’t to bad. Great views of the lake in the early morning mist are wonderful.
Keep in mind getting ON the “chip” is a task in itself You have to do a little Bouldering to get up on it but TOTALLY worth it.
I’m taking my cousin this weekend and I’ve seen children as .young as 8 accomplishing it.

10 days ago

Saw great wildlife. There were gorgeous views from everywhere. A good amount of inclines for a good workout, but still fairly easy. Highly recommend for a hike if short on time.