24 days ago

Lake Perris loop reopened this weekend (4/28/18). Started out at parking lot 11 & 12 area and headed east. Most of the walk is exposed, but the park does have port-a-potties and canopies for shade spread throughout. Natural shade is mostly at Bernasconi and the North side of the lake. There is a small section of the asphault trail closed off in Bernasconi due to two Bald Eagles nesting. Came in contact with two stray male dogs also in the Bernasconi area. I hope the maintenance crew was able to take care of them. This is a nice flat walk. Awesome breeze on the dam. Mostly came across bike riders. Stopped at the Marina Store and got me a Cherry Pepsi (a craving I got around mile 5.6). The Marina store employees were awesome. Plan to visit weekly since I live close by. We walked the loop in 9.48 miles.