Near the City of Oroville this man-made lake was formed by the tallest earth-filled dam (770 feet above the stream bed of the Feather River) in the country. The lake offers a wide variety of outdoor activities including camping, picnicking, horseback riding, hiking, sail and power boating, water-skiing, fishing, swimming, boat-in camping, floating campsites and horse camping. Lake Oroville Visitor Center has a museum, exhibits, videos and a store. The view from the 47-foot tower, with two high-powered telescopes, is a spectacular panoramic view of the lake, Sierra Nevadas, valley, foothills, and the Sutter Buttes mountain range (smallest in the world). The area includes the Feather River Fish Hatchery, built by the Department of Water Resources to replace lost spawning areas for salmon and steelhead. Displays on the State Water Project and the areas natural and cultural history are featured at the visitors center.

Entire route is on private property except for the first 0.5 miles on straight gravel road. Gates across all access points with signs stating "Private property, area patrolled". I would not recommend.

3 months ago

Amazing trail, long, nice run.

Such a beautiful view

Awesome hike! Enter on dean road for an easier hike & quick water access instead of the hospital parking lot

The road is closed no way to get in.

trail running
6 months ago

great trail run! You shoud try to hike down to the water. So, beautiful and peaceful when there aren't any moving boats.

road closed.

Gravel road runs along the river...flat. views of the Feather River, Table Mountain, and the O.
As of Feb 2018, the trail is blocked a little past the 34 mile marker (trail head at 31 mile marker near bath house).

One of my favorite local Chico/Paradise trails. Start in the middle and go left if you’re cool with heights; right if you don’t do heights but you want to stop at swimming holes. I love both for the different reasons. Dog friendly as well!

You can't actually access the flume anymore. You have to walk through private property and there are signs up saying it's patrolled.

You can't actually access the flume anymore. You have to walk through private property and there are signs up saying it's patrolled.

You can't actually access the flume anymore. You have to walk through private property and there are signs up saying it's patrolled.

Awesome hike! My husband and I had so much fun, counted over a thousand salamanders along the way. Moderate hike, definitely don’t run, haha I fell but luckily I didn’t fall off the cliff

Lovely walk in the cool months. Not sure what is “moderate” about it as it is nearly completely level and you can walk as far or as little as you want.
Bring pepper spray as we encountered two dogs barking threateningly at us with no owner nearby. I must guess they were from some house on the ridge top.
Nice ferny cliffs with native wildflowers.

mountain biking
10 months ago

For Biking I suggest driving up past Magalia and Desabla reservoir to Powelton Road and biking the Hendrix flume which is fairly level and has some exceptional views. Some of the trail is narrow so keep good control of your bike and have fun!

11 months ago

Nice quick hike.
The view at the end is awesome!

11 months ago

Trailhead is closed due to spillway construction.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

My first time hiking. This is a moderate incline/decline. I was able to complete it in a little over an hour and that included stopping to sightsee and catch my breath. the trail is dog horse and bike-friendly, however I was the only person here today. it was nice having the wilderness all to myself. The view of the water at the end of the trail is breathtaking. You should go see it for yourself.

Covered in "No Trespassing" I assume because it's dangerous and some people have been dumb in the past. Walked a little ways in but there kept being more and more explicit no trespassing signs right where the trail is.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Nothing special. Was ok

2099 dean road is a long narrow steep hill but there is parking at the bottom where the trail starts. You can go left or right, we went right and it was beautiful. We got to the waterfall, hiked about a quarter more and then went back because that flume went on forever. Highly recommend.

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

It's a nice and well maintained trail that leads you up to the Visitor's center. There are water fountains up at the visitors center with cold refreshing water. There are also bathrooms. I walk/jog these trails a few times a week and really enjoy it. It's beautiful in the spring, everything is green and the wildflowers are out. I also enjoy all the wildlife I encounter. Right now it's warming up so there are a ton of lizards. I love the Alligator lizards and catch them out sunning themselves on the trail. You also get some great views of the lake. I recommend this trail. When you get up the the Visitor's center don't forget to go up to the lookout tower for an amazing view.

How do I get to the Dam can anyone point me in what way.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Lovely trail for an evening hike. A couple places I was a little unsure which direction to take, but otherwise just what I needed for me and my dog to get a nice workout

Saturday, October 22, 2016

I absolutely love this trail. Lots of ups and downs and it's beautiful, right along the water when the lake is full. Can't wait to do it in the spring. :)

Monday, October 17, 2016

Beautiful day. Easy quick hike before work. I recommend it.

Saturday, October 08, 2016

2099 Dean Road is where we picked up the flume it's overlooking the river below and the sounds of waterfalls while walking is tranquility personified! Highly recommend this section...our out and back was 5 miles, we could have gone further.

Thursday, October 06, 2016

I would NOT recommend this trail (which is actually up to 15 miles r.t.) for mountain bikes; at least one person has DIED doing that. But it's a terrific hike, with numerous access points, for anyone not suffering from vertigo and there are many other good mountain bike trails in the area. Your best bet for sixty plus trails in the Paradise area is The Flumes and Trails of Paradise: Hiking through History on the Ridge. A complete list of local vendors is found on the authors' website, (Oh, btw, there is no such thing as the "Lime Saddle Memorial Park.")

start from the hospital and walk to the dam.

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