Near the City of Oroville this man-made lake was formed by the tallest earth-filled dam (770 feet above the stream bed of the Feather River) in the country. The lake offers a wide variety of outdoor activities including camping, picnicking, horseback riding, hiking, sail and power boating, water-skiing, fishing, swimming, boat-in camping, floating campsites and horse camping. Lake Oroville Visitor Center has a museum, exhibits, videos and a store. The view from the 47-foot tower, with two high-powered telescopes, is a spectacular panoramic view of the lake, Sierra Nevadas, valley, foothills, and the Sutter Buttes mountain range (smallest in the world). The area includes the Feather River Fish Hatchery, built by the Department of Water Resources to replace lost spawning areas for salmon and steelhead. Displays on the State Water Project and the areas natural and cultural history are featured at the visitors center.

Awesome hike today. The 4.5 mile route was great but the 3.3 mile route had a few obstacles. Totally worth it though:)

Very alive and beautiful. Many greens and streams to feast your eyes on. Have me a good sweat on the way back to the parking lot. Highly recommend!

Tough but worth the hike.

15 days ago

Great trail!
Start your trek early in the AM to avoid the crowds.
When you reach the fork on the trial, take your pick;
The right turn has a light descent with a nice smaller waterfall and swimming hole on the way.
The left turn is a shorter trail but... much steeper descending and ascending hills. There are a couple good swimming spots this way also. Take caution, there are a few large size wash-outs along the way. Great views on this route as well.
Either way, you will end up at the falls and you won't be disappointed!
Personally, I like the up better than down so I prefer to take the right trail in and do the other trail out. You really should make the loop, it's worth it!
PACK YOUR TRASH!! Keep NorCal clean

Beautiful!!! We took our jogging stroller and went for it! We didn't do the loop due to flooding but we went 4.5 miles in and 4.5 miles out! The water was breath taking and the forest was perfect. Out feet got wet which made for a rough hike but enjoyable nonetheless! Will be doing it again very soon!

Great work out, it was raining when we went here last Saturday but definitely worth it. Waterfall was amazing specially after that heavy rain. We took the feather loop trail clock wise route & I will definitely suggest this. U will see another waterfalls, more miles (9 miles total) and scenic view.

Definitely a good workout! The waterfall is beautiful.

LOVE this trail! Just did it yesterday. We knew it was going to rain and decided to do it anyways. Beautiful scenery. It is a difficult hike so keep that in mind when going.

2 months ago

Beautiful hike, I've done this loop three times, it never gets old.

The falls were well worth the hike but there are some things to keep in mind. It is not the season for this trail so there were lots of overgrown bushes and fallen trees right on the trail. Had to go off trail to go around these obstacles. Also due to all the rain, part of the trail has turned into a little stream, so your feet will definitely get wet. TONS of poison oak, so wear protective clothing and be mindful. Also when I was going to make the loop around there trail was not well marked (at this time of year/ or for me at least) so I turned around and went back the way I came. I took the 3.5 mile section. A LOT OF STEEP UPHILL, SO keep that in mind. Not sure how the other side is. All in all, it was a good hike but I'll probably go back between March and November like is recommended. :)

Great hike. Beautiful creeks and the falls were worth the hike.